• Distinctionary

    A dictionary of Possibility Management distinctions.

    Some people have told us that reading the Distinctionary has changed their lives. What it will do for you can only be found out by reading it yourself.


    Perhaps the most exciting way to use this Distinctionary is to read through it from start to finish in a weekly Study Group or Possibility Team. Talking over upgraded thoughtware helps you figure out how to practice it in daily life situations. This is where the fun really starts.


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    1 - 122


    1 TRUE THING – Stories are not true. They are Stories. So much of our daily lives consist of Stories. We make Stories up to serve Conscious or Unconscious Purposes. The one True Thing is that everything comes without a Story. Nature is neutral. Things are, and things occur, without any Story attached. Stories take energy to make. If there is a Story attached to something, someone put it there for a Purpose, whether they are aware of that Purpose or not. What is, is meaningless. As someone once said in Possibility Management, "There are only two things in life: bullshit, and nothing." Both bullshit and Nothing are useful. Neither has meaning. Practically applying this Distinction in your life involves applying skills and tools that get ignited during Authentic Adulthood and Archetypal Initiatory Processes. Even attaching meaning to something is meaningless. It is even meaningless that it is meaningless. Acknowledging in a practical way that Stories are not true could release you from your Box's Survival Strategy into life at large. This could be High Level Fun! (See: Box, Initiation, High Level Fun, Is-Glue, Stories)


    2 DRAMAS – The 2 Dramas are Low Drama and High Drama. Low Drama is any action that creates the illusion of trying to avoid taking responsibility. High Drama is any action through which you take responsibility. Drama is interaction that includes Emotional energy. You were most probably not trained about Emotional energy by modern culture, so most of your emotional energy is Unconscious. Modern culture thrives by keeping the Emotional energy of its citizens Unconscious. Through introspection you will discover that Emotional energy has cause and Purpose. You may be aware or unaware (Conscious or Unconscious) of the cause and Purpose of the Emotional energy in your interactions. Being Unconscious of the emotional energy of your interactions creates Low Drama. Low Drama allows your Gremlin to be running (eating) your interactions. Intimacy dies when Emotional energy is Unconscious because Gremlin makes it unsafe for intimacy. Relationships do not die from a lack of Love, they die from a lack of Intimacy. Authentic Adulthood Initiations give you the Distinctions necessary to become Responsible for making Conscious use of the Emotional energy of your interactions. Consciously using the energy and information of the Emotional energy of your interactions is called High Drama. In High Drama you can be the Space through which your Bright Principles and Archetypal Lineage do their work in the world. Possibility Management is designed to help you Consciously Navigate Low Drama and High Drama Spaces and Possibilities. (See: Distinctions, High Drama, Low Drama, Gremlin, Initiation, Intelligence, Intimacy, Love, Possibility Manager)


    3CELLS.ORG – Your Transformational Team of Pirates. (See: Pirate Agreement)


    3 GAMES – Interactions and Gameworlds can be divided into three classifications:

    1. 'I win - you lose': competition based on a perceived scarcity of resources. 'I win - you lose' is a survival game where there are very few winners and very many losers, currently the most popular Gremlin game on Earth today.
    2. 'I win - you win': cooperation, which can easily morph into the game of 'I lose - you lose' through compromise: "I agree to lose this if you agree to lose that."  Some people play 'I win - you win' (win-win) like this: "It is okay that you win as long as I win just a little bit more." This degrades your game back to 'I win - you lose.'
    3. 'Winning Happening':  Winning Happening is an interaction or gamespace that serves the Bright Principle of Winning Happening. The exciting energy of creative collaboration fills the space where it is not about 'I' or 'you' but about optimizing Possibilities. 
    (See: Bright Principles, Gameworld, Gremlin, Purpose)


    3 PHASE HEALING - Ordinary healing involves only 2 Phases. In Phase 1 you are 'well'. In Phase 2 you are 'ill'. 2 Phase Healing aims to return you to Phase 1, your previous 'well' state. In comparison, 3 Phase Healing understands the value of not trying to return to your previously 'healthy' state, but rather sees imbalances in your 5 Bodies as an invitation to evolution. If you return to your previous 'healthy' state you return to the conditions that brought you the imbalances in the first place. 3 Phase Healing includes such skillsets as Feelings Practitioner, Dark Matter Therapy, and the Worthing Healers. (See: Initiations, Path, Transformation)


    3 POWERS – Through authentic adulthood and archetypal Healing Processes and Initiatory Processes you can activate your three innate human powers: Declaring, Choosing, and Asking. (See: Asking, Choosing, Declaring, Initiation)


    3 WORLDS – The 3 Worlds referred to, while Navigating Spaces, are Upperworld, Middleworld, and Underworld. In Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware you are told that the Middleworld is located between the Underworld and the Upperworld, and you may conclude that your job is to make the Middleworld into the Upperworld, in other words, to create heaven on Earth. This is a common new-age delusion. If you made the Middleworld into the Upperworld, where would the Middleworld be? In Possibility Management the endeavor of creating heaven on Earth is comparable to catching your own thumb because heaven already exists on Earth any time you Navigate Space to the Center of the Great Labyrinth of Spaces. But if you examine practical details of your life, for example, if you remember a time when you visited your parents' house for Christmas with the idea in mind of entering the Upperworld with them, you will most certainly observe that the first step from the Middleworld towards the Upperworld is into the Underworld. This realization gives you a more accurate Map of Worlds, with the Underworld located between the Middleworld and the Upperworld. Training in Possibility Management is dedicated to skilling you up in Navigating all 3 Worlds, because you cannot, in practical terms, stabilize Upperworld journeys without first owning your Underworld. Whatever part of your Underworld you don't own, owns you. (See: Great Labyrinth of Spaces, Gremlin, Map of Possibility, Navigating Space, Principles, Thoughtware)


    4 ARCHETYPAL LINEAGES – (See: Archearchy, Archetype, 4lineages.mystrikingly.com ) In the ongoing research of Possibility Management we have recently discovered that the Archetypal Lineages can be grouped into roughly four categories.

    • Guardians - Guardians are concerned with protecting Gaia and protecting individuals within the Context of a Gameworld such as Rangers at Burning Man festivals, the Kaitiaki in Maori culture, and the stewards in Peter Block's revolutionary book: Stewardship. Guardians are liberated, trained, and connected with their Archetypal Lineage in Expand The Box trainings and Possibility Labs.
    • Evolutionaries - If your Gameworld is not evolving it is dead. Which professions have the responsibility to go the edge of the thoughtware of your culture and do the healing, transformation, magic, alchemy, sorcery, shamanism needed to support evolution in the people and the culture? It is the exact same people killed off in the 700 years of Inquisitions. Fortunately, if you were ever killed as a witch or in an Inquisition, you now have proof that it did not work... because you are back! It is now up to you to re-ignite your skills and knacks that you may have previously hidden away thinking they were dangerous. Skill building for navigating the nothingness can happen at Evolutionaries Labs.
    • Intimacy Navigators - Musicians, artists, moms and dads, poets, actors, singers, lovers... if there is no dancing the revolution has failed. Yet still, being intimate is the scariest thing. Revealing yourself as vulnerable and still remaining open for being seen and heard feeds and heals the soul of the village. Who navigates the healing journey? The intimacy Navigators. Skill building is practiced at Intimacy Journeyer Labs.
    • Gameworld Builders - Certain members of the village are responsible for inventing, expanding, managing, and repairing the Gameworlds. Humans interact and creatively collaborate according to the rules of engagement in the Gameworlds we play in. Want to reinvent the future? Want to unleash new potentials? You've heard the saying, "Build it and they will come." The opposite is also true. If you don't build it they can't come. Newly discovered factors make Gameworld building more effective. Practice skills at Gameworld Builders Labs.


    4 EMOTIONS – Emotions are distinct from feelings in that the experience of emotions lasts longer than the 3 to 5 minutes than Feelings last. Whereas Feelings are for handling things, Emotions are for healing things. There are four Feelings: anger, sadness, fear, and joy. Emotions can also be mixed or Unmixed. (See: Unmixing Your Emotions) There are four kinds of Emotions. They correlate to the 4 Ego States:

    1. CHILD EMOTIONS Incomplete Feelings from the past show up in your present life as Child Emotions which can be many times re-triggered by present stimuli. The persons, places, or things that trigger these Child Emotions act as a movie screen onto which you project your incomplete Feelings. However, they are not the persons, places, or things that can heal or complete your incomplete Feelings. This is the present, not the past. You have no power in the past. You cannot change what happened to you. But you can change your relationship to what happened to you through an Emotional Healing Process such as those delivered at Possibility Labs or in single sessions by Possibility Coaches or Feelings Practitioners. (See: Feelings Practitioner, Possibility Coaching, Possibility Lab, Process, Trainer)
    2. PARENT EMOTIONS You adopt Emotions that are held by others as a camouflage survival technique so you can fit in and be accepted. It works, to survive, but then you carry around Emotions that don't belong to you and come up in your daily life and interfere with your ability to be present. Parent Emotions come from external authority figures such as parents, teachers, politicians, corporate branding, religions, doctors, etc. Such a survival strategy is valid until you are about 18 years old at which time it can be transformed by Authentic Adulthood Initiatory processes. Since these Parent Emotions do not originate in you, they are not resolvable by expressing them. Parent Emotions are resolved by giving them back to their proper owners, for example, the parent, church, government or corporation that originated them.
    3. GREMLIN EMOTIONS Your Gremlin generates Emotions almost instantly by creating a Low Drama either within yourself or with other Gremlins in a Gremlin Feeding Frenzy. (See: Gremlin, Shadow Principles)
    4. ENERGETIC VAMPIRE EMOTIONS Consider the possibility that human beings exist in a food web that includes energetic entities, some of which we feed on and some of which feed on us... if we let them. When you repeat a Trigger Phrase to yourself (such as: "I am not enough for her." Or, "Nobody truly sees me." Or, "If I am not perfect he won't love me.") this can open your defenses to letting an Energetic Vampire Entity suck out your precious life energy.  NOTE: To change your relationship to Energetic Vampire Emotions please do the experiments in S.P.A.R.K.135 and study 4emotions.mystrikingly.com. (See: Vampire Entity, Voice Blaster)

    Emotions have the same 4 categories as Feelings (Angry, Sad, Scared and Glad), but they come from the past, from others, from your Gremlin or from being used as food by something outside of you. No matter how much you experience or express an Emotion, the only thing that changes is your Gremlin gets fatter and you get older. (See: Adult, Ego State, Feelings, Gremlin, Low Drama, Mixed Emotions)


    4 FEELINGS – Possibility Management uses the Map of 5 Bodies, where the Emotional Body is one of the 5 Bodies. The Emotional Body has a heart with Feelings. Modern culture teaches us about Feelings on the Old Thoughtmap of Feelings, where there are three bad/negative Feelings, namely: anger, sadness, and especially fear, and only one good/positive Feeling, which is joy. But if you walk down the street experiencing pure radiant joy people will think you are crazy, childish, high on drugs, not taking life seriously, and obviously do not have enough work to do. On the Old Thoughtmap of Feelings it is actually not okay to feel. When someone asks, "How are you?" and you say, "Fine," what you really mean is, "I feel numb." Possibility Management offers a New Thoughtmap of Feelings in which Feelings are neutral energy information from the Emotional Body that provide energy and information for you to deliver your Archetypal Lineage on a daily basis. Feelings are Distinguished from Emotions in that Emotions are not yours in the present but instead come from External Authorities, from your past, or from your Gremlin. When your Emotions get triggered they feel just like Feelings: anger, sadness, fear, or joy, but they last for hours, days, weeks, or months. On the other hand, Feelings are from you in the present. When you consciously apply the energy and information of your Feelings they are gone out of your body in less than 3 minutes. Before initiations, however, Emotions are often mixed. Emotions can be unmixed to alleviate symptoms such as depression, hysteria, despair, aggression, etc. during Expand The Box trainings plus Possibility Labs, or Possibility Coaching sessions, or during Feelings Practitioner sessions or trainings. (See: 5 Bodies, Emotions, Expand The Box, Feelings, Feelings Practitioner, Map of Mixed Emotions, Numbness Bar, Phase 2, Possibility Coaching, Thoughtware, Read: Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings by Clinton Callahan)


    4 LISTENINGS – Possibility Management distinguishes four different kinds of Conscious Listening as Abilities to learn and Practice:

    1. Normal Neurotic Listening - using closed body position, interruptions, scattered Presence, mumbling, insulting jokes, gossip, and inattentiveness. Normal Neurotic Listening is a common Gremlin food, and is the most common kind of listening in human interactions including at the personal, familial, educational, legal, and international political levels. Normal Neurotic listening is for ME (...'me' most often meaning the unconscious Gremlin).
    2. Adult Listening (also called Active Listening) - information exchange using eye contact, open body position, Completion Loops to repeat back what you heard the person say to check your understanding, posture mirroring, and asking questions for clarity and understanding. Adult Listening is a central skill in Possibility Making called Using the Golden Keys. Adult Listening is for US as adults.
    3. Possibility Listening -  listening as a space. There are 3 handicaps to Adult Listening: 1. You repeat back what you heard them say... so you are talking, not listening. 2. You ask questions... questions are the most powerful means of controlling a conversation. You force the speaker to speak about what you want to know about. 3. You are trying to understand what they say, so you manipulate the speaker to speak into your limited form of understanding. Possibility Listening avoids these 3 handicaps by not speak, not repeating back, not asking questions, not nodding your head or smiling, not making suggestions or giving ideas, not trying to understand. In Possibility Listening you function as the space into which the speaker can say anything even if you disagree or don't understand what they say. You are a workbench. You use your Center, your Grounding Cord, and your Bubble to create a safe space. Possibility Listening is listening as a service for THEM.
    4. Discovery Listening - listening as part of a group that is going together on a discovery journey. Discovery Listening goes along with Discovery Speaking and Dragon Speaking. Discovery Listening requires a Spaceholder and a Scribe to take notes about the Distinctions that are discovered on the journey. Discovery Listening serves a PURPOSE, the Bright Principle of Discovery.

    (See: 6 Kinds of Speaking, Bubble, Centering, Gremlin, Grounding Cord, Navigating Space, Possibility Making, Practice, Presence, Purpose, Space)


    5 BODIES – Possibility Management Distinguishes 5 Bodies. Human Beings can Negotiate Intimacies with other human beings in each of their 5 Bodies. Each Body has its own kinds of food, pain, ecstasy, and Liquid States:

    1. PHYSICAL BODY with organs that have sensations, such as sight, touch, taste, temperature, vibration, moisture, smell, sound, warmth, cold, pressure, etc.
    2. INTELLECTUAL BODY that has a mind with opinions, ideas, thoughts, attention, stories, interpretations, meaning, questions, conclusions, logic, information, images, etc.
    3. EMOTIONAL BODY that has a heart with Feelings, Emotions, Mixed Emotions, and the Heart Brain that memorizes poems and song lyrics 'by heart.'
    4. ENERGETIC BODY with a Being that has Presence, Beliefs, will, intention, vision, commitments, promises, energetic sensations of space, contamination, sanctuary, etc.
    5. ARCHETYPAL BODY that serves as an archetypal vessel that can jack into the archetypal forces of the universe and can punch through the self-defending 'crusty-stuff' of the Morphogenetic Field of the status quo that shapes human awareness. Especially during a 5 Body Intimacy Journey with at least one other person, your fifth body can journey into the Archetypal domains to find 'radiant dharma jewels' of Clarity and Possibility to bring back as treasure to serve people in ordinary spaces.

    (See: Archetype, Clarity, Emotions, Energy, Feelings, Morphogenetic Field, Negotiating 5 Body Intimacies, Possibility)


    5 BODY INTIMACY JOURNEY – (See: 5 Bodies, Navigating Space, Negotiating 5 Body Intimacy Journeys)


    5 FEARS OF INTIMACY – Fear of physical Intimacy, Fear of intellectual Intimacy, Fear of emotional Intimacy, Fear of energetic Intimacy, Fear of archetypal Intimacy. (See: Intimacy)


    5 OFFERS FOR CONNECTION – Child, Parent, Adult, Gremlin, Archetypal (See: 5offers.mystrikingly.com)




    6 KINDS OF MIND MACHINES – (See: Mind Machines)


    6 KINDS OF SPEAKING – (See: 7 Kinds of Speaking)


    7 CORE SKILLS – The 7 Core Skills of a Possibility Manager are: 1. Staying Unhookable, 2. Being Centered, 3. Holding Space, 4. Making Contact, 5. Going Stellar, 6. Creating Possibility, and 7. Selling Possibility. Skill Zero (0) is the skill that makes all the other skills possible. Skill Zero is Shifting Identity from being identified with your Body and your Box into being identified with being a Possibility Manager. Without this shift of identity you won't even remember that you have these skills. (See: each skill listed under its own name, Disidentification, Possibility Stone, Shifting Identity)


    7 KINDS OF SPEAKING - Possibility Management Distinguishes 7 Kinds of Speaking: Normal Neurotic Speaking, Adult Speaking (sometimes called Active Listening, a crucial tool for Creating Possibility which is one of the 7 Core Skills), Discussion (which may be either Neurotic Discussion or Adult Discussion), Possibility Speaking, Discovery Speaking, Dragon Speaking, and Speaking From The Unknown. (See: 7 Core Skills, Purpose)


    9 GAPS – There are 9 kinds of Gaps that a Possibility Manager uses for managing what is Possible:

    1. Gap In Knowing - Not Knowing
    2. Gap In Identity - Disidentification
    3. Gap In Noise - Silence
    4. Gap In Space - Nothingness
    5. Gap In Time - Timelessness
    6. Gap In Resonance Field - Dissonance
    7. Gap In Gameworlds - No Rules
    8. Gap In Thoughtware - No Thoughtware
    9. Gap In Communication - No Communication

    (See: Not Knowing, Nothingness, Silence, Disidentification)


    13 TOOLS – Possibility Managers train in using 13 Tools to deliver the Thoughtmaps, Processes and services of Possibility Management. Most of the Tools are energetic tools, that is, they are stored on an energetic Toolbelt and used by the Energetic Body through the 3 Powers of Declaring, Choosing, and Asking. There are, in addition, a number of effective energetic tools to use (see the See: section below.)


    Tool 0. Before you can use any of your other Possibilitator Tools you will need to use 'Tool Zero', which is your

    Possibility Stone. Your Possibility Stone is both a physical object and an energetic tool. The Possibility Stone is an actual stone in which the energetic substance of the material has been changed by a Possibility Management Trainer into being a gateway to the Bright Principle of Possibility. You will be given a Possibility Stone (if you want one...) at your first Possibility Lab to carry around with you for the rest of your life. It serves you as a constantly bothersome reminding factor, your key to Shifting Identity from being your Box and your Gremlin into being a Possibility Manager.


    Your 13 Tools:

    1. Belt Buckle - to locate where your Physical Center is and where your Energetic Center will be whenever you are Centered. You become Centered when you put your attention on your Energetic Center, and use your intention to move your Energetic Center to your Physical Center. (NOTE: Being Centered cannot be accomplished with a mere click of your Clicker.)
    2. Sword of Clarity - your razor-sharp, two-edged flaming sword for making Distinctions and Boundaries, and for holding at the throat of demons during Unfair Conversations so that if an entity comes at you they disintegrate themselves. Remember... it has two edges...
    3. Clicker - A Physical and Energetic Body tool that 'clicks' by snapping your fingers to Declare clean sudden shifts in energetic conditions. The small shock of the 'click' in your Physical Body fingers helps your Energetic Body to assert clear Declarations, for example, for making your Grounding Cord, your energetic Bubble of Space, your golden energetic cube of work Space, Black Holes, etc.
    4. Voice Blaster - Your Voice Blaster sits in its holster behind your back. If you never used it, that is only because you did not know it was there. It has been there the whole time. You were born with a Voice Blaster that never misses its target and comes loaded with an infinite number of blasts. The instant you hear a praising or blaming voice... Blammo! That's the only conversation you'll ever need to have with one of those energy-sucking vampire praising or blaming voices... Your Voice Blaster is fast. You go 'snake eyes,' pull out your Voice Blaster, aim your Voice Blaster at the pesky voice, pull the trigger on your Voice Blaster, and slide your Voice Blaster back into its holster... before you even touch the Voice Blaster.
    5. Disk Of Nothing - Your Disk of Nothing is a ten-centimeter diameter gold ring with a Star-Gate-like silver-blue shimmering access to Nothingness. When anyone (or their Gremlin...) throws a hook at you, your Disk of Nothing instantly flashed into your hand. You hold it between you and the hook, and the hook goes into nothing instead of going into you. This helps tremendously with staying Unhookable.
    6. Bag Of Things - Tied to your Toolbelt is a handy little Bag of Things. Whenever you need something (anything...) you reach into your Bag of Things and pull that thing out. Your Bag of Things opens into a Gap in Space. What is in the Gap? Nothing. What is possible in the Gap?  Everything. Your Bag of Things also includes a large supply of concentrated Golden Pearls of your own personal energy and information collected from all time and all space. You can use these Golden Pearls to refill Your Bubble of Space each time you Decontaminate it from other people's energy.
    7. Wand Of Declaration - One of the most powerful Declarations that a Possibility Manager can make is using the Wand Of Declaration that says, "Something completely different from this is possible right now!"
    8. Is Glue - It comes in a tube. Some people squeeze Is Glue from the middle. Some people squeeze Is Glue from the end. Use Is Glue for consciously making stories, and Is Glue Dissolver for consciously unmaking stories. Is Glue Dissolver comes in a spray bottle. Be very cautious with this stuff. Just a little "Pfffffffft!" will do the job. Use Is Glue Dissolver to take apart existing stories and use the components for Is Glueing new stories that give you and others more Power.
    9. Possibility Paint Brush - Your Possibility Paint Brush is perhaps the most powerful Possibility Tool of all. Keep it handy for painting the experience of the possibilities of new Context. Then people can visualize and experience a different image on the inside of their Box. A Distinction is more powerful than a boundary. But new Context is even more powerful than a new Distinction!
    10. Jakobs Ladder - turn on your Jakobs Ladder and go orthogonal (at right angles to) the assumptions of your current space to enter into a different space. The space determines what is possible. Anyone you are in contact with as you exit the current space goes with you into the next space.
    11. Purpose Sniffer - Direct your Purpose Sniffer at an action, an inaction, a word, a gesture, a tone of voice, etc. and the Purpose Sniffer will reveal to you intuitively the driving Purpose. Is the Purpose conscious or unconscious? Is the Purpose to serve Bright Principles or Shadow Principles? Is the Purpose to create power struggles and competition, or collaboratively create Winning Happening? Your Purpose Sniffer will help you Navigate Space, put the Poop On The Table, and create Nonlinear Possibility for both individuals and Teams.
    12. Red Cloth - Smaller insults and Gremlin Hooks can disappear into your Disk Of Nothing most effectively, however, when an entire Gremlin runs at you like a charging bull with horns lowered towards your guts, another energetic tool may serve you more effectively: Your Red Cloth. Slide your Red Cloth out of your Toolbelt and hold it by two corners to your left side. Shake your Red Cloth enticingly and say, "Toro, aqui!" while keeping your attention alertly on the charging creature. As it gallops by you (literally or figuratively...) pull your Red Cloth away, turn to face the attacker again, and repeat the procedure until the creature is exhausted. It makes a great deal of different WHERE you hold your Red Cloth: in front of your chest (to get smashed), or to your side (where the energy slides harmlessly past). You choose.
    13. Hammer Of Assertion - There are times when the walls of the Box you are trying to speak through are too thick and defended to allow the Being inside of the Box to hear you. If your distinction or communication is too important to simply discard, this may be a circumstance requiring you to apply your Hammer Of Assertion. NOTE: Conscious Asshole Training may be useful to gain the knack of deftly using your Hammer Of Assertion. There is a difference between smashing to cause the Gremlin-pleasing result that something is smashed, and the Possibilitator result of something urgent or unexpectedly useful being clearly heard and understood. The Hammer Of Assertion - like Dragon Speaking - makes use of your Real Voice.
    In addition to the 13 Tools on your PM Toolbelt, you have additional energetic detectors which you can activate and calibrate. These include your Feelings Detector, your Low Drama Detector, and your Bullshit Detector.
    Once your Gremlin is initiated, you hold in your hand one end of your Gremlin Chain - This chain is to stay in connection with your Gremlin. Whenever needed you know exactly where he or she is and you can tell him or her to "Sit!" at your side. From there he or she can help you protect yourself from other Gremlins, and can catch himself, because no other Gremlin is as fast and sly as your own Gremlin at his or her own tricks... eh?
    (See: 3 Powers, Energetic Body, Gap, Low Drama Detector, Spinning Your Energetic Body, Spring Screen, VaVoom!)


    51 CORE INITIATIONS – Not that it matters, but there are 51 Core Initiations delivered in Expand The Box trainings and Possibility Labs. The idea here is to clearly understand that the Memetic Construct of 'being initiated into adulthood' is not a one time ritual such as Bar-Mitzvah or Bat-Mitzvah, getting your driver's license, being able to smoke, drink, and vote. Activating Responsibility has as many facets as Consciousness itself. What are the limits of what you can become Conscious of? What are the limits of what you can take Responsibility for? What we are claiming is that each facet of Responsibility and Consciousness that you activate begins with an Authentic Adulthood or Archetypal Initiatory Process and includes Liquid States, Transformations, Thoughtware Upgrades, and new Practices. A list of the 51 Core Initiatory Processes from Possibility Management might not make much sense to you because we have had to name them and the names often use new Distinctions. Most of these Distinctions did not come from modern culture sources but instead out of direct empirical Edgework research which emerged from Trainers committed to creating useful outcomes for clients before knowing how. Many of the procedures for the 51 Initiations came through direct insight from our Archetypal Lineages and the Bright Principles of Clarity and Possibility. Yes, 51 is a rather arbitrary number. A few years ago we would have claimed 15 Core Initiatory Processes. Now we can say that we just got the number backwards... For a preview of the list you can watch this 7 minute video. (See: Authentic Adulthood, Distinction, Initiation, Liquid State, Practice)


    122 WAYS TO CREATE ORDINARY HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS – In the relationship handbook written by Clinton Callahan titled Radiant Joy Brilliant Love (recently re-released in English as Building Love That Lasts by Hohm Press) you can find an infamous, world-shattering list of 122 Ways To Create Ordinary Human Relationships, suggesting that there are equally 122 things to stop doing on your way to learning to create Extraordinary and Archetypal Intimacies. If this sounds like an interesting list of experiments for you to try, you can find it online at 122ways.mystrikingly.com (See: Archetype, Intimacy)




    ABILITY – Your Abilities are your Resources to make Conscious Actions that produce real and valuable Results. Gaining Abilities involves circling the Learning Spiral, perhaps many times, to build Distinctions into your 5 Bodies. These new Distinctions extend your awareness so that you can detect the signals for Deciding on proper Actions, keeping in mind that Decisions may take place in any of your 5 Bodies, not just in your Mind. (See: Action, Consciousness, Decision, Learning Spiral, Matrix, Resources, Results)


    ABUSE – Abuse can occur in any of your 5 Bodies. If you were born and raised in modern culture's capitalist patriarchal empire you have probably been abused, because even the wealthy, the powerful, and the famous people in modern culture are uninitiated adolescents. They too were abused by parents or authorities using extremely old and outdated Thoughtware. They are in pain, Beings stuck inside of Boxes with Gremlins running rampant, undistinguished and uncontrolled. Such a person unconsciously wants to cause you as much pain as they are experiencing. You have probably been, to one degree or another, physically abused, emotionally abused, psychologically abused, energetically abused, and / or sexually abused. When a child falls down and the mother says, "Nothing happened!" and the father says, "It doesn't hurt!", this is abusive. If you were forced to go to School, sit in rows, takes notes, and try to compete against the other students to get the best grades, instead of being encouraged to develop your talents and gifts, this is abusive. How is your healing process going? How are you managing to transform all this abuse into a training program to develop your sensitivities for delivering the services of your Bright Principles and your Archetypal Lineage to the Village? (See: 5 Bodies, Living, School, Thoughtware, Village)


    ACTION – In Possibility Management an Action is defined as any gesture that has energy. This definition for Action is far more refined than your typical understanding of an action that only includes gross level physical movement. In Possibility Management examples of Actions include: physical motion, spoken word, insinuation thought, placing your Attention, moving your Attention, placing your Center, keeping your Center, making a conscious or unconscious wish, internal emotional reaction, Declaring, Choosing, Asking, and so on. In general, the more subtle the Action, the more energy it contains. (See: Results, Purpose, Center, Declaring)


    ADAPTIVE – (See: Being Adaptive)


    ADULT (INITIATED ADULT, RESPONSIBLE ADULT, OR ADULT EGO-STATE) – Adult is a person taking unconditional Responsibility for being centered in a self-authorized storyless minimized now and minimized here. The originator of Transactional Analysis, Dr. Eric Berne in his famous Parent Adult Child Ego-states Thoughtmap (to which Possibility Management has added a fourth Ego-State, namely, the Gremlin Ego-State), recognized that the Adult Ego State is when a woman or man has power because they are being themselves with their own voice and their own Authority in the present. Through Possibility Management research we have discovered that the free-and-natural initiated Adult Ego-state also turns out to be the gateway to Archetypal Domains, perhaps the most rewarding facet of life as a human being (with perhaps the exception of tasting Clinton Callahan's Mom's World's Best Brownies from 1950). The Possibility of gaining access to the edgy ecstasies of the Archetypal Domains is why ongoing Adulthood Initiatory processes are at the center of Archearchy cultures. On another note, we have discovered that it is far more common than we once believed that, as a powerful Survival Strategy, children contaminate to some percentage their Adult Ego State with their Child Ego State, their Parent Ego State, and/or their Gremlin Ego State. This Survival Strategy works brilliantly... however, the cost is extremely high. One cost is that you do not get to be Adult, which means you are blocked from accessing the Archetypal Domains where 5 Body Intimacies and ecstasies begin. You are instead forced to remain in conditions of merely Surviving, where you are limited to experiencing Gremlin intimacies. Discipline and diligence are central to De-Contaminating Your Adult Ego State. De-Contamination is difficult. Nobody can do it for you. It is possible to do it. It is worth doing. (That last statement is my personal opinion, meant to encourage you to try your best.) (See: Archearchy, Archetypal Domains, Center, De-Contaminating Your Adult Ego State, Ego State, Initiation, Next Culture, Now)


    ADULT EGO STATE – (See: Adult, Archetypal Domains, Ego State)


    ARCHEARCHY – Archearchy is the natural evolution of human culture that comes after matriarchy and patriarchy. Archearchy is the creative collaboration between archetypally initiated adult women and archetypally initiated adult men. The core qualities of archearchal cultures are that they are centered on ongoing adulthood initiatory processes and they are sustainable. Possibility Management is a context out of which archearchal gameworlds can emerge. (See: Possibility Management, Archetype)


    ARCHETYPAL BODY – One of your 5 Bodies. (See: 5 Bodies)


    ARCHETYPAL DOMAINS – Human beings are designed to explore and experience Archetypal Domains, the domains of experience sung about in ballads and told about in myths and legends, which themselves are often maps to the Archetypal Domains. The gateway for entering the Archetypal Domains is the Decontaminated Adult Ego State. Archetypal Domains are where you can journey during 5 Body Intimacy Journeys. The Archetypal Domains exist on the other side of the well-defended status quo, which is like a cloud of crusty stuff - the Morphogenetic Field. In the Archetypal Domains you can find jewels that you can bring back down and share with the other edgeworkers who are building the new Gameworlds which make existing Gameworlds irrelevant. (See: Adult Ego State, Archetypes, Decontaminated Adult Ego State, Initiations, Morphogenetic Fields, Negotiating 5 Body Intimacy Journeys, Stellating)


    ARCHETYPAL LINEAGE – Your Archetypal Lineage is the ways in which your Being is thrown to serve the village, in the same way that clay is thrown to shape it into that shape of a cooking pot, or serving platter, or water jug, or coffee mug which determines the ways in which it will serve its user. Life is improvisation. For an improviser, function follows form. One could say that your Being was born in a specific shape to serve the village through the talents, knowledge, tricks of the trade, insights, experiences, imagination, instincts, and intuitions that come from your Archetypal Lineage. Some people say that life is best when you are not there - meaning, life is best when you experience yourself being the space through which your Archetypal Lineage ecstatically does its service work in the world. Childhood education could be about preparing you for your adulthood Initiations. Your adulthood and Archetypal Initiations prepare you to jack-in to your Archetypal Lineage. Preparations are general, such as Centering, Presence, Attention, etc. developing the inherent faculties of your 5 Bodies. Preparations are also specific, relating to the talents, awarenesses, and features needed to deliver whichever of the 4 Lineages your Archetypal Lineage inhabits. (See: 4 Lineages, 5 Bodies, Initiation, 4lineages.mystrikingly.com)


    ARCHETYPAL LOVE – In contrast to spaces of Ordinary Love (adolescent love) where love is scarce and you spend your days and nights going around looking for evidence or experiences which can prove that somebody loves you - or testing if they love you enough - and, in contrast to spaces of Extraordinary Love (adult love), where you source love, where love happens because you are there generating love in the space, there are spaces of Archetypal Love, where the love is limitless and neutral. Archetypal Love is a force of nature, that is, not personal. It is a force of nature, the direct experience of Consciousness. (See: Navigating Space, Read: Radiant Joy Brilliant Love by Clinton Callahan)


    ARCHETYPE – (DISAMBIGUATION) (NOTE: Archetypal terminology used in Possibility Management has emerged from decades of experimentation in the context of possibility and is not derived from or associated with the popular works of Carl Gustav Jung. Jung evolved his deep-psychology “archetypes” in reference to the psychoanalytical context that he adopted from his teacher Sigmund Freud. Instead of relying on the works of Freud or Jung we have done our own empirical research that brought us directly into contact with the same spaces that Jung must have tapped into to formulate his particular languaging. However, instead of a psychological context we researched from a possibility context. Because we fished with a different net we caught different fish although we were fishing in the same sea.) In Possibility Management, Archetypes are energetic configurations hard-wired into the Energetic Body of every human being. Archetypes are either Responsible or Irresponsible. Responsible Archetypes lie dormant until they are consciously initialized or Stellated. Before Stellating Responsible Archetypes a human being must first be capable of Adult Responsibility, which does not occur before about fifteen years of age. Modern culture does not provide authentic initiatory processes through which you can activate your Responsible Archetypes, so they remain switched off. If you want your Responsible Archetypes activated you are forced to go outside of modern culture and arrange it for yourself. This takes a lot of courage and entails certain real risks. Actions of people who have not gone through the process of Stellating their Responsible Archetypes are typically dominated by the Shadow Principles of their Irresponsible Archetypes and their Gremlin. Archetypes are fueled by the energy of conscious Feelings or unconscious Emotions. Anger fuels the Responsible Doer / Warrior / Warrioress or the Irresponsible Persecutor. Sadness fuels the Responsible Communicator / Lover or the Irresponsible Victim. Fear fuels the Responsible Creator / Magician / Sorceress or the Irresponsible Rescuer. And Gladness fuels the Responsible Man / Woman or the Irresponsible Gremlin. (See: Adult, Feelings, Gremlin, High Drama, Low Drama, Stellating)


    ASKING – Asking is one of your three original powers of a human being. (The other two are Choosing and Declaring). You use the three powers already but without practice you use them to serve unconscious purposes such as the survival purposes of your Box, or the Hidden Purposes of your Gremlin. Used consciously the power of Asking allows you to ask Dangerous Questions which are questions the answers to which do not exist in the current Space. Finding answers to a Dangerous Question can take you into an entirely different Space. Since the qualities of the Space influence or even determine what is possible, Asking is a powerful tool for Navigating Space and for creating Possibility. Asking is also the power behind making extraordinary requests. Most requests that you make are logical, reasonable, understandable, and perhaps even wrapped inside of a convincingly needy Victim story. If your request is fulfilled then you create ordinary results. Your power of Asking can be used for making Unreasonable Requests. These are requests which, if fulfilled, cause transformation, healing, and entry into new territory for the person fulfilling the Request. A single-mom recently called me because she caught her 15-year-old son with two bottles of vodka, one half-empty, after he had already promised to stop the drinking. I asked her to immediately take her son out of School and go live with him on a small island in Fiji for a year without his mobile phone. That was an unreasonable request that could possibly give her son (and herself) a new and brighter future. She immediately booked the tickets and they departed. It transformed their lives for the better. Clearly you may need to use the practical street-smarts and nonlinear possibility resources of your Initiated Conscious Gremlin to assess the appropriateness of your Unreasonable Request to make sure it meets the potential capacities of the person you make the request of. Will you recognize and be ready to respond accordingly when someone makes an Unreasonable Request of you? (See: 3-Powers, Box, Dangerous Question, Gremlin, High Drama, Navigating Space, Possibility, School, Space)


    ASSUMPTION – An Assumption is a Declaration that you make up and tell yourself to try to decrease the fear of Not Knowing. You can Assume anything about anything. You make Assumptions in order to fill in an unknown or to cover over a blank hole where you don't know. The motivating Feeling (or Emotion) behind making up Story is fear, because one of the most important values in Modern Culture is to know. If you don't know, your fear of Not Knowing drives you to make an Assumption to fill in the Gap in Knowing. The trouble comes when you forget that your Assumption is an Assumption. You are smart (even if you think that other people think you are not smart, secretly you know you are...) and so it is easy to Assume that your Assumption is smart and true and valid. Assuming that your Assumption is true changes your Assumption into an Expectation. Then things get more difficult for you. (See: 5 Gaps, Expectation, Intimacy, Resentment, Story)


    ATTENTION (CONSCIOUS ATTENTION) – Conscious Attention means paying Attention to your Attention, being aware of what you are aware of, perceiving what you are perceiving with, etc. Conscious Attention helps build the Matrix upon which your consciousness can grow. Attention can also become conscious by paying Attention to your Purpose. Businesses spend billions of dollars every year trying to get your Attention. They do this for two reasons: 1) Because it works. 2) Because it is worth it. When they have your attention, they have your wallet. Paying Attention to your Attention initiates a process that makes you less susceptible to being used for other people’s Purposes and therefore more capable of creating High-drama and fulfilling your Destiny. (See: Center, Destiny, High Drama, Matrix, Purpose)


    AUTHENTIC NECESSITY – (See: Necessity)


    AUTHENTICITY – Authenticity is Integrity of Being and Being With. If you can Be Present with yourself at the same time you are present with another then your interaction can be Authentic. Authenticity requires Being Centered, being in Experiential Reality, connection to Gaia with your Grounding Cord, a Minimized NOW, your Sword of Clarity to hand, Contact, Radical Responsibility for the Space and for Navigating Space, Conscious Listening (5 Kinds of Listening), Conscious Speaking (7 Kinds of Speaking), Conscious Feelings (Stellated), having your Gremlin on a short leash at your side, having your Shadow Principles at the tip of your tongue, knowing where you are on the Thoughtmap of Possibility (Low Drama or High Drama?), and being in resonance with your Bright Principles and Archetypal Lineage. (See: All Of The Above...)


    A'ZUUL – Saying "A'Zuul!" to the people at your table once you are gathered, but before eating or drinking, is a way of expressing A to Z... (in other words, from alpha-to-omega, expressing full spectrum) appreciation and gratitude for the companionship and Presence of each person and creature in the Space, for the nurturing and stimulating qualities of the food, drink, music, clothing, and material surroundings, and for the Gaian field of Consciousness of planet Earth out of which all this abundance emanates. To one person in an intimate setting you would say, "Zuul." To more than one person you say, "A'Zuul." A'Zuul is a bigger word than Bon appetit!, however, the term is used by next-culture Sourceresses and Whyzards in similar circumstances. (See: Declaration, Next Culture)


  • B

    BEING – Your Being is your Energetic Body. In Possibility Management, we use a capital 'B' to differentiate the noun 'Being' (meaning your Energetic Body) from the intransitive verb conjugation 'being', related to 'is'. (See: 5-Bodies, Presence)


    BEING ADAPTIVE – You are Being Adaptive when you behave as if you do not have your own personal culture. To Be Adaptive you must subdue your own culture and pretend to agree with and obey the culture of another. To become Adaptive you must give your Center away, and thus your Authority to Choose, Declare, and Ask away. This is VERY costly in terms of losing your abilities to Live and losing your Resources to Live. Children are forced to be Adaptive to their parents (and up until recently, also to public school systems) in order to Survive. Being Adaptive automatically places you in the Child Ego State, or sometimes in the Gremlin Ego State as a Survival Strategy for getting Revenge. (See: 3 Powers, Center, Ego State, Living, Resources, Revenge, Survival)


    BEING CENTER – You have two Centers, your Physical Center and your Being Center. Your Being Center is mobile and starts out about the size of a grapefruit. You move your Being Center around both inside and outside of your 5 Bodies for various Conscious and Unconscious Purposes. You place your Being Center outside of your Physical Body when you give your Center away to either a general or specific authority figure. Western culture Thoughtware and customs instruct you to keep your Being Center located in your head. If you become a Pirate then you can break with custom and use your Intention to put your Being Center on your Physical Center and become Centered. When you are Centered you have your Authority back, your Feelings back, and (See: Authority, Being Centered, Feelings, Intention, Physical Center, Responsibility)


    BEING CENTERED – Being Centered is the energetic state that arises when you place your Being-center on your Physical-center. Being Centered is one of the seven Core Skills of Possibility Management. (See: 7 Core Skills, Being Center, Physical Center)


    BEING A SPACE – Being a Space contrasted with being yourself. Being a Space means that you are Holding Space but you are not filling up that Space with the usual needs and wishes of your Box. Instead, that Space is empty and consciously dedicated to serving your Destiny Principles. Possibility Management starts by teaching you how to listen as a Space called Possibility Listening, and to speak as a Space called Possibility Speaking. With practice you may become the Space through which the Principles that you serve can do their work. Your Box will only let you be a Space after you realize that you already have everything that you need, a quality of the King / Archetypal Man and the Queen / Archetypal Woman. (See: Holding Space)


    BEING PRESENT – (See: Presence)


    BEING WITH – Your familiarity with the adrenalin-enhanced tension of constantly doing things faster than the speed of Love largely distracts you from your capacity for Being With. Being With another person who is Being With you opens the door to intimacy and creates food that feeds your heart and your soul. Relationships do not die from a lack of love; relationships die from a lack of intimacy. Western culture teaches you to feed your body and feed your mind, so your development is most likely extremely out of balance. Your Emotional Body and Energetic Body may be starving, and Intimacy may be the most frightening proposition in the world for you. Intimacy starts with Being With another Being, and Being With starts in the Adult Ego State. Being With can become Countenance if you enter the Archetypal domains. (See: Adult, Archetype, Countenance)


    BELIEF (BELIEF SYSTEM) – A Belief is an Is-Glued formulation that has no connection to reality. Therefore, anybody can believe anything about anything. The Box uses Beliefs as a Band Aid to patch over holes in its walls where it has no answer. Beliefs are defended not by experience but by positionality such as “I’m right. You’re wrong.” Positionality excludes. In other words, a particular Belief can be supported only if all contradictory Beliefs are destroyed. The automatic and unavoidable result of positionality is war. Look at human history. Sets of Beliefs hang together in a Belief System (abbreviated as BS). A Belief System is a virtual reality. A Belief System gives the Box a framework of reasons with which to prove itself real to itself. Thomas Moore says, “A Belief System is one of the most effective shields protecting us against the intricacies of the soul.” People whose Boxes use the same Belief System tend to gather in groups and play in the same Gameworlds. Kurt Vonnegut Jr. invented a word to name a group of proud, superficially bonded people: Granfalloon. (See: Is-Glue, Box, Gameworld, Survival Strategy)


    BLACK HOLE – In communications theory, a message persists until it is received. If a communication arrives either spoken, written, by electronic message, or even psychically, which contains more emotional energy than your Box can manage, the Box shuts down and blocks the message. The result of not hearing the message at the superficial level is failing to drop down to the next deeper level of connection, so you do not get to find out what is really going on with the other person. Your job is to receive and complete communications, because until you receive the communication that is offered and use a Completion Loop so the person knows that you have heard them, you won't go to the next deeper level - and the next deeper level is probably where Love happens. This is when the Black Hole comes in handy. The Black Hole in Possibility Management is a powerful energetic tool that separates the information of a communication from the energy of a communication. A Black Hole extracts and absorbs nearly infinite amounts of energy from a communication and lets the information of the communication continue so your Box lets you receive and complete the message. You Declare a Black Hole into existence using your Energetic Body's Clicker. It is proper to use your Clicker again to vanish each Black Hole after you use it so that socks, your second earring, or the cat do not disappear. (See: Clicker, Declaring, Energetic Body)


    BLACK WIDOW – The term 'Black Widow' is the name that Possibility Management has given to the Box survival strategy of a person who has been sexually abused and has dedicated themselves to revenge. This is a desperate strategy, but understandable. A Black Widow woman typically wears skin-tight shiny-black leggings with high heels, amplifies her cleavage, and does whatever it takes to steal the attention of men of the Capitalist Patriarchal Empire and make them drool even if (especially if...) they are walking arm-in-arm with their wife. The Black Widow will wrap the man around her finger, use him for whatever, then flick him away like a dry booger. Black Widows do not usually participate in transformational trainings or initiatory processes such as Expand The Box or Possibility Labs because they are so completely identified with the Black Widow survival strategy that they are afraid nothing else is possible and their Gremlin does not want to sacrifice vengeance as its Gremlin Food. The White Widow, on the other hand, can participate in, benefit from, and even create magically transformational training spaces. (See: Box, Gremlin, White Widow)


    BOUNDARY – A Boundary is a verbal and energetic creation that changes a part of the status quo. You learn to make Boundaries by jacking-in to Inner and Outer Resources during Adulthood and Archetypal Initiatory Processes. For example, to say "Stop!" or "No!" or "Start!" or "Go!" you would use some combination of your own Voice empowered by your energetic Sword of Clarity, your Conscious Anger, your Bright Principles, your Archetypal Lineage, etc. Modern Culture does not teach its adherents to say, "Stop!" or "No!" because if they had their own Center and Authority they could not be used as soldiers and workers. Learning to make Boundaries starts just beyond the edges of Modern Culture, and is indeed one of the first Adulthood Initiatory Processes of Next Culture, Archearchy. It should be remembered that making Boundaries is Phase 1 of Feelings Work. Phase 2 Feelings Work would have you make Distinctions. Distinctions are more powerful than Boundaries. (See: Conscious Feelings, Feelings Work, Initiation, Phase 1 Phase 2, Sword of Clarity)


    BOX – Also known as belief system, worldview, mindset, reality structure, paradigm, self-image, identity, personality, psychology, comfort zone, or defense strategy. Your Box is made out of beliefs, preferences, assumptions, expectations, reasons, conclusions, opinions, prejudices, perspectives, fantasies, values, memories, choices, projections, and so on, all made arbitrarily out of nothing. The Purpose of your Box is to ensure your survival. Since you have survived so far, the Box knows that its strategy works, and it suspects that anything else will not work. So the Box dedicates its resources above all else to defending itself first. The Box defends itself through acting as a giant filter and controlling what you can perceive and what you can express. The Box’s original Purpose is to keep everything the same way it has always been, no matter what that original state of normal is. The Box is designed to shift Purpose from Defensive to Expansive when you are about fifteen years old, but your culture does not promote that process. Boxes come in layers. Individuals, relationships, families, clubs, committees, teams, communities, cities, businesses, races, cultures, religions, and nations all have Boxes. Possibility Management focuses on the individual Box because that is the only Box that can take Responsibility for itself and therefore it is the only Box that can create change. (See: Defensive-context, Expansive-context, Responsibility)


    BOX MECHANICS – (See: Box Technology)


    BOX TECHNOLOGY – Since the Box is assembled from inanimate structural components all working in relationship with each other, the machine-like stimulus-response Box impulses are repeatable and subject to mechanical laws just like ordinary machines. These laws form the theory and practice of Box Technology. Gaining familiarity with Box Technology gives you abilities to troubleshoot, repair, redesign and rebuild Boxes, in the same way that familiarity with engine mechanics gives you equivalent capabilities with engines. (See: Memetic Engineering, Self Surgery)


    BRIGHT PRINCIPLE – Bright Principles are forces of nature. They are facets of the General Field of Consciousness in the raw, Radical Responsibility, and Archetypal Love. The overriding Bright Principle of Radical Responsibility prisms into a rainbow of Bright Principles including Integrity, Abundance, Aliveness, Growth, Learning, Love, Inclusion, Clarity, Kindness, Possibility, Acceptance, Respect, Joy, Communion, Commitment, Impeccability, Creation, Winning Happening, Healing, Transformation, Openness, Communication, Relationship, Practice, Service, Appreciation, Fitness, Hospitality, Generosity, Authenticity, and so on. Serving Bright Principles is High Drama. Each person seems to have pre-chosen a set of 3-6 Bright Principles to serve during their Lifetime. These are at work in your life whether you are Conscious of them or not. One way to become aware of your set of Bright Principles is to do the Distilling Destiny Process as explained on the website brightprinciples.mystrikingly.com. The value of becoming aware of your Bright Principles is that you gain the Clarity to make life choices moment-to-moment in Resonance with your Bright Principles, plus you can earn up to 3 Matrix Points in the StartOver.xyz game (1 Matrix point for doing the Distilling Destiny Process, 1 Matrix Point for personally checking your Bright Principles with a Trainer, and 1 Matrix Point for Declaring in a sacred Space such as a Training that you choose to serve your Bright Principles.) (See: Archetypal Love, General Field of Consciousness, High Drama, Radical Responsibility, Shadow Principle, Thoughtmap of Possibility)


    BRIGHT WORLD (UPPERWORLD) – The domain of Gameworlds dedicated to serving Bright Principles. (See: Bright Principle, High Drama, Thoughtmap of Possibility)


    BUBBLE OF SPACE – When you stay in a Minimized NOW in the Present and use your Split Attention, your Intention, and your Clicker, you can energetically Declare a Bubble of personal space. The Bubble is an Experiential Distinction that surrounds your Physical Body at about half-an-arm's distance. The Bubble is transparent, flexible, and resilient. Inside the Bubble is your own personal Space. Outside the Bubble is everyone else's Space. Psychic etiquette demands that the inside of your Bubble remain free of everyone else's energy. The indicator that you have someone else's energy in your Space is if you are having a conversation or argument with another person in your mind. In Possibility Labs you can learn several procedures for clearing other people's energy out of your Space and for regenerating the inside of your Bubble with your own energy and information. Having a cleansed and renewed Bubble is part of the First Position of a Possibility Manager. (See: Centering, Clicker, Declaring, Energetic Body, First Position, Grounding Cord, Intention, Possibility Manager, Small NOW, Splitting Attention)


    BUBBLE MAP – The Bubble Map is the start page and home page for the massively multiplayer online-and-offline personal transformation game called StartOver.xyz. (See: Consciousness, Gameworld, Matrix, Modern Culture, Morphogenetic Field, Status Quo, Transformation, Upgrading Thoughtware)


    BUILDING MATRIX – Certain kinds of stress experiences (such as Practice) Build Matrix in your Energetic Body. The Matrix is a substance that you can Scan for that equates to the size of a person's Being. Your Matrix is what Distinctions land in. The more Matrix you build, the more Distinctions can weave into it. New Distinctions refine your capacity to experientially discern differences, Gaps, and Options. The Distinctions are what automatically catch and apply Consciousness. There is endless Consciousness. Therefore by building Matrix in your Energetic Body there is no top end to the Possibilities you can access. (See: Consciousness, Energetic Body, Matrix, Work)


    BYPASSING MIND MACHINES – A powerful Survival Strategy is to install one of the 6 varieties of Mind Machines that we have so far discovered. The primary purpose of a Mind Machine is to disempower yourself so you are not perceived as dangerous, so then 'they' don't have to kill you and you are safe. Mind Machines are classified according to their symptoms:

    1. Time Delay - An authority Figure says something to you. Their words enter your Time Delay Mind Machine and circle around in there for between 10 to 20 seconds before going to your brain. You don't respond immediately so you are perceived as handicapped or stupid, at least not dangerous, so they don't have to kill you and you are safe.
    2. Fog - An Authority Figure says something and it goes into your Fog Mind Machine. You don't even notice they said something. You are lost in the fog. You don't respond at all. You are perceived as inconsequential so they don't have to kill you. You are safe.
    3. Confusion - An Authority Figure says something and it goes into your Confusion Mind Machine. Whatever they said is immediately scrambled with so many uncertainties and possible misunderstandings about what they meant or how you should respond that you are incapacitated. You are perceived as weak and confused. They don't have to kill you. You are safe.
    4. Change The Question (located between your ear and your brain) - An Authority Figure says something and it goes into your Change The Question Mind Machine. The question they asked you or the statements they made are changed around arbitrarily by your Mind Machine and something completely different is sent to your brain. You answer a different question that was asked. They think you are insane and they don't have to kill you. You are safe.
    5. Change The Answer (located between your brain and your mouth) - An Authority Figure says something and it goes into your brain. You understand what they said and you formulate a response. But your response goes into your Change The Answer Mind Machine. You say something completely different from what you intended to say. This puzzles you. You are perceived as an idiot and they don't have to kill you. You are safe.
    6. Trying To Be Correct - An Authority Figure says something and it goes into your Trying To Be Correct Mind Machine. The Mind Machine makes it paramount that what you heard and what you do or say needs to be right, verging on perfect. If it is not right you know you will be ridiculed to death. Rather than saying or doing anything that might not be right you put all your efforts into trying to be sure it will be right. The result is that you tie yourself into a Trying To Be Correct knot and do nothing, so you are not a threat to anyone and they don't have to kill you. You are safe.

    A Mind Machine can be envisioned as a 4-centimeter cube of space usually located between your ear and your brain. You probably installed your Mind Machine long ago in threatening circumstances. At that time the Mind Machine saved your life. Having forgotten that you installed the Mind Machine does not stop it from continuing to do its job. The effects of Mind Machines block you from Intimacy. In the meantime you have learned other ways to take care of yourself, but you are still cut off from Intimacy. If you want, you can do an Experimental Self Surgery and Bypass your Mind Machine. To do this, sit down in a quiet place, close your eyes, make sure you have your Center, Grounding Cord, and Bubble, then click your Clicker and go into your inner experiment room. Wash your energetic hands and shake them dry, then unzip all the way around your forehead so the top of your head lifts opens like the hood covering the engine of a car. Between your ear and your brain, you will see a little box which is your Mind Machine (except for the Change The Answer Mind Machine which is located between your brain and your mouth). You can see a wire connecting your ear to your Mind Machine and a wire connecting your Mind Machine to your brain. Leave the Mind Machine as it is. Take a new short piece of wire from your workbench and use it to Bypass your Mind Machine like this: Use the heating iron from your workbench to solder one end of your Bypass wire to the middle of the wire between your ear and your Mind Machine. Bend the Bypass wire so it goes around your Mind Machine. Then solder the other end of the Bypass wire to the middle of the wire that goes from your Mind Machine to your brain. Let the connections cool down. There is now less resistance for information to go around your Mind Machine through the Bypass wire and directly into your brain than to go through the Mind Machine, because the wire has no resistance and the Mind Machine does. Close the lid of your skull and zip it back up. Open a jar of healing cream from your workbench (What color is your healing cream?) and smear a big handful of healing cream over the zipper so it disappears. Now when you are interacting with people you will hear exactly what they say, with no Time Delay, no Fog, no Confusion. You will hear the questions exactly as they ask them, and can say exactly what you decide to say. Try it! If later on you decide you want to have your Mind Machine back you can simply snip the Bypass wire and Mind Machine will be active again. Once you have done this Self-Surgery you can Hold Space and help guide other people to bypass their Mind Machines. NOTE 1: If you keep your Bypass wire then in about 3 months your Mind Machine will dissolve away into nothing from disuse. NOTE 2: There may also be Mind Machines between your eyes and your brain but we have not Experimented with distinguishing and Bypassing these yet. Bypassing eye Mind Machines may help people to see more clearly. (See: Emotional Healing Process, Intimacy, Possibility Coaching, Process, Self-Surgery)

  • C

    CALLING THE BEING THROUGH – Calling The Being Through is one of the 11 Big Possibility Coaching Floor Processes. When you are born in Modern Culture, your Physical Body and your Intellectual Body are welcomed. But your Emotional, Energetic, and Archetypal Bodies are left unborn, perhaps even forbidden to come into your life because Modern Culture has no Contextual Space for them. During the Calling The Being Through Process a Possibility Coach or Trainer - usually of the opposite sex as you - places their hand on the exit of your Energetic Body gateway - a tube with its 'entrance' at your back at the top of your spine, and its 'exit' located above your heart but below your collar-bone - calls through and begs your Being to come into the physical plane more. The Coach should be warned that there is a chance that in order to Call the client's Being Through more, the Coach's Being might be Called Through more first! Having more of your Being Called Through can cause a mis-match between your Life and your Being. In the long run, your Being will win (unless you move to the bar and drink all day and all night...), and your current Life will reorder unpredictably. This is not necessarily a 'bad' thing. But it may be a shocking thing. You have been warned. (See: Floor Processes, Being, Initiation, Possibility Coaching, Process)


    CAPITALIST PATRIARCHAL EMPIRE – Capitalism, Patriarchy, and empire are the three paradigms implemented in Modern Culture Thoughtware. Each of these three paradigms is known to be ecocidal, that is, to exterminate life on Earth. (See: Evolution of Culture, Modern Culture, Patriarchy, S.H.I.T., Thoughtware)


    CATHARSIS – Beginning in the 1970s, Emotional Catharsis became popular through a book called The Primal Scream by Arthur Janov, and through Dynamic Meditation promoted by Chandra Mohan Jain (later known as Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh, still later known as Osho). Catharsis means to experience and express Emotions for the purpose of 'getting rid of them', or 'discharging' them. The hidden assumption in Cathartic techniques is that Emotional Energy is a design error from Gaia, and that human beings are not supposed to feel. The assumption comes from using outdated Thoughtware, specifically the Old Thoughtmap of Feelings. Possibility Management takes the view that Feelings and Emotions are immensely valuable energy and information resources which can be applied by Free-and-Natural Initiated Adults using techniques of Cathexis. (See: 4 Feelings, Cathexis, Conscious Feelings, Initiations)


    CATHEXIS – While Catharsis means to get rid of or disperse Emotional Energies, in Possibility Management, the term 'Cathexis' refers to containing, recycling, re-aiming, and consciously using Emotional Energies. The instructions are, "Hold the energy in. Do not allow your Gremlin to throw it away. Let the energy circulate around in all 5 Bodies. Use this energy to build new Matrix." The assumption is that Feelings and Emotions are not design errors from Gaia, but rather are precious resources of energy and information needed for fulfilling your Destiny and delivering the services of your Archetypal Lineage to the Village. Specifically, "Feelings are for handling things. Emotions are for healing things." Through Cathectic Processes one can learn Inner Navigating as part Conscious Feeling. Then Emotional Energy can be directed towards 3 Phase Healing, Building Matrix, Authentic Adulthood Initiations, and Archetypal Transformations. (See: Archetypal Lineage, Authentic Adulthood, Catharsis, Conscious Feelings, Emotional Energy, Inner Navigation, Matrix, Process)


    CENTER (CENTER OF A GAMEWORLD, MAGNETIC CENTER) – An organization is two or more people with a common Purpose. A family is an organization. Every organization needs leadership and the person or persons who stand for leading the organization are its Center. A Center in an organization functions much the same as the sun in your solar system. The “planets” that orbit around a Center in an organization are people. A Possibility Manager gains enough mass to be a Center by consciously choosing to serve his Destiny Principles. Your job as the Center of a Gameworld is to 'feed', care for, educate, train, and liberate the potential of your planets. A Center knows that planets can become Stars. By learning to create the Possibility that planets become Stars, a Center can become a Starmaker. (See: Laboratory, Gameworld, Star, Starmaker)


    CENTER OF THE GREAT LABYRINTH OF SPACES – (See: Labyrinth of Spaces, Navigating Space)


    CENTER (PHYSICAL-CENTER, INTELLECTUAL-CENTER, EMOTIONAL-CENTER; ENERGETIC-CENTER) Each of your 5 bodies has a center. Your Emotional Body Center is in your heart. Your Intellectual Body Center is in your head. Your Physical Body Center is at your center-of-balance, located about 3 fingers below your navel and half-way back in the abdomen. Your Energetic Body Center starts out about the size of a grapefruit, and in contrast to the previous three centers, it is mobile. You consciously or unconsciously move your energetic-center around. Rodin’s sculpture of The Thinker is a fine depiction of a man with his energetic-center located in his head. Perhaps as a child you adopted a strategy of giving away your energetic-center to external authority figures in the hopes that they would take care of you so you could survive. This is a workable but very expensive strategy, suitable for children, but almost suicidal for initiated adults – except during conscious theater pieces. A transformation happens in a human being when you place your energetic-center onto your physical-center. The new state is called being centered, and is key to getting your power back, your voice back, your authority back, and other initiatory shifts required in preparing to serve the purposes of Your Pearl and your Archetypal Lineage. Placing your Energetic Center onto your Physical Center requires Splitting Your Attention, putting one part of your attention onto your Energetic Center, keeping your attention split while using your intention to move your Energetic Center from wherever it is to your Physical Center. Nobody can take your Energetic Center away from you, but you can give your Energetic Center to anyone. I have seen people give their Energetic Center away to a television, to advertising posters of half-naked women at the train station, to their children, even to their dog. Your Archetypal Body Center is located where your Archetypal Body flows its resources into your other 4 bodies, above and behind your physical heart. This is different from where you first jack-in to your Archetypal Lineage which is a place located on your back at the base of your spine. (See: Archetypal Lineage, Attention, Being Centered, Conscious Theater, Four Bodies, Pearl, Point Of Origin)


    CHOOSING – Choosing is one of your three original powers of a human being. (The other two are Asking and Declaring). You use the three powers already but without practice you use them to serve unconscious purposes such as the survival purposes of your Box, or the Hidden Purposes of your Gremlin. Used consciously the power of Choosing allows you to choose options that do not exist on the current menu of things to choose from. Making your Choosing conscious empowers you to go orthogonal, that is, to go perpendicular to (at right angles to) the assumptions, expectations, conclusions, etc. of the current Space. Conscious Choosing is central to invention, improvisation, Discovery Speaking, Navigating Space, and for creating Possibility and High Level Fun. (See: 3-Powers, Box, Dangerous Question, Discovery Speaking, Gremlin, High Level Fun, Navigating Space, Possibility, Space)


    CLICKER – One of a Possibility Manager's 13 Tools on their energetic toolbelt. The Clicker is used for Declaring. (See: 13 Tools, Black Hole, Declaring)


    CO-INTELLIGENCE – Co-Intelligence is a capacity that goes far beyond individual IQ-based Intelligence. Co-Intelligence is Intelligence that is grounded in wholeness, interconnectedness, and co-creativity. It is the human manifestation of holistic evolutionary intelligence. Co-Intelligence is collective, collaborative, synergistic, wise, resonant, heartful, and connected to greater sources of intelligence. We find Co-Intelligence -- and its opposite, co-stupidity -- in individuals, groups, organizations, communities, societies, processes, systems, and institutions. Each of these can be Co-Intelligent whenever it calls forth collective wisdom in and around it - usually by using diversity creatively. Co-Intelligence is a resource for creating Wise Democracy. Many people know ways to accomplish Co-Intelligence, one way or another. The Co-Intelligence Institute, originated by Tom Atlee, collects and weaves together the knowledge of diverse scholars and practitioners into a coherent field of theory and practice - with lots of stories and examples. One of these specialties is Dynamic Facilitation combined with Wisdom Council, a Meeting Technology developed and trained by Jim Rough in Port Townsend, Washington, USA. (See: Meeting Technologies, Thoughtmap of Possibility)


    COMMITMENT – A Commitment resembles a promise. The Assumption about promises (which can turn into an Expectation when you Assume that your Assumption is true... and why not Assume that your Assumption is true? You are not stupid! Why would you make an Assumption if it was not true?) is that you should keep your promises as if they are Commitments. But promises and Commitments are different. You may or may not keep your promise, depending on the circumstances that arise. You keep a Commitment because you are re-shaped by a Commitment. A Commitment changes who you are. An Unconscious Commitment changes the design of your Box. A Conscious Commitment changes the design of your Being (your Energetic Body). After you are Committed, you have a new shape: fulfilling the Commitment is integrated into who you are. Because a Commitment changes the shape of your Energetic Body, it also forces the Universe to conform to your new shape, automatically causing new Resources and unforeseen circumstances to become available. Thus the oft-quoted observation from W. H. Murray of the Scottish Himalayan expedition in 1951:

    "Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way. I learned a deep respect for one of Goethe's couplets::

    Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it.

    Action has genius, power, and magic in it."

    In case you care about what shape you are about to take on, it may be important to get clear about what you are Committing to. This is why people often write down Commitments in a contract, so that all parties who agree to the Commitment also agree to what they are Committed to. However, very often what people are in reality Committed to (structurally committed to, in other words, committed because of the shape of their Box or their Unconscious Gremlin) cannot be written in words because the Commitments are Unconscious. For example, you may have Past Life Vows (Death Wishes), Hidden Purposes (Shadow Purposes), and Hidden Competing Commitments - things you are previously Committed to without remembering that you already Committed to them, with a Commitment that is empowered by Unconscious fears. (See: Being, Box, Energetic Body, Hidden Competing Commitment, Hidden Purpose, Past Life Vow)


    COMMUNICATOR – One of the four Archetypal, High Drama Bright World characters activated through Stellating who serves Archetypal Man and Woman (the other three being Doer, Creator, and, for lack of a better term, Possibilitator). The Communicator responsibly uses the energy and information of sadness. The way a Communicator uses sadness is to connect, listen, understand, let things go, be vulnerable, be honest, be trustworthy, open up, accept, be intimate, and so on. Relationships thrive on communication. (See: Archetype, High Drama, Stellating)


    COMPLETION LOOP – Communications theory says that a communication persists until it is received. When a communication is received it is completed. Your job is to complete communications. To complete communications it helps to know that communications have two components: the information and the carrier. The information is the intellectual content of the communication. The carrier is the emotional content of the communication, either a Feeling or an Emotion, and, perhaps more often than you might think, the more important of the two components. In the Thoughtmap of Communication, a Completion Loop is when the listener has a chance to repeat back to the speaker what they heard them say. If you leave out the Completion Loop you do not give the speaker the chance to say, "Yes. What you heard is what I meant to say," or, "No, what you heard is not what I meant so to say. What I meant to say is..." If the speaker says, "Yes," then you receive a Bing! - like scoring a point in a video game - meaning you have successfully completed this level of the communication and you drop directly to the next deeper level. Perhaps the next level of the communication requires that you make a decision or take responsibility in some way. As an unconscious strategy for avoiding responsibility we frequently avoid completing communications by using what Dr. Thomas Gordon identified as one of the 12 Roadblocks to Communication. With blocked communications intimacy is destroyed. (See: 4 Emotions, 4 Feelings, 5 Kinds of Listening, Problem Ownership)


    CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION – Possibility Management applies a specific meaning to the term 'evolution', namely: the evolution of Consciousness in a human being; in other words, Conscious Evolution. If you look around you can find evidence to support the story that the purpose of the Universe is Evolution. Gaia (the Local Field of Consciousness of Earth) seems to have been working hard for 4.5 billion years evolving organic forms that manifest more and more of the General Field of Consciousness. This biological evolution happens rather slowly, usually when a person is lying on their deathbed agonizing over missed opportunities, making some vow about what will 'always' happen again or will 'never' happen again, much like the resolutions one might make at New Years... and with a similar degree of effectiveness. It turns out that the human 5-Body organism is complex enough in its structure that it can expand awareness within one lifetime. Some people take on the hobby of Evolving faster than the ordinary speed of Evolution. This hobby is not guaranteed to be comfortable due to the increased frequency of Liquid States. The ways Consciousness can be Consciously Evolved is through Authentic Adulthood Initiations, Expanding the Box, Upgrading Thoughtware, adding new Distinctions into the Energetic Body which builds the Matrix to catch more Consciousness, using Emotions as gateways to finding old Decisions and making new Decisions, Stellating Feelings to the Archetypal levels of intensity to turn on inner Feelings Archetypes, and so on - exactly the contents of Possibility Labs, Possibility Coaching Processes, and Feelings Practitioner sessions. There is a speed limit to the Evolution of Conscious and that is the speed at which Matrix can be sustainably built. Once you personally experience the elation of the Evolution of Consciousness you might want to share that with others who are enthusiastic about the same hobby. If you document what works and what doesn't work and shared what works in Trainings you would end up with the Gameworld of Possibility Management. This Gameworld also helps to alleviate the suffering of the General Field Of Consciousness, which has pain because the physical domain is not aware of itself being Conscious. It is, so to say, dead. Every moment that a Possibility Manager spends in the Waking State brings joy to the General Field Of Consciousness. Gaia (the Specific Field Of Consciousness of Earth) took a risk by inventing human beings and giving us the structural potential for self-awareness and Conscious Evolution. The risk was that we might arrange to skip the first two initiations (1. I am not my Body, 2. I am not my Mind (my Box / Gremlin)) and then use our Box and Gremlin (our Mind) to build and enter Constructs and Gameworlds that are smart but not Intelligent. So far that is exactly what we have done. If the first two Initiations are held as highest values of a Culture then Cultural Evolution would move quickly from Matriarchal to Patriarchal to Archearchal Cultures with Consciously limited populations and Conscious Purpose Gameworlds, and we would create wild variations of evolving Paradise on Earth. As it is, Gaia may have made a mistake. Humans shifted from circular power structures to hierarchical pyramid power structures in our organizations. Psychopaths have naturally risen to positions of power in the global hierarchies and forbidden Authentic Adulthood Initiatory Processes. Edgeworkers have the chance to reclaim their Authority, engage Authentic Adulthood Initiations, and invent Archearchal Gameworlds that make existing Modern Culture Gameworlds irrelevant. Will the shift to Archearchy be faster than the release of methane and the collapse of ecosystems due to human induced Global Warming? It is a complex question. Nobody can predict the answer. That is why I am furiously writing this Distinctionary and building StartOver.xyz with our Team rather than lying on a tropical beach reading Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson waiting for James Cameron's sequels to Avatar. (See: Archetype, Box, Consciousness, Culture, Distinction, Edgeworker, Emotions, Feelings, Gameworld, Liquid State, Matrix, Morphogenetic Field, Path, Possibility Management, Psychopaths, S.P.A.R.K. Stellating, Trainings, Upgrading Thoughtware, Transformation, Waking State)


    CONSCIOUS PURPOSE – Purpose is the fundamental motivator in human beings. Every Action you take or avoid taking has a Purpose. You are either Conscious or Unconscious of the Purpose of your Actions or Inactions. Your Consciousness or Unconsciousness about your Purpose places your Action on either the Responsible or Irresponsible side of the Thoughtmap of Possibility and determines the quality of the Results that you create. You can determine the true Purpose of an action or inaction by looking at the Results. You may be fooling yourselves about your Purpose, but the Results never lie. You can also detect the Purpose of an Action or an Inaction by noticing its target. The instant an Action is done or avoided - for example placing part of your Attention on something to see it, or avoiding placing your Attention on something so as to not see it, the Purpose is visible. This is comparable to an arrow being shot from a bow. The instant the arrow is released from the bow the objective of the arrow has already been determined, and this objective can be sensed. Becoming more and more Conscious of Purpose gives you more Choice and more Power to create and manage Possibility. Ignoring Purpose creates naivete, the source of a tremendous amount of Gremlin Food. (See: Action, Choosing, Inaction, Gremlin Food, Results, Thoughtmap of Possibility)


    CONSCIOUS THEATER (HIGH DRAMA) – If everything is neutral, if there is no such thing as a Problem, if it is impossible to be a Victim, if Irresponsibility is an illusion, if accepting things exactly as they are here and now without judgment is all that is left for you, what are you to do with your humanity? You are a Human Being after all. That does not go away. What do you do with all of that creative energy? The answer is, Conscious Theater. Extraordinary Human and Archetypal Relationship are ongoing acts of Nonlinear Conscious Theater. Conscious Theater is looking at the world through the eyes of your Destiny Principles and saying, “Okay. What needs to be done? What is the next thing right here and now for me to do to make the world a better place?” Suppose it is something that you do not know how to do; suppose it is something that you do not like to do; suppose it is something that your Box is afraid of, but still it is something that obviously fits the criteria of serving the world. What do you do then? How do you carry on without complaining, without sabotaging, without being confused, without whining? How do you go ahead with dignity, with enthusiasm, with care? The way you can carry on is to act 'as if.' You go ahead and do the job, acting as if you knew how to do it, as if you liked to do it, as if you had courage. You build the bridge out into Not Knowing and then you immediately walk on it. You manage all the sideways energies that may arise and try to distract you, and you redirect them towards getting the job done well. Acting 'as if' to create High Drama is Conscious Theater. (See: Declaring, Map of Possibility)




    CONSCIOUSNESS – (Please remember, this is a glossary, not a course in philosophy or quantum physics. Terms are defined here for practical purposes, specifically to deliver the distinctions, tools, thoughtmaps, adulthood healing processes, and archetypal initiatory processes of Possibility Management. If these explanations also make you feel like you understand Life, the universe and everything in a clearer, more practical and satisfying way, you can feel lucky.) Possibility Management postulates that the universe is Consciousness, and that: Responsibility is Consciousness in action. In other words, Responsibility is applied Consciousness. When Consciousness spins in natural vortexes and toroids, matter appears. Suddenly you have three things (triality): one piece of matter, another piece of matter, and the General-Field-Of-Consciousness between them. (This implies that the concept of duality is a delusion, and that actually what we have is triality.) The General-Field-Of-Consciousness pervades everything in the manifested universes, including the matter, but just as with light, you don’t notice the General-Field-Of-Consciousness until it strikes a material object. Just as with light, the qualities of the reflected Consciousness depend on the Matrix structure of the material object it strikes. Stone Matrix reflects stone Consciousness. Sheep Matrix reflects sheep Consciousness, and so on. Human beings have a refined and complex-enough Energetic Body to have a Matrix that can Evolve. When the General-Field-Of-Consciousness interacts with a material object, a second and more local field is generated called the Specific-Field-Of-Consciousness. For example, when the General-Field-Of-Consciousness strikes the planet Earth, a Local-Field-Of-Consciousness of Earth is generated called Gaia. Since the overriding purpose of the universe is the Evolution Of Consciousness, Gaia has been arranging conditions on Earth (for example, sequestering carbon, balancing ocean acidity and global temperatures) to produce stable conditions for evolving organic life forms that can Consciously Evolve. The organic life forms of Gaia are affected by both the General-Field-Of-Consciousness (transcendent) and the Specific-Field-Of-Consciousness of Earth (imminent). The distinguishable experiences of relating both to the General and Local Fields of Consciousness has produced the two basic forms of human religious belief systems: monotheism and pantheism, which are non-conflicting and relatively true. “The Kybalion states that nothing can be outside of The All.” (The Kybalion, by Three Initiates, [1912], www.sacred-texts.com) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conceptions_of_God). This quote points to the origin of many of the Adulthood and Archetypal Distinctions and Thoughtmaps from Possibility Management that emphasize the value of and procedures for Navigating and creating with the Nothingness. It also answers the age-old question about which is bigger, the Archetypal masculine Nothingness, or the Archetypal feminine Everythingness? The answer is obvious: “Nothing can be outside of The All.” Nothingness is bigger than The All, or else what would The All fit into? This proves to be especially useful for an Archetypally Initiated adult man's Nothingness encountering the immensity of the Conscious or Unconscious manifestations of the Archetypal feminine Everythingness. Even facing the greatest storm, the man can relax at his Center and Hold Space for the interaction from the Experiential Nothingness Distinction, “I am bigger than that.” (See: Adult, Conscious Evolution, Initiation, Matrix, Radical Responsibility)


    CONSTRUCT – A Construct is an assembly of Beliefs, concepts, taboos, values, mores, etc., which are Is-Glued together by a Gameworld (such as an organization or culture) to stand alone outside of their Box. Familiar constructs include 'monogamy', 'polyamory', 'the rule of law', 'a religion', 'an education', 'success', or 'economics'. Because the Construct can stand alone it can easily be labeled as The Truth, The Way, and then can be defended. Part of your Initiation into Adulthood is to deconstruct your Constructs. The process is to clearly identify by name each of the Constructs you carry around with you, dismantle them into their component parts, and find out your Purpose for carrying them around with you. In order to make right-angle turns at light-speed, you will need to have as little Construct baggage as possible. (See: Beliefs, Box, Is-Glue, Purpose)


    CONTEXT – Context is the framework of responsibility being applied by an individual both personally and in the groups they are in. Context is crucial to be aware of because responsibility is applied consciousness. Since context sets the frame for the level of responsibility, context also establishes the way consciousness is related to by individuals, projects, and societies. If you are not aware of the context of the activity or group you are involved with, then the context that prevails is unconscious. This has two meanings. First, the context that prevails is unconscious to you, so you constrict your relationship to the world to fit the group’s framework of responsibility and relationship to consciousness for fear of being expelled from the group. Second, the context that prevails in such a person, project or group promotes you as a participant in the project or member of the group remaining unconscious of the context you are serving. The context of the group requires you to remain blind, deaf, dumb, unfeeling and unaware of the context of the group. Context refers to the structure of a Box rather than the contents of a Box. A Box can have one of two basic Contexts: either the Box is Defensive or it is Expansive. Archetypal Men or Women work in the Expansive-context, so Archetypal Men and Women are Context generators. That is, they are Responsible at the level of Context; they decide what game is played, Ordinary, Extraordinary or Archetypal. The Context of a Box determines its content. If you change the Context of a Box, you automatically change what the Box can hold. Archetypal Men and Women scan the Context of conversations, and reinvent Reality by shifting the Context. (See: Consciousness, Distinctions, Gameworld, Meta-Conversation, Reality, Responsibility, Rules of Engagement)


    COPYLEFT – The Construct that an idea can be owned by a particular person comes from viewing yourself as somehow separate from Gaia - meaning separate from all the other people and Beings of Earth - and sponsors the scarcity-based "I win, you lose" "Ha! Ha! I got you!" Gremlin games that are common in the Capitalist Patriarchal Empire of Modern Culture. The term 'Copyleft' means that an idea cannot be copyrighted. As Seth Godin writes, "Ideas are free." When you Copyleft your ideas, your work is dedicated to enriching the Creative Commons, in which case anyone can use it in any way they want, to make money, to get rich and famous, to modify and improve their own ideas, whatever. The only thing is, they can't copyright it for themselves. All of Possibility Management is Open Code Thoughtware. The books, films, websites, photographs, Thoughtmaps, Trainings, everything from Possibility Management. Steal it all! Give it away! Possibility Management is Copyleft. That means it CANNOT be copyrighted by anyone, anywhere, ever. Possibility Management is protected under a Creative Commons Attribute and Share Alike International 4.0 license. (See: Construct, Gameworld, Open Code Thoughtware, Thoughtware)


    CORE SKILLS – (See: 7 Core Skills)


    COUNTENANCE – When two people are Being-With each other in the Adult Responsible Ego-state and they both enter the Archetypal as a Space, then the Principle of Archetypal Love can become conscious of itself through them. The intensely ecstatic physical experience of Archetypal Love in one person consciously recognizing and experiencing Archetypal Love in the other person is called Countenance. (See: Making Contact, Archetypal Love, Being-With, Being A Space)


    CREATING – Human Beings have the power of Creating, as perfectly described by Robert Fritz in his book of the same title, Creating. (Reading this book earns you 3 Matrix Points in the StartOver.xyz game.) Creating occurs through holding two conflicting forces in the same place at the same time. The two conflicting forces are 1. An accurate assessment of What Is, and, 2. A clear Commitment to What You Want. The place you hold both of these forces - What Is and What You Want - is in your Being (not in your Mind / Box). This uncomfortable paradox resolves itself step-by-step through you taking actions directed towards bridging you from where you are (What Is) to where you want to go (What You Want). The force of Creating is used by all 4 Archetypal Lineages to cause to exist what is wanted and needed. (See: Archetypal Lineage, Commitment, What Is)


    CREATING POSSIBILITY – Creating Possibility is one of the 7 Core Skills of a Possibility Manager. Since Possibility is itself a Bright Principle, infinite Possibility already exists. Possibility is not actually created; it is already there. Practically, gaining access to unSee:n Possibility comes from changes in the filtering system of the Box, which is actively engaged in occluding Possibility in its own defense. Since the Box is tremendously creative, the obstacles blocking Possibility are equally inventive tend to be self-repairing. The options for creating Possibility looked bleak until the advent of the Thoughtmaps, tools and techniques of Possibility Management. Possibility Management creates and manages options equally well for individuals and organizations because both are blocked from Possibility by Boxes and are subject to the laws of Box Technology. (See: 7 Core Skills, 13 Tools, Box Technology, Creator, Golden Keys, Holding Space, Liquid State, Navigating Space, Possibility, Possibility Management, Thoughtmaps)


    CREATOR – One of the four Archetypal, High-Drama Bright-World characters who serves Archetypal Man and Woman (the other three are Doer, Communicator, and, for lack of a better term, Possibility Manager). The Creator responsibly uses the energy and information of Fear. The way a Creator uses fear is to stay alert, pay attention, See: risks, make plans, make agreements, and make things secure. In order to make something out of nothing, the Creator must first have access to nothing as a resource. To attain nothing the Creator steps over the limits of the Box into the unknown. This is definitely frightening, and the Creator has learned to feel 100% maximum of his or her fear and to still function. If you are not feeling fear, you are not creating. (See: Archetype, High-Drama)


    CULTURAL CREATIVE – (See: Edgework)


    CULTURE – Culture is a Gameworld, perhaps one of the most treacherous and lethal of Gameworlds that humans ever invented. Culture is a treacherous Gameworld because we are taught how to play in our local Culture before we are even out of our mother's belly and what we are taught about Culture leaves out the bit that Culture is a completely arbitrary Gameworld - in other words, Bullshit. Instead, we are taught to give our Center and Authority away to our Culture and its traditions. We are taught to believe that our Culture is true and the best thing human beings ever invented and that our Culture and its flag must be defended with our life, instead of being taught 'cultural relativity,' (per Kurt Vonnegut Jr.) that Culture is a Gameworld no more true than any other Culture or Gameworld. Culture is lethal because, as was explicit in most indigenous Cultures, people from the 'outside' are understood to be 'the edible ones'. More people have been killed in the name of defending 'our' Culture than even defending a religion (at least 262,000,000 people have been murdered by their own government by the latest count). From a crass perspective, one could say that without murdering all these people in the name of defending 'our Culture' humans would by now have overpopulated Earth by an additional billion people, so the murders can be seen as a form of population control. The shocking Moment you discover that, for example, Modern Culture is a Gameworld and has an edge to its Belief System, that it is not all there is, and that other Cultural Gameworlds are possible... this may be the Moment you begin on your Authentic Adulthood Initiatory path. (See: Authority, Center, Ethnosphere, Gameworld, Initiations, Modern Culture, Morphogenetic Field, Status Quo, Thoughtware)


    CURIOSITY – Curiosity is a Mixed Emotion made from mixing emotional joy with emotional fear. (See: Emotions, Mixed Emotions)

  • D

    DANGEROUS QUESTIONS – You can ask many kinds of questions. Most of your Asking has been civilized and made polite, and therefore disempowered. You have the capacity to ask yourself or other people certain questions the answers to which lay outside of the Box. These are called “Dangerous” Questions, because going to where the answer is Expands The Box. (See: Expanding The Box, Pirate Agreement)


    DECLARING – Declaring is one of the three powers that Possibility Managers use for Reinventing Reality (the other two are Choosing and Asking). Declaring is the conscious use of Is-Glue. With Declaring, you can fabricate the Stories of a new Gameworld that include Possibilities that are not available in the present Gameworld. Modern culture Thoughtware (Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware) does not give you enough Distinctions to notice how unconsciously you Declare the circumstances of your life into existence. If you Declare what is so unconsciously then your Stories serve the survival purposes of your Box and the Hidden (Shadow World) Purposes of your Gremlin, and you have no idea why your life sucks, nor do you have the power to do anything to change it. Discovering the prevalence of unconscious Declaring in modern culture can cause a shock of realization that is deep enough that you start taking Radical Responsibility for engaging the Authentic Adulthood and Archetypal Initiatory Processes of Archearchal culture. (See: 3-Powers, Archearchy, Gameworld, Initiation, Is-Glue, Radical Responsibility, Thoughtware)


    DECONTAMINATION – As a Survival Strategy, you may have contaminated your Adult Ego State with your Gremlin Ego State, your Child Ego State, or your Parent Ego State. The result is that you effectively survive, however, you can never be Present as an Adult because your Adult Ego State is Contaminated. One consequence of this Contamination is that you are blocked from entering the Archetypal Ego State and enjoying 5 Body Intimacy Journeys, including Archetypal Intimacy. The Decontamination procedure is precise, but requires rigor, vigilance, and persistence. The possibility of successful Decontamination is enhanced by creating a Support Team such as a 3Cells.org with Pirate Agreements. (See: 3Cells.org, A Life Of Practice, Ego State, Gremlin)


    DEFENSIVE CONTEXT – The Defensive Context is the original survival strategy of the Box. Since that original strategy is for the most part unconscious, your survival Actions cannot help but serve Shadow Principles. Conscious Archetypal Actions are only possible when your Box shifts from the Defensive Context to the Expansive Context through formidable Initiatory processes. (See: Expansive Context)


    DEFENSIVE LEARNING – The way you were taught to learn in School is Defensive. You built a central Knowledge Continent one Linear piece at a time. Any new knowledge could only be learned when it fit into some part of your current Knowledge Continent. If something does not fit onto the current form of your Knowledge Continent that thing is invisible and is regarded as useless. (See: Expansive Context, Expansive Learning)


    DESTINY (DESTINY PRINCIPLES) – Your Destiny is the specific set of Bright Principles that you were born to serve. Serving your Bright Principles is what most turns you on. Serving your Destiny is optional – you do not have to do it and Box can easily get in the way. When you distill your Destiny Principles out from your life and serve them intentionally then you become your Destiny in action right now. (See: Bright Principles, Map of Possibility)


    DIAPHRAGM PROCESS – The Diaphragm Process is one of the 6 big Possibility Coaching Floor Processes. Unconsciously you have been storing immense quantities of unexpressed fear in your diaphragm, the large flat muscle under your lungs used for breathing. So much energy is used to keep the fear repressed. In the Diaphragm Process, the Possibility Coach teaches you how to energize your hands so that you can connect directly into each next level of fear stored in your diaphragm and pull it out. This frees up all the energy you were using to hold the fear in to use for creating other things in your Life. The Diaphragm Process takes approximately 45 minutes, and it is loud. Afterwards, you are invited to drop Golden Pearls of your own energy and information down your spine to pop open at your Center and refill the void left by removing so much fear. (See: 6 Big Possibility Coaching Floor Processes, Feelings, Initiation, Process)


    DISASSEMBLING A RESENTMENT – Once you have buried a Resentment about someone into your heart, that resentment will stay and continue causing pain until such time as you Consciously and intentionally take that particular Resentment out of your heart. The pain of having that resentment provides you with a justifiable, experiential reason for behaving with disrespect toward the other person, and, oh, by the way, fulfilling your Shadow Principles and abundantly feeding your Gremlin at our friend’s expense. The way to resolve a Resentment is to take Responsibility for creating your Resentment in the first place. Find out the exact moment you made the Resentment and why. It is usually an unexpressed thought, Feeling, need, or wish - an incomplete communication from one of your 5 Bodies. To resolve the Resentment, arrange to complete your communication. Resentment makes only hate food. Get yourself another diet. Work to let yourself be known. It is a paradox: Resentment blocks intimacy, but intimately sharing yourself releases Resentment. If you already have a Resentment, the only reason you still have the Resentment is because you kept it as a painful hook in your heart so as to hate that person. Your Box can make a Resentment for you about anything. This means that Resentments do not actually involve the other person. You are doing Resentment all by yourself. Resentments are Box Survival Strategy. Resentments are created by the Box to reinforce the Beliefs and fears of the Box. If you take a Resentment hook out of your heart your Box will strongly object. If you Disassemble the part of your Box that sustains itself by holding on to a certain Resentment then the Resentment will naturally fall away. Having a Resentment fall away feels like dying, yet it is nothing less than a miracle. Transformation does not happen all by itself. For more detailed instructions about Disassembling A Resentment please visit rageclub.org. (See: Assumption, Expectation, Gremlin, Resentment, Process, Shadow Principles)


    DISCOVERY ACTION – (See: Experiment)


    DISCOVERY SPEAKING – One of the four kinds of speaking defined in Possibility Management. Discovery Speaking is a team effort where the Space Holder avoids discussion about who has the better opinion and instead Navigates to the edge of New Territory. Once at the edge, the team keeps going powered by group genius. The team uses previously unSee:n wisdom and suddenly-discovered insights as milestones. The Space Holder is no longer an authority figure who already knows but instead becomes a true Navigator, working with the team to collaboratively Map distinctions in graphic and verbal form on flip charts. Discovery Speaking is done in response to the true necessity of one or more of the participants asking real questions. Most of Possibility Management was developed through thirty years of Discovery Speaking. (See: Navigating Space, New Territory, Possibility Speaking)


    DISIDENTIFICATION – The skillful Action of escaping from the condition of being Identified. (See: Escaping the Patriarchy, Identification)


    DISK OF NOTHING – A Possibility Management tool that allows a Possibility Manager to avoid being Hooked. A mere ten centimeters in diameter and clipped onto your Utility Tool Belt, the Disk of Nothing is metallic gold on the back and around the rim, but the front is a thin fluid gateway into absolute nothingness. Whenever a hook is cast in your direction to try to offend you and start a reciprocal feeding frenzy between Gremlins, simply hold up the Disk of Nothing. The hook goes into the void and returns unrewarded no matter how often, or how deeply, or with what evil intentions the hook is cast. In the void, no one can hook you. This is also true for Voices and Vampire Entities. Having a bit of Nothing conveniently at hand can prove to be extremely useful. (See: 5 Gaps, 13Tools, Gremlin, Hooked, Unhookable, Springscreen)


    DISTILLING DESTINY – Distilling Destiny is the 4 step Initiatory Process by which a person extracts from their Life the set of 3 to 5 Bright Principles that they were born to serve. The Distilling Destiny Process is sometimes delivered in Possibility Labs, or Possibility Coaching sessions, or Feelings Practitioner sessions. You can do the first 3 parts of the Distilling Destiny Process on your own but you will need a trained Initiator to check the Clarity of your Distillation during the 4th part of the Initiation. You can find the Distilling Destiny Process in Chapter 8 of the book Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings written by Clinton Callahan, and also online at brightprinciples.mystrikingly.com. (See: Bright Principles, Destiny, Hidden Purpose Process, Initiation, Shadow Principles, Thoughtmap of Possibility)


    DISTINCTION – A Distinction is an Energetic Declaration that if you have the Matrix to hold it, it changes who you are and therefore gives you a new Possibility for Action. When you get a Distinction it lands in your Matrix and reorders your Energetic Body in such a way that you can experientially differentiate something which you could not differentiate before. Your experiential discernment is refined to a measurable degree (the measurement being the new Results you can create). Each Distinction in your Energetic Body acts as a thread in a net. Weaving in more Distinction threads allows you to catch more Consciousness. The more Distinctions you weave into your Energetic Body the more Consciousness you can catch. Eventually, your Energetic Body is so thickly woven with Distinctions that it changes from a net into a sail, and your life starts to be blown by with whims of Consciousness itself. In the StartOver.xyz game, one Distinction equals one Matrix Point. (See: Consciousness, Declaration, Energetic Body, Matrix, S.P.A.R.K., StartOver.xyz Game)


    DISTINCTIONARY – A 'Distinctionary' is an organized and cross-referenced set of Distinctions, a dictionary of Distinctions. I (Clinton Callahan) officially 'invented' (for myself, anyway) the term 'Distinctionary' on 4 December 1998 in a letter I wrote to Juanita Rose Violini (mysteryfactory.com/) asking her to help me compile into useable form the avalanche of new Thoughtware that was flowing through my Work Spaces in Germany as I began delivering the first Expand The Box trainings. Needless to say, the avalanche never stood still long enough to get captured in a book, but 20 years later here it is, alive and still rapidly evolving, available to everyone in the world for free! Pretty cool, eh? I found several other online Distinctionaries, for example:

    In checking out these other Distinctionaries it becomes immediately clear that most Distinctions apply to a specific Context. The Distinctionary you are reading now applies to the Context of Possibility Management, which is Radical Responsibility for the Evolution of Consciousness. (See: Context, Distinction, Evolution, Thoughtware, Upgrading Thoughtware)


    DISTINGUISH – The Action of making a Distinction. (See: Distinction)


    DO-OVERS – The fourth step of the 3-step Rapid Learning process is a Do-Over. The first three steps are, 1. Try something, 2. Get feedback and coaching, 3. Use the feedback and coaching you received as design ideas to shift your Point of Origin to begin at a completely different place for your Do-Over. In a Do-Over you start at the very beginning with an attitude of never having tried this before. No stories, zero history. Possibility Managers tend to allow each other an infinite number of immediate and completely fresh Do-Overs. Imagine how supportive that would feel, radically relying on a lively field of intelligent, immediate and compassionate feedback from your friends without penalty for Do-Overs. (See: Point of Origin, Rapid Learning, Wall Initiation)


    DOER – One of the four Archetypal, High-Drama Bright-World characters who serves Archetypal Man and Woman (the other three are Communicator, Creator, and, for lack of a better term, Possibility Manager). The Doer responsibly uses the energy and information of anger. The way a Doer uses anger is to start things, stop things, make decisions, make distinctions, say “yes,” say “no,” ask for what the Space or the Torus needs, make boundaries, complete things no matter what, change circumstances, and so on. Doers create High-drama. (See: Archetype, High-Drama, Sword)


    DRAGON DREAMING – Dragon Dreaming is a four-phase spiralic project creation and management Meeting Technology originated by John Croft and now delivered by Dragon Dreaming Trainers around the world. Dragon Dreaming originates in the same context as Possibility Management, namely Radical Responsibility for building the Gameworlds you would love to live in. For further details please explore the Dragon Dreaming website www.dragondreaming.org (See: Context, Gameworld, Meeting Technology, Radical Responsibility)


    DRAGON SPEAKING – The Thoughtmap of Six Kinds of Speaking distinguishes:

    1. Normal Neurotic Speaking [speaking for me and my Gremlin...]
    2. Discussion (which may be either Normal Neurotic Speaking or Adult Speak)
    3. Adult Speaking (sometimes called Active Speaking which is the complement to Active Listening) [speaking for us]
    4. Possibility Speaking [speaking for them as a service of creating Possibility]
    5. Discovery Speaking [speaking in a team as an adventure for a purpose that is greater than ourselves, such as Discovery]
    6. Dragon Speaking [letting the fire within you speak in order to fully participate, to clarify vision, to let your heart speak, to Declare your commitment, to state your Purpose, to land Distinctions in a Space, to challenge the status quo, to make Unreasonable Requests, to take things into breakdown in order to initiate the Phoenix Process, and so on] (See: Asking, Distinctions, Feelings, Purpose)

    DRAMA – (See: Low Drama)


    DRAMATIC NECESSITY – (See: Necessity)


    DUALITY – (See: Consciousness)


  • E

    EDGEWORK – Edgework is the practice through which Cultural Creatives such as Possibility Managers discover the never-ending excitement of the Possibilities of Life. Edgework has three steps: 1) Find an edge of your Box that excites you to explore. This might also be the edge of the Culture that you live in or the Gameworlds that you Work or play in. 2) Go to that edge and stay there. (When you can feel the excitement/fear, or see the edge, you are at the edge.) 3) Do Edgework Experiments. For example, there are five kinds of intimacies that you can explore with your partner: physical, intellectual, emotional, energetic, or archetypal intimacies, or some combination. Invent and try Edgework Experiments that feed and inspire you. For example, when most of us think of physical intimacy what we think of is sex. Sure sex is one form of physical intimacy, but physical intimacy also includes dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, making art, doing theater, travel, shopping, gardening, painting walls, building things, martial arts, walking, picnics, cooking, sports, swimming, sailing, washing dishes, cleaning out the garage, and physical body care, such as combing hair, bathing, massage, physical therapy, cutting fingernails, brushing teeth, and so on. Have fun! (Note: The term 'Edgework' was sparked by ideas in Seth Godin’s practical little book titled Free Prize Inside.) (See: 5 Bodies, Conscious Evolution, Experimenting, Modern Culture, Practice)


    EDGEWORK EXPERIMENTS – (See: Edgework, Experimenting, Possibility Team, StartOver.xyz, Transformation)


    EDGEWORKER – (See: Edgework, Work)


    EDUCATOR – (See: Trainer)


    EGO STATE – 'Ego State' is a term used by Eric Berne to mean the set of ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors with which a person can be Identified. Eric Distinguished 3 Ego States in his famous 1964 book Games People Play. Each Ego State has two aspects. (NOTE: Do not expect to find the Distinctions below in Eric Berne's book. His Thoughtware is over half-a-century old. Possibility Management has given it some rather radical upgrades based on 43 years of empirical research.)

    1. The Parent Ego State shows up as Voices in your head that come from external authority figures, which can be either Praising Parent Ego State or Critical Parent Ego State (not to be mistaken as 'good' or 'bad' because the Praising Parent is just as manipulative as the Critical Parent). The way out of the Parent Ego State is to shoot the Voices with your Voice Blaster. Shoot first. Ask no questions. The only useful conversation to have with a Voice in your head is: Kaboom!  The main result of listening to or arguing with Parent Ego State Voices is... you get older.
    2. The  Child Ego State comes from incomplete Feelings from the past or about an imagined future (in other words, Emotions from the past or the future), and can show up as either Free-and-Natural Child Ego State or Scared/Needy/Adaptive Child Ego State (again, not to be mistaken as 'good' or 'bad' because the Free-and-Natural Child Ego State avoids and undermines responsibility just as effectively as the Scared/Needy/Adaptive Child Ego State). The way out of the Child Ego State is to use the Emotional Fear, Emotional Sadness, Emotional Anger, and, yes... also the Emotional Joy, as gateways to Emotional Healing Processes such as those provided by Possibility Coaches, Feelings Practitioners, or Trainers in Possibility Labs. Each successful Emotional Healing Process permanently removes one or more Hook or Button that Triggers you to project your Child Ego State Emotional reaction target onto current reality. 
    3. The Adult Ego State in which you are yourself with few if any Voices in your head, your own voice, and a small NOW. Power is in the Present because the Present is the only time when you can take Action. In Possibility Management the Adult Ego State is the crucial and magical gateway to the Archetypal Domains. Many of the Initiations and healing Processes in Possibility Labs aim at empowering you to find, enter, and stabilize in the Free-and-Natural Adult Ego State. The way to stay there is to keep your Center, make your Grounding Cord, make your personal Bubble of Space, and keep taking steps on your Initiatory path. Each Initiation gives you more mass for staying in the Adult Ego State.
    4. Yes, you are right. Eric Berne Distinguished only 3 Ego States. In 2016 Clinton Callahan Distinguished a 4th Ego State: the Gremlin Ego State. Gremlin, itself was Distinguished in 2001, but realizing that Gremlin is a potently active Ego State was only Discerned recently. The Gremlin Ego State is when the actively Defensive agency of Box - your Gremlin - takes over your 5 Bodies and implements Shadow Principles in a desperate attempt to keep things the same so you can Survive. The problem is that Living remains forever out of your grasp - you are stuck in merely Surviving. And your Intimacies are limited to Gremlin Intimacies. You don't get to access the ecstatic pleasures of Adult or Archetypal Intimacies. The way out of the Gremlin Ego State is Self-Observation to the point of being able to Distinguish your Gremlin in any Moment and using your Sword of Clarity and Conscious Anger to tell your Gremlin to sit attentively waiting for your instructions at your side. This also involves putting your Gremlin on a conscious feeding schedule, and giving him interesting jobs to do. 

    The powerful influence of Ego States - and thus also the powerful Possibility of freedom from being captured by an Ego State - is the very personal and confounding experience of Identification. Figure out how to not be Identified and you suddenly gain access to an entirely new universe - although you may lose a few friends along the way who have been using your Unconscious reactivity for feeding their Gremlin. (See: Action, Archetypal Domains, Emotions, Free-and-Natural Adult, Identification, NOW, Present, Self-Observation, Shifting Identity, Voice Blaster)


    EMOTIONAL BODY – One of your 5 Bodies. (See: 5 Bodies)


    EMOTIONAL ENERGY – Before Initiations, while you still use the Old Thoughtmap of Feelings, all you have is Parent, Child, or Gremlin Emotions. Through Authentic Adulthood Initiatory Processes you gain direct Experiential Reality access to the Emotional Energy of Emotions, either Mixed Emotions or clean Emotions, which you can use for healing things, and also direct Experiential Reality access to Feelings, which you can use for handling things. When Emotional Energy is uninitiated you wind up serving Shadow Principles and creating ongoing Low Drama. When Emotional Energy is initiated, perhaps even Stellated to Conscious 100% Archetypal intensity of each of the 4 Feelings you find yourself serving Bright Principles and creating High Drama while doing the jobs given to you by your Archetypal Lineage. (See: 4 Feelings, Bright Principles, 4 Emotions, Experiential Reality, Initiation, Shadow Principles, Stellating)


    EMOTIONAL HEALING PROCESS – The Path to Adulthood includes diverse elements in roughly 3 categories: Emotional Healing Processes, Authentic Adulthood Initiation Processes, and Archetypal Initiation Processes. (See: Adulthood, Ego State, Feelings Practitioner, Initiation, Path, Possibility Coaching, Possibility Management, Process)


    EMOTIONAL REACTIVITY – (See: Reactivity)


    EMOTIONS – (See: 4 Emotions)


    EMPTINESS – (See: Void)


    ENERGETIC BODY – One of your 5 Bodies. The Energetic Body is central and important in Possibility Management because it is so ignored by Modern Culture and it has so much potential for Evolution and High Level Fun. Certain kinds of stress experiences (such as Practice) build Matrix in your Energetic Body. The Matrix is a substance that you can Scan for that equates to the size of a person's Being. Your Matrix is what Distinctions land in. The more Matrix you build, the more Distinctions can weave in. The Distinctions are what automatically catch and apply Consciousness. There is endless Consciousness. By building Matrix in your Energetic Body you gain more access to endless Possibility. (See: 5 Bodies, 13 Tools, Practice, Resources)




    ENERGETIC WORK SPACE – In the Archearcha illustration created by Timo Wuerz (available in print from Next Culture Press) you can see that the woman carries with her a golden cube of self-Declared Space. This is her Energetic Work Space. In the physical dimensions the Energetic Work Space is the equivalent of a doctor's office or a mechanic's garage. It is the sacred place where healing and transformation are created. Any time a Possibility Manager, Possibility Coach, Feelings Practitioner, or Possibility Trainer is doing their work delivering their services to the Village, part of their Split Attention is on Holding and Navigating their Energetic Work Space. It is into this Space that the agent of transformation calls their Bright Principles. It is where they can be the Space through which their Archetypal Lineage does its work in the world. The Energetic Work Space also needs to be grounded, either with a large (30-centimeter diameter) usually black-colored grounding cord from the middle of the floor of the Energetic Work Space to the middle of the Earth. Or, for Big Initiations, you can use the entire floor of the Energetic Work Space as a Grounding Cord that connects to the middle of the Earth, or you can use your Clicker to make the vertical walls of the Energetic Work Space into a stainless steel protection material that extend upwards to the Bright Principles and simultaneously downwards to the center of the Earth. (See: Clicker, Grounding Cord, Possibility Manager, Space, Work)


    ENERGY – Energy is what makes Work happen. In physics, the equation for Energy is Energy = Force times Distance = Work. Work is defined as the measure of the energy expended in applying a force to move an object, what it feels like to push a car uphill. In Possibility Management, each of the 5 Bodies deals in its own kind of Energy. The Physical Body deals in physical energies and does physical work. The Intellectual Body deals in intellectual energy and does intellectual work. The Emotional Body deals in emotional energies and does emotional work. The Energetic Body deals in energetic energies and does energetic work. And the Archetypal Body deals in archetypal energies and does archetypal work. Ideally, the outcome of applying energy will be 'useful' Results. What makes something 'useful' or not comes from the Context of the Gameworld in which the Results are created. By making use of these Distinctions a Possibility Manager gains Abilities in a technology that - from other Contexts - may be indistinguishable from magic. Initiations connect someone on the Path to Inner Resources and Outer Resources with a nearly endless supply of Energy. (See: Initiation, Path, Resources)


    ETHNOSPHERE – The Ethnosphere is the cloud-like conglomeration of evolving culture-fields that thrive in the Local Field of Consciousness of Earth, sometimes also called the 'Global Ethnosphere'. The Ethnosphere along with the human Morphogenetic Field determine the Status Quo. (See: Conscious Evolution, Local Field of Consciousness, Morphogenetic Field, Status Quo, Upgrading Thoughtware)


    EVOLUTION – (See: Conscious Evolution)


    EVOLUTION OF CULTURE – Culture is a Gameworld that is so connected with both the Local Field of Consciousness (Gaia), and the General Field of Consciousness, that it serves the Bright Principle of Evolution. Human Cultures evolve from baby cultures of Matriarchy (where the Great Mother takes care of you and you walk around in a giant salad bar open 24/7/365), to adolescent cultures of Patriarchy (where uninitiated Boxes and Gremlins invent cool technologies and economies to empower 'me, me, and me'), to Adult Cultures of Archearchy (where Archetypally Initiated Adult women creatively collaborate with Archetypally Initiated Adult men to explore 5 Body Intimacy Journeys. In 2020 we are shifting from Patriarchy to Archearchy. Simultaneously the amount of fossil fuel humans have discovered compared to the amount of fossil fuel we burn each day has peaked, and CH4 methane concentration in the atmosphere by lead to far more rapid global warming than previously estimated. These two factors alone will decimate the status quo. (See: Culture, Patriarchy)


    EXPAND THE BOX – You built your Box to survive in the world. It was a good and necessary Survival Strategy. In addition to that, it worked (or you would not be reading these words!). You Survived. But when you became capable of taking Responsibility - around eighteen years of age - that which once protected you becomes your prison. The Box is ready to shift Context from its original Defensive mode to its designed-in Expansive mode. That shift is not sponsored by Modern Culture so you must go beyond the culture to get Initiated into Adulthood. There is no top end to Box expansion. Expanding The Box includes Stellating Archetypes. Since the Box is a solid, changing shape requires that it temporarily go through a Liquid State so that its structural components can reorganize with regards to each other. It helps if the environment in which a Box expands is clear and safe enough to encourage and protect the Liquid State such as in a Training. An Authentic Adulthood Initiatory Training that is safe for the Liquid States of Box expansion is the Possibility Management Training called Expand The Box. (See: Adulthood, Archetypes, Being, Box, Gremlin, Initiations, Liquid State, Modern Culture, Starmaker, Stellating)


    EXPANSIVE CONTEXT – Through the equivalent of a 'rite of passage' a Box can shift its basic strategy from Defensive to Expansive. For example, Expand The Box training combined with ten Possibility Labs - including the study and extracurricular experiences - constitutes a currently relevant Authentic Adulthood Initiation. Imagine what life would be like if you woke up each morning in a Box that was dedicated to expanding itself. Your daily life would involve serving Bright Principles such as adventure, exploration, impeccability, learning, growth, clarity, diligence, wonder, awe, mystery, surprise, communication, respect, discovery and so on. In the Expansive Context, Possibility is unlimited. Since Extraordinary Human Relationship and Archetypal Relationship only function in the Expansive Context, Archetypal Man and Woman are careful to avoid being Hooked back into the Box’s original Defensive Context. (See: Bright Principles, Defensive Context, Hooked, Initiation, Unhookable)


    EXPANSIVE LEARNING – Expansive Learning was the original way you related to the world as a child. Expansive Learning readily accepts the unexpected because it does not assume that you already know everything there is to know. Expansive Learning does not even place knowing and naming as the ultimate goal. New pieces of knowledge can be appreciated for their own worth regardless of whether they fit into anything else that you understand. In School you learn Defensive Learning in which you fit new information bit-by-linear-bit onto the Knowledge Continent of what you already know. Expansive Learning is better suited for exploring new territories and gaining competencies in Nonlinear skills, in other words, Expansive Learning may be more effective for life at large. (See: Defensive Learning, Nonlinear)


    EXPECTATION – By Assuming that your Assumption is true you change your Assumption into an Expectation. Expectations are sleep-inducing fantasy Declarations made with the impossible intention of forcing the future to turn out as you predict. Expectations are one of the Box’s most efficient tools for destroying the possibility of Intimacy and for creating Low Drama. Expectations ruin relationships. Expectations are similar to Beliefs in that both Expectations and Beliefs lack a basis in reality. When your Expectation is not fulfilled, it changes into a Resentment. One Resentment is all it takes to kill Intimacy. (See: Assumption, Declaring, Intimacy, Resentment)


    EXPERIMENTING – In the Gameworld and Context of Possibility Management, Experimenting is making Intentional Discovery Actions in one or more of your 5 Bodies. Your Experimental Actions are empowered by a Quest. The quest is to find out and, in a Team, may use Discovery Speaking, one of the 6 Kinds of Speaking. Authentic Experiments originate from one of the 5 Gaps: Not Knowing, Nothingness, Timelessness, Silence, and Disidentification. For an Experiment to be most valuable and perhaps also most effective the experimental Space needs a Spaceholder to hold and navigate the Spaces of the Discovery Journey, and a Scribe who makes clear notes about new Questions and new Distinctions discovered in order to share them with the Creative Commons. One of the most rewarding ways to Experiment is in a 5 Body Intimacy Journey. (See: 5 Body Intimacy Journey, 5 Gaps, 6 Kinds of Speaking, Asking, Practice, Rapid Learning, S.P.A.R.K.)


    EXPERIENTIAL REALITY – Experiential Reality is the totality of your experience before it is processed by your Box. What you get after processing your experience with your Box is Verbal Reality. In Experiential Reality, experience leads, and it is not limited to words or concepts. In Experiential Reality it is pretty quiet in your head. If you need to communicate about your experience you find words to use as a bridge, and you paint them as experience in someone else's body with your Possibility Paintbrush. For example, before a person will buy your product or service they must first experience the value that this will provide for them in the future. With access to Experiential Reality and your Possibility Paintbrush you can create the experience of future value in a client so they are inspired to buy new Possibilities from you. Access to Experiential Reality also gives you the ability to appreciate and enjoy the fullness, richness, depth and complexity of life in a mysterious world. This appreciation improves Relationships both personally and professionally. (See: Mind, Negotiating 5 Body Intimacies, Possibility Paintbrush, Relationship, Verbal Reality, What Is)


    EXTERNAL RESOURCES – (See: Consciousness, Nothingness, Resources, Void)

  • F

    FEEDBACK – Feedback is information from your surroundings about the past. Feedback can tell you what worked and what did not work. Feedback is the second step in the Rapid Learning process. Whatever you do or do not do, See: or do not See:, say or do not say, you will get Feedback. The world is a giant Feedback generator. There are only two kinds of Feedback that you can receive. Go! which means that what you are doing works, keep going. And Beep! which means that what you are doing is not working. Use the information of the Beep! to shift and Go! again. The more unexpected the Feedback is, the more information it contains. WARNING: Please be careful with the use of Feedback. Feedback can be, and almost inevitably will be, taken over by sly Gremlins who start using Feedback as a defensive and offensive weapon. (See: Getting To Know You Better, Gremlin, Rapid Learning)


    FEELINGS – To Feel is your birthright because you have a body. Modern Culture teaches you that it is not okay to feel, so you block your feelings. Blocked Feelings leaves you in your head. There are four Feelings: Angry, Sad, Scared and Glad. Every Feeling experience falls into one of these four categories. You have been trained to regard three of the Feelings as 'bad feelings' (Angry, Sad and Scared) and one of the Feelings as a 'good feeling' (Glad). This is as intelligent as saying that three of the directions on a compass are 'bad directions' (for example North, South and East) and one of the directions is a 'good direction' (West). Feelings are experiential information and energy in the Emotional Body. All four Feelings are tremendously useful professionally, capable of providing you with the energy and wisdom for doing your jobs with excellence. Each of the four Feelings energizes one of the four Archetypes. When you mix feelings you disempower your Archetypes. Disempowering your Archetypes is a standard psychological Survival Strategy for keeping things the same in your life. To turn on the Archetypes you can go through a Feeling process called Stellating. (See: 5 Bodies, Archetypes, Emotions, Inner Navigation, Mixing Feelings, Mind, Modern Culture, Stellating, Survival Strategy, Experiential Reality)


    FEELINGS DETECTOR – Built into your Emotional Body is a Feelings Detector - located in the center of your chest on your sternum - that can sense exactly what percentage intense you are Feeling any of the 4 Feelings. The Feelings Detector is an energetic tool (similar to the 13 Tools on your Possibility Manager's Toolbelt). It has the shape of a dial that can point anywhere between 0% and 100% for each of the 4 Feelings: anger, sadness, fear, or joy. A simple series of Experiential Reality Initiations can calibrate your Feelings Detector so that your assessments are accurate. The calibration is done with someone whose Feelings Detector is already calibrated. Once you can accurately detect what you are Feeling then you can accurately detect what anyone you are in Contact with is Feeling. A calibrated Feelings Detector is central to the Possibility Management Core Skill of Creating Possibility. (See: 4 Feelings, 7 Core Skills,13 Tools, Contact, Creating Possibility, Experiential Reality, Initiation)


    FEELINGS PRACTITIONER – If you need Healing for your Physical Body you go to a Medical Doctor, Herbalist, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Dentist, Eye Doctor, Homeopath, etc. If you need Healing for your Mind or psychology you go to a Psychologist or Psychotherapist. If you need Healing for your Energetic Body you go to a Chakra Reader, Acupuncturist, Energy Worker, or Light Worker. But if you need Healing for your Emotional Body, where do you go? Until now there has not been enough clarity about Healing and Transformational Processes for the Emotional Body. At the same time, while we have been delivering the Adulthood Initiatory Processes regarding the Emotional Body, we have noticed over and over again nearly miraculous Healings taking place in the Physical Body, as if the other 3 Bodies were healed but the full Healing could not occur until the Emotional Body was included. It is widely recognized that illnesses and ailments frequently have simultaneous causes or complications in more than one body all of which need to be treated for a complete healing. This happened so often and with such consistency that several of the Trainer Guilders decided to specialize in training professional Healing Practitioners (Heilpraktiker) in how to use Possibility Management tools, Thoughtmaps, Processes and techniques for Healing the Emotional Body. They have named this line of Work: Feelings Practitioner. They have built and inhabited the Feelings Practitioner Gameworld. Until now there was not enough clarity or methodology to provide adequate and effective emotional body treatment. Now the list of ailments and conditions that benefit from Feelings Practitioner treatment is immense. The Feelings Practitioner Team can now certify Healing professionals in Emotional Body Healing skills. For more information about this specialty Training advancement, its Context and its Rules of Engagement, please see their website at: feelingspractitioner.com. Serving your clients as a Feelings Practitioner may be your calling! (See: 4 Emotions, 4 Feelings, 5 Bodies, Healing, Heart, Gameworld, Phase 1 and Phase 2, Possibility Management, Process)


    FEELINGS WORK – By now it should be clear that Possibility Management is not about Feelings Work. Possibility Management is about Upgrading Thoughtware and managing what is Possible in order to create new Results. However, let it be said again, loud and clear: Given the total lack of Authentic Adulthood and Archetypal Initiatory Processes delivered by Modern Culture, Possibility Management Trainers have had to start where we are: not Adults, not Initiated, totally naive... No. It is worse than that... We have had to start by recognizing and admitting that we have been miseducated about the necessity of and use of Feelings and Emotions as a rich Resource of Energy and Information for Being and becoming Adult human beings. We have been taught that it is not okay to feel. We were taught and shown that Feelings are a design error from Gaia, and we have been punished for Feeling what we feel. When we started offering Possibility Management there weren't any Adults around so we had to make some. The first Initiations and Thoughtware Upgrades involve shifting from the Old Thoughtmap of Feelings to the New Thoughtmap of Feelings, lowering your Numbness Bar, shifting out of Verbal Reality and into Experiential Reality, Experientially Distinguishing between Feelings and Emotions, Inner Navigating your Low Intensity Feelings and Emotions, Calibrating your Feelings Detector, Unmixing your Emotions, and Stellating your Feelings Archetypes... just in order to take your first steps into Adulthood. This is only Phase 1 of Feelings Work! Adulthood begins with Phase 2 of Feelings Work! Getting through Phase 1 of Feelings Work is a wild ride and requires Transformational efforts, so some people seem to have concluded that Possibility Management is about Feelings Work, BUT IT IS NOT! (See: Inner Navigation, Feelings, Feelings Practitioner, Initiation, Phase 1 Phase 2)


    FIRST POSITION – Possibility Management is in some ways similar to ballet or martial arts in that it is a form of Practice. As in many forms, there is a First Position, a starting state from which you can move deftly in any direction. In Possibility Management, First Position includes being Centered and Grounded in a cleansed and renewed Bubble of personal Space with a Small NOW, Holding Space in an Energetic Work Space with Gremlin at the ready, calling in your Bright Principles, and being the Space through which your Archetypal Lineage can do its work in the world. (See: Archetypal Lineage, Bright Principles, Bubble, Centering, Energetic Work Space, Grounding Cord, Holding Space, Small NOW, Space)


    FLOOR PROCESSES - (See: Calling The Being Through, Diaphragm Process, Energetic Body Retrieval Process, Entfaltungs Process, possibilitycoaching.org, Relationship Space Cleanout Process, Stellating)


    FIVE BODIES – You can distinguish that you live in 5 Bodies. The 5 Bodies are the physical body (the bones and tissues with sensations), the intellectual body (the Mind, psychology, and intellectual capital of the Box with thoughts, knowledge, logic, and reasons), the emotional body (the Heart with feelings and emotions), the energetic (the subtle physical sensations of space, energetics, timing, status, appropriateness, etc.), and the Archetypal body (that body which easily understands and interacts with the archetypal structures and nature of the Universe). The Being wears each of your 5 Bodies like a Body Glove. Each body has its own kind of pain, its own kind of ecstasy, its own kind of food, its own kind of intelligence, its own kind of Liquid-state, and its own kind of intimacy with other people’s four bodies. Western culture tells you to Identify yourself as being your intellectual body so you can assume that you are significantly imbalanced. Possibility Trainer Wolfgang LeeKumar Köhler invented the Map of Four Bodies 3 September 2005. In 2017 the fifth body - the archetypal body - was distinguished by Anne Schmid and Clinton Callahan. (See: 5 Bodies, Edgework, Mind, Soul, Heart, Feelings, Box)


    FORCE OF NATURE – It is a far greater error to assume that you know something and to limit your experiences so that they fit your assumptions than it is to open yourself to perceive a world more magnificent, bizarre and mysterious than your wildest expectations even if you do not understand what is happening. In this book you bandy about with terminology and ideas like you know what you are talking about. Please remember, Possibility Management is a new field. If you have a question about things now, ask us in two or three hundred years after you have had a little more time to experiment. Mostly you do not know. Mostly you are guessing. You too will discover when trying to Create Possibility for yourself, for other individuals or for organizations, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. If it does not work, consider yourself the lucky recipient of a lesson from Mother Nature. Pay attention and take notes. She may be trying to teach you something. Human Beings are delectable items for Forces of Nature far greater than you typically concern yourselves with. You are influenced by the likes of planets, stars, karma, family ancestry, brain chemistry, genes, memes, phases of the moon, barometric pressure, pheromones, blood sugar levels, contaminants, radiations, deities, demons, entities, angels, elves, fairy godmothers, indigestion, past life vows, curses, and the will of God. Do not fool yourself into thinking that you can control these things. You cannot. You can hardly even imagine them. So when things work out well, count your blessings. When things work out badly, count your blessings. Just do the jobs that hit your bench as elegantly and with as much dignity and integrity as you can. You cannot create possibility for a person whose Soul is not ready to take that step. You cannot create possibility for a person without finding some way to love them. Most times it is not up to you, so give yourself some slack, and the other person too. The best overall advice that I have ever heard is: Trust the process. (See: Principle, Creator, Creating Possibility)


    FRYING PAN - The so-called Frying Pan is a Possibility Management meeting Technology done in a circle with the Context of the New Thoughtmap of Feelings. In the center of the circle place four chairs facing the middle of the circle from the four points of the compass. Two Possibility Trainers sit across from each other in one pair of chairs. There are 3 Rules of Engagement for Frying Pan: 1. Anyone from the circle can come sit in one of the chairs and ask anyone else in the circle to come sit across from them and have a facilitated conversation. 2. If two chairs are empty in the center then anyone in the circle can ask any two (or more) people in the circle to go sit in the chairs in the middle and have a facilitated conversation. 3. If you are in the room, you are in the game. The Frying Pan is extremely effective for dealing with longstanding emotional conflicts and Projection. (See: Meeting Technology, Projection, Torus Technology)

  • G

    GAMEWORLD – A Gameworld is the field of commitment generated by three or more people applying distinctions, thoughtware, and internally-consistent rules-of-engagement that emerge from an agreed-upon context. Gameworlds can range from temporary and of minor consequence to longer-lasting and of major consequence. Examples of Gameworlds include: let’s go up the elevator, let’s have a party, let’s have a relationship, let’s have a family, let’s have a company, let’s have a town, let’s have a country, let’s have a war, and so on. Gameworlds can be Responsible or Irresponsible, depending on their Purpose and their Results. Gameworlds become Defensive if their Stories are Believed to be true or are kept invisible to the participants, in which case the participants are said to be Identified with their Gameworld. Even if a Gameworld is considered to be the 'one and only true reality' by a majority of its players, it is still a Gameworld. Gameworlds founded in Beliefs and Shadow Principles build false community and Survive through competing for limited resources through war. Gameworlds founded in Bright Principles create Responsible Results and build authentic community which thrives on creative collaboration to source the resources. Taking Responsibility at the level of being the Story maker for Gameworlds is the entry door to Possibility Management. Building new Gameworlds could create the space to activate your Archetypal Lineage. To paraphrase R. Buckminster Fuller, "You do not change things by fighting existing gameworlds. You change things by creating new gameworlds that make existing gameworlds irrelevant." (See: 3 Games, Identification, Organization, Possibility Management, Purpose, Results, Story, gameworldbuilder.mystrikingly.com)


    GAPS – (See: 9 Gaps)


    GENERAL FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS – (See: Consciousness, Matrix)


    GETTING TO KNOW YOU BETTER – A Possibility Management tool for creating an alternative to the kind of war that can arise from "...giving each other feedback!" is authentic curiosity and amazement. The tool starts when the one who is offended and about to either give up in hopelessness or to attack in outrage instead says, “May I ask you a question?” If the answer is, “No,” then the conversation may be over, at least for the moment (a moment is defined as 3 seconds), after which time it may be appropriate to ask the same question again if, in the meantime, a new Possibility was created. If the answer is, “Yes,” then the Possibility Manager asks, in a state of authentic and vulnerable curiosity with no hidden strategy to attack or blame, simply because there is nowhere else to go other than to the heart of the matter, “In order to get to know you better, could you please explain to me how a person such as yourself could put the world together so that…,” or, “…could have it in yourself that…,” or, “…would feel okay about doing…,” or, “…paints it so the world looks like…” etc. Two things can result from this. Either the questioner is changed by the explanation so there can be no more conflict about this issue. Or the questioner understands the speaker and through the understanding is able to make a further short clarification such as, “I am not available for that.” (See: 3-Powers, Feedback)


    GLOBAL ETHNOSPHERE – The Global Ethnosphere is a swirling cloud of ever-evolving combined qualities of all the human cultures on Earth. Think of it as the atmosphere of cultures. The qualities of a culture are determined by the average Thoughtware of that culture, and all cultures contribute to the Morphogenetic Field of the human race. (See: Ethnosphere, Gameworlds, Morphogenetic Field, Thoughtware)


    GOING STELLAR – Experiencing and expressing one hundred percent maximum of any of the four Feelings without reason and without warning. Archetypal Man and Woman have Stellated their Archetypes so that they can from then on for the rest of their lives have the uninhibited ability to Go Stellar. The energy and information of all four Feelings are then available for use as an inexhaustible resource. Going Stellar is a core skill. (See: 7 Core Skills, Feelings, Stellating Archetypes, Rage Club)


    GOLDEN KEYS – Creating Possibility - one of the 7 Core Skills of a Possibility Manager - is typically a one-on-one Process between a Client and a Possibility Coach, a Feelings Practitioner, or a Trainer, although the Client can also be an Organization or a Gameworld. The procedure is essentially the same for an individual or a group. The Possibility Manager Holds the interaction Space in the name of her or his Bright Principles and creates Possibilities for the Client using the Linear and Nonlinear resources of her or his Archetypal Lineage. The two central actions during Creating Possibility are using the Golden Keys and Navigating to the Liquid State. Golden Keys are the sometimes nearly invisible or indirect hints that the Client reveals about what is really going on for them. It is like a prisoner begging to the Possibility Coach, "Please! Please! Get me out of here! You have to get me out of here!" while their hands and knees are trembling in fear. The Golden Key is the fear, in this case, the fear of being out of prison. The Possibility Coach uses the Golden Key by completing the communication with a Completion Loop, saying what they heard the Client say, in other words, bringing the background conversation into the foreground. In this case, the Possibility Coach might say, "I hear that you want to get out of prison, and I see that your hands and knees are shaking. It looks like you are feeling something. What are you feeling?" When the prisoner says, "I feel afraid to leave prison because I don't know what I really want to do with my life," and the Possibility Coach says, "You are afraid because you don't know what you really want to do if you get out of prison," and the Client says, "Yes!" them the Possibility Coach has successfully used the Golden Key to go to the next level, almost like in a video game. The point of using the Golden Keys is to Navigate to the Liquid State, because the Liquid State is where something in the circumstances of the Client can actually change. (See: 7 Core Skills, Archetypal Lineage, Bright Principles, Conscious Use of Gremlin, Liquid State, Navigating Space, Possibility Coaching, Self Surgery)


    GREAT LABYRINTH OF SPACES – The Great Labyrinth of Spaces is the totality of all Spaces that can be navigated to. A characteristic of the Great Labyrinth is that every Space is connected to every other Space, which means that while Navigating Spaces you can get to anywhere from here, regardless of where 'here' is. How does that work? It works because between one Space and another Space is a Gap in Space, one of the 5 Kinds of Gaps used in Possibility Management for Managing Possibility. What is in the Gap between Spaces? Nothing. What is the difference between the Nothingness in one Gap in Space and the Nothingness in another Gap in Space? Nothing! This means that after you are Initiated into Being Nothing, you can enter the Nothingness in the Gap near one Space and come out of the Nothingness in the Gap near any other Space. Cool, eh? The High Level Fun thing is that it really works. Clearly, a map of the Great Labyrinth of Spaces would be multi-dimensional, or, dimensionally flexible and therefore difficult to draw. What remains constant is that the Space at the center of the Labyrinth is Archetypal Love. (See: 5 Gaps, Archetypal Love, Initiation, Navigating Space, Nothingness, Space)


    GREMLIN – Archetypal King or Queen of your Shadow-world, Gremlin is that part you dedicated to protecting the Status Quo of your Box by creating Low Drama and serving Hidden Purposes. Everyone is part Gremlin. Gremlin is quite likely to take over whenever you are Unconscious of your Purpose. When Gremlin takes over you do not know the true cost of your actions. Gremlin creates Low Drama Gameworlds based on scarcity, competition, and survival. Gremlin Leaders collect other people’s Centers and surround themselves with followers in order to feel safe. Gremlin derives joy at other people’s expense through, “I win! You lose!” and “I’m right! You’re wrong!” “Ha ha! I got you!” games and nasty little jokes. Gremlin is not bad. (This is important to remember!) Gremlin cannot be rehabilitated to be Responsible because Gremlin is Gremlin. Gremlin is not your enemy. The idea is not to try to kill, imprison or disempower Gremlin as you have been taught, for example, by the Church. Suppressing Gremlin as a policy only forces it to come out sideways and hurt people, also exhibited by the Church. A more effective approach can be to establish a relationship with your Gremlin such that it is subsumed and integrated as a mature ally into your general presence. Transforming your relationship to Gremlin is an Authentic Adulthood Initiatory Process and involves Stellating Joy. Like Stellating the other Feeling, Stellating Joy involves two phases. Phase 1 is liberating Gremlin to 100% capacity and presence (which obviously must be done in a special Gremlin-proof environment designed exactly for this Purpose). Phase 2 is integrating Gremlin capacities into practical skills through conscious practice. Since Gremlin can destroy any Space at any time for no reason, there are many practical uses for Gremlin that nothing else can accomplish. Some of these are: staying unhypnotized, staying Unhookable, and going Nonlinear. Expanding to responsibly include Gremlin is an Initiatory Process the needs diligence and time, and necessitates building Matrix. At some point in your path Phase 2 of Gremlin work will involve using your own Gremlin to catch himself before he makes each next move. No one else is fast or sly enough to do that. After he can consistently catch himself, he can be instructed to create Nonlinear Possibilities for High Drama. Since the Gremlin is Archetypal it is immortal, and even if it breaks its own rules it is not going to die. (Watch the Steven Spielberg film Gremlins and you will see what I mean.) This means you can instruct your Gremlin to use his Nonlinear creation power to help you create High Drama and he will go against all his own Shadow Principles and do it without giving a shit... at least for a while. Let the good times roll! (See: Center, Gremlin Food, Hidden Purpose, Matrix, Purpose, Unhookable, Nonlinear, Pirate, Psychopath, Stellating, Thoughtmap of Possibility)


    GREMLIN FOOD – Whatever part of your Gremlin you do not own, owns you. If your Gremlin owns you then it operates in your life Unconsciously, in accordance with its Unconscious and Hidden Purposes, eating whatever it wants, whenever it wants, from whoever it wants, at your expense. One of the first steps for taking ownership of your Gremlin is writing a list of 50 Gremlin Foods he (or she, although most Gremlins are male...) likes to eat. To get you started you might want to consider that stealing pens, littering, little white lies, making mean jokes, complaining, speeding even 5 kilometers per hour over the speed limit, Coca-Cola, junk food, computer sex, arriving even 3 minutes late, using other people's stuff without permission, breaking your agreements, breaking something and not telling the owner, gossiping, making assumptions, holding expectations, blaming others, resentment, drinking alcohol, justification, and sending nasty emails messages, plus a million other things, is all Gremlin Food. Once you have spent a month or two and written down your list of your Gremlin's 50 favorite foods you will have had a taste of what is meant by Self Observation. Then some sunny Saturday morning, pull out your Sword of Clarity and choose exactly 5 of these foods that you are willing to pay the price of feeding your Gremlin on a regular schedule. (Every Gremlin food has a cost to you - Gremlin does not pay, you do.) Then once a week, for example, on Saturday from 9:00 to 21:00, feed your Gremlin these 5 foods in complete abundance. If he knocked you unconscious and already ate on Friday, feed him on Saturday anyway. If he knocked you unconscious and on Sunday you remember that you forgot to feed him on Saturday, wait until next Saturday to feed him again. Putting your Gremlin on a regular feeding schedule starts turning him into an ally. He is waiting for you to go through your Initiations so you can jack-in to your Archetypal Lineage and give him really interesting jobs to do. (See: Archetypal Lineage, Self Observation)


    GROUNDING CORD – With the aid of your Clicker you can Declare an Energetic Body connection between your Center and the center of the Earth. This energetic connection is your Grounding Cord. It is approximately 4 centimeters in diameter and it is long and flexible, like rubber hose or rope, not brittle or hard like metal or glass. In combination with your Practice of Being Centered (keeping your Energetic Center on your Physical Center using the power of your Conscious Intention) and your Bubble of personal Space, your Grounding Cord is an important component of your Energetic Body hygiene. A Grounding Cord functions like a lightning rod on a building, or the drain in a toilet. When anyone anywhere thinks or feels things about you, if you do not have your Center, Grounding Cord, and Bubble, the person's thoughtforms fly over and glom on to your Energetic Body like sticky paste. A little praise from those people there, a little jealousy from someone else, some competitive back-stabbing comments here, worries from your mother over there... by the end of the day you look like the bottom of a table in a popular teenage Diner, completely covered with multicolored blobs of bubblegum. No wonder you are exhausted! With your Center, your Grounding Cord, and your Bubble activated by dedicating 3% of your Conscious Attention to keep them there, whenever a thoughtform comes your way, Slurp! The moment it touches your Bubble it is sucked down into the Earth lickity-split and is vanquished. The Earth uses all that emotional falderal like fertilizer. This will automatically solve so many nasty little problems for you. There is no good time to be without your Grounding Cord. Keeping your Center, Grounding Cord and Bubble are part of the First Position of a Possibility Manager. (See: 13 Tools, Bubble, Center, Clicker, Declaring, Energetic Body, Practice)

  • H

    HACKING REALITY – Reality exists without Stories or Constructs attached. Human beings live and interact in the domains of Stories and Constructs. Hacking Reality is reinventing What Is. Stories and Constructs are part of What Is. Taking Radical Responsibility for What Is - including the Stories and Constructs - allows you to reinvent What Is. One way to reinvent What Is uses Is-Glue dissolver and Navigating Space to reinvent the Stories. The closer your personal Stories and Constructs match reality, the more powerfully your Actions influence reality. This is why it makes such a difference when you pay Radically Responsible Attention to the subtle intricacies of reality. Then you have many tiny fingerholds to support precise Actions to leverage into real results. Radically Responsible observations of reality permit a Possibility Manager to shift components and fabricate ever more refined Gameworlds. (See: Attention, Creating, Gameworld, Is-Glue Dissolver, Radical Responsibility, Reality, Reinventing Reality, What Is)


    HARBIGARRR! – The term 'Harbigarrr' is a Declaration in Possibility Management with multiple meanings and uses. It may be the only English word spelled with three 'R's' in a row. Generally, Harbigarrr means something like, "Life is amazing! Let's get on with it!" The term can also express the speaker rejoicing in the success of the Conscious Evolution work required to retrieve his or her Center, Authenticity, Voice, Feelings, Nonlinearity, Free-and-Natural Adulthood, Conscious Gremlin, Inner Feelings Archetypes, Authority, Connection with Gaia, and Radically Responsible Pirate nature. In short, "Harbigarrr!" means "Hello there! It's party time!" (See: Conscious Evolution, Declaration, Gremlin, Pirate, Radical Responsibility)


    HEALING – Healing is 5-Body Transformation. Healing begins when you 'face into' the reality of the imbalances in your Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Energetic, and/or Archetypal Bodies. It is the 'facing into' that counts - are you facing into it Authentically or not? You face into the imbalances by:

    1. Consciously recognizing that the imbalances exist.

    2. Admitting that the situation has gone too far for too long.

    3. Committing that your Transformation starts now.

    Without you recognizing and admitting that the current conditions are no longer acceptable, and without your commitment to the Transformational Path of the Healing Processes, the imbalances continue. Thinking about it, complaining about it, feeling 'bad' about it, being a Victim of it, hoping someone else will heal you.... won't change anything. It is useful to be ready to embrace the Transformational Path of Healing. Look around. Everybody has imbalances - otherwise there would not be so many Pharmacies and Drug Stores in business. People are trying to get Healed the 'easy way', that is, without facing into and embracing the Death and Resurrection Show, the Phoenix Process. Initiation is Healing. Healing is Initiation. Both Initiation and Healing are Transformation. Healing happens through Hacking Reality. Your Box is designed to expand. Your Being is designed to Evolve. You are designed to Transform and Heal. Healing never returns you to some imagined 'healthy' state or 'pain-free' state that you thought you were in before the imbalance, because the Healing Process changes who you are - or you would not Heal. The Healing Process changes the way energies flow through your 5 Bodies and builds Matrix in you to hold more Consciousness, so you cannot go back to the ways you were before. Healing requires a Shift of Identity in you. Embrace the Path that is in front of you so you can get on with your new Life. (See: 3 Phase Healing, 5 Bodies, Commitment, Hacking Reality, Feelings Practitioner, Initiation, Path, Transformation)


    HEART – Each of the 5 Bodies have their own Centers. In Possibility Management, the word 'Heart' refers to the Center of the Emotional Body, the transducer of Feelings. Your Heart and your Being need different foods. To create those foods, a Possibility Manager shares their Heart with the people who they love, and shares their Being with their Destiny. Your Heart has both Feelings and Emotions. Half of your Physical Body Heart cells are identical with brain cells. Your Heart is your Emotional brain. You can learn to let your Heart speak. This is a totally new kind of experience. The Heart's vocabulary is simple. Heart communications often begin with the words, "I feel angry, sad, scared, or glad, because ____________, " and then a story can come out. The speed of Heart speaking is much slower than when your Mind speaks - half the speed. When your Heart speaks your Mind won't know what you are about to say before you say it and your Mind will freak out about this until you get used to it. The Mind thinks you should not say anything without it knowing what you will say first so the Mind can decide if it is right or not. But when the Heart speaks, the Heart cannot be wrong. It can only be what it is. Your Heart already knows what it wants to say. It has been waiting to speak all your Life, and has been waiting for someone else to listen to what it has to say. Now that you know this, you can start listening to what other people's Hearts want to say. It could be the first time in their life that someone else had the courage and the Clarity to listen to their Heart speak. Listening to another person's Heart speak is the beginning of Emotional Intimacy, an amazing and wonderful Experience. (See: 5 Bodies, Feelings, Intimacy Navigating 5-Body Intimacy)


    HIDDEN PURPOSE – Your Hidden Purpose is the personalized set of three, four or five Shadow Principles that you serve as your survival strategy. Your commitment to serving your Hidden Purpose is primary, which means that it is previous to any other commitment in your life, because first you choose to survive. It is difficult to realize that you are so dedicated to irresponsibility as a way of survival. This explains a lot about the current human condition, and also explains the importance of entering Authentic Adulthood Initiatory Processes starting at 18 years of age that allow you to shift from merely surviving to actually living. The Hidden Purpose is called “Hidden" because you do not become aware of it until Initiations begin. As a child, when you choose to live instead of die, you replace your instinctive perception of what is “normal” with the often cataclysmic “normal” of your childhood environment. Your Hidden Purpose is to create and sustain the abnormal normal at any cost because in that state you know that you can continue to survive. (See: Gremlin, Hidden Competing Commitment, Hidden Purpose Process, Map of Possibility, Shadow Principles)


    HIDDEN PURPOSE PROCESS – The Hidden Purpose Process is a Possibility Management Initiation that is sometimes given in Possibility Labs. The Initiation is a loud, emotional, 3 hour guided expedition through your 3 layers of your Underworld to extract the jewel of clarity about what is your Hidden Purpose. The Hidden Purpose Process is how you can distill your Shadow Principles. As you could well imagine, the process is intense and loud, and is done carefully in a safe and sustainable way by certified Trainers. Before trying the Hidden Purpose Process it helps to have Stellated your Anger, your Fear, and your Sadness. (See: Distilling Destiny, Gremlin, Hidden Purpose, Initiation, Thoughtmap of Possibility, Process, Shadow Principles, Stellating)


    HIGH DRAMA – High-drama is any Action designed to take Responsibility. High-drama a piece of conscious theater enacted as a way to serve Bright Principles. An example of High-drama is committing to produce results before you know how to do it. Sometimes High-drama is also referred to as High Level Fun. The world lays itself before you like an open oyster (or if you are not attracted to raw oysters, which is quite understandable, how about “like a peeled mango”? or “like a sliced pepperoni pizza”?) begging you to create your life so you can live as your Destiny in action. Most of us are so imprisoned by our Box that we do not even perceive the universe’s invitation let alone act on it. Another example of High-drama is Expanding The Box. Because the Box is so cleverly defended, Expanding The Box is impossible and cannot be figured out with the Mind. High-drama is to go ahead and commit to doing it anyway. (See: Action, Expand The Box, Low Drama, Map of Possibility, Mind, Pirate Agreement, Responsibility)


    HIGH LEVEL FUN – 'High Level Fun' is a Bright Principle enacted through the Free And Natural Adult Ego State. The experience of results created by the Bright Principle of High Level Fun can be described as delight, joyfulness, ecstasy in multiple bodies, creative collaboration, Yellow Stuff, playfulness, nonlinear creation, and High Drama. High Level Fun is often accompanied by Winning Happening, another Bright Principle. The usual kind of ordinary 'fun' often comes from Gremlin, makes jokes at other people's expense, causes separation and pain, serves Shadow Principles, and creates losers in "I win, you lose, Ha! Ha! I got you!" games. High Level Fun often accompanies exploration, discovery, Rapid Learning, and Transformation. (See: Ego State, High Drama, Rapid Learning, Transformation, Yellow Stuff)


    HOHE ZEIT – Hohe Zeit (pronounced “ho-a-tzite”, meaning “high time”, derives from a German word-play of the term Hochzeit which means wedding) is an Archearchal relationship ceremony facilitated by a Possibility Trainer couple, typically three days long, in which singles and couples come together to upgrade their skills for relating. The first day is mostly Underworld work during which time separations can be negotiated in dignity and respect. The second day is mostly Middleworld work, handling details and communications. The third day is a day of celebration in which the women and men prepare themselves separately then come together and by the power of their own authority commit to negotiating 5 Body Intimacy Experiments with each other for another year. (See: Archearchy, Middleworld, Possibility Trainer, Underworld, Upperworld)


    HOLDING SPACE – Holding Space is the act of being Responsible at the level of Space. Space can be Declared either as an eight-pointed box, or as an amorphous bubble. Space is held through conscious Attention and a commitment to Service, not through control, domination or manipulation, which are Shadow Principles. When a Space is Held, the Space can be called into existence to serve Bright Principles. Once you can Hold Space you can learn to Navigate Space. Holding Space is a Core Skill. (See: Attention, Core Skills, Labyrinth, Navigating Space, Space, Trainer)


    HOOKED – Being Hooked is when you are knocked unconscious and behaving according to mechanical Box reactions. Being Hooked is psychological imprisonment. When you are Hooked your Attention and identity are confined to the limitations of your Box’s defense strategy. When you are Hooked you easily enter Low-drama and have no access to possibility. (See: Centering, Disk of Nothing, Gremlin, Reminding Factor, Spinning Your Energetic Body, Springscreen, Unhookable)

  • I

    'I DON'T KNOW' TORPEDO – The I Don't Know Torpedo is a self-disempowering verbal / energetic Box-defense weapon that destroys your connection to your inner resources. When someone asks you a question and you answer with "I don't know" you are using the I Don't Know Torpedo. Saying "I don't know" to yourself or to others brings chaos and confusion to your intuition, your instinct, and your imagination. This automatically blocks you from experiencing a realization that could change your self-image, self-experience, or Story about who you are. You use an I Don't Know Torpedo when your Box and Gremlin want you to keep things the same as they are. When negotiating 5-Body Intimacy Journeys it is possible to negotiate with your partner or partners not to use I Don't Know Torpedoes. Instead you can make a mutual agreement to simply go ahead and answer the questions, whatever it is, whether you think you know about the territory or not. This can tap you directly into previously unforeseen inner resources and can lead to amazingly extraordinary conversations. (See: Box, Gremlin, Declaration, I Know Torpedo, Story)


    'I KNOW' TORPEDO – You send out an I Know Torpedo when you want to destroy what someone has just told you before it enters your system. This is a verbal / energetic Box-defense weapon. Each time you say, "I know", you explode the incoming message in the space out in front of you. You don't actually hear the message except briefly with your intellect, and you cannot consider the message more deeply because the message no longer exists in the Space. You have obliterated it. Your Gremlin uses an I Know Torpedo whenever you want to keep your Box and Gremlin the same as they are. When negotiating 5-Body Intimacy Journeys it is possible to negotiate with your partner or partners not to use I Know Torpedoes. Instead you can make a mutual agreement to simply listen to messages whatever they are. Whether you think you know about the territory or not, you agree to let the messages in. This can cause previously unforeseen inner connections and reorderings and can lead to astonishingly rewarding conversations. (See: Gremlin, Declaration, I Don't Know Torpedo, Story)


    IDENTIFICATION – You experience 'Identification' when you think that the ideas, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that you are currently using are the only possible ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that exist at all. There are no other options for you to Choose from. In other words, by allowing yourself to get Identified by an Ego State you are trapped, mummified, crystallized. You are mechanically forced to behave in a boringly predictable way, like a robot without AI (Artificial Intelligence). The way out of Identification is to critically track your Experiential Reality sensations of in these 3 stages:

    1. Exactly what it feels like when you are already Identified: the suffocating rigidity, the insane reactivity, the deep background gut-wrenching fears.
    2. Exactly what it feels like in the Moment you are becoming Identified: losing grip, the Unconscious shape-shifting, being helplessly sucked down a vacuum cleaner hose into your shadow world. 
    3. Exactly what it feels like in the Moment just before you are about to become Identified. Only by refining your Self-Observation and sensing to the point where you can detect the condition of 'about to be Identified' (in the first 10% of intensity of the sensations) do you gain the first chance to Choose something other than being Identified. What else could you Choose? There are nearly unlimited options of what else to Choose. For example, you could choose to say, "I feel scared of being Identified with a mechanical reaction to this" and explain what you mean. You could suddenly start singing out loudly and boldly a Broadway show tune, for example, "I am I, Don Quixote, the Lord of La Mancha! My Destiny calls and I go!" etc. You could shout, "Eureka! I've got one!" and grab out your Beep! Book and furiously write down and capture the circumstance that was about to cause you to be Identified. You could immediately hold up one hand high in the air and at the same time reach out through the side wall of the current Space with a paw of your Gremlin and grip onto something from the next Space, whatever it is, and pull on it firmly until you slide sideways into the next Space and start speaking from the Possibilities of the next Space. You could immediately randomly auto-dial a contact on your mobile phone without looking at who it is, and whoever answers, ask them to tell you about their first childhood memory. You could... (ad infinitum) Whatever you do, please don't give me the excuse that you could not think of something to do!

    Disidentification requires Conscious Attention, Conscious Intention, and a lot of Self-Observation. Nobody can Observe your Box and Gremlin for you. If you don't do it you have little chance of getting free from being knocked Unconscious and dragged into a state of Identification where you have no Possibility to get out until whatever is feeding on you gets full enough to fall asleep and release you back into the Present - likely some form of Low-Drama-eating Vampire Entity. Identification is different from Shifting Identity. Identification is Unconscious and serves Unconscious Purposes. Shifting Identity is Conscious and serves Conscious Purposes. (See: Beep! Book, Creator, Escaping the Patriarchy, Is-Glue, Is-Glue Dissolver, Hooked, Unhookable, Self-Observation, Shifting Identity, Upgrading Your Thoughtware)


    IMAGINATION – In many ways, who you are is your Imagination. But in Western culture, Mind is at war with Imagination. And Mind has won. You can get your Imagination back. The work of rehabilitating your Imagination is preparatory work for Stellating your Masculine or Feminine Archetypes. You can use your Imagination as an endlessly rich resource of wild, unpredictable, radiantly humorous Nonlinear possibilities. You may be using an unconscious form of Imagination right now in one of these two forms. 1) You imagine that things are as they are, when in fact your perceptions of things as they are have become quite distorted by your Box and they are not really that way. 2) You imagine that things are different from how they are, meaning that you are living in a fantasy world as a way of avoiding the way things are. Imagination can be intentionally applied for the practical purpose of Creating Possibility. (See: Creating Possibility, Inspiration, Instinct, Intuition, Mind, Nonlinear, Resources)


    INACTION – Inaction is the Action of avoiding doing something, which can also be the Action of not stopping yourself or somebody else from doing something. Inaction is often more powerful than the Action that was stopped, for example, not speaking can be more powerful than speaking. Possibility Management Trainers count on each other in delicate circumstances - for example, during Memetic Surgeries - to manage inactions, for example, to say what is avoiding being said, if it useful and can be endured. (See: Action, Purpose, Radical Honesty)


    INFORMATION – Any useful communication includes two components: the Information of the communication, and the carrier wave of the communication, the wave upon which the Information surfs to get to the receiver. In AM (Amplitude Modulation) radio communications, for example, the carrier wave is a slower frequency upon which a higher frequency is modulated. The higher frequency carries the data of the information while the carrier wave makes sure the data reaches the radio receiver. In human communications the carrier wave is Emotional Energy. In other words, if you do not perceive and reflect back both the Feelings and the Information of a human communication you have not received the communication. (See: 4 Kinds of Listening, Resources)


    INITIATION – The term 'initiation' in Possibility Management refers specifically to a massive and growing library of game-changing processes each one expanding a participant’s capacity for taking authentic adult-level responsible actions by intentionally repositioning your points-of-origin and your assemblage-points. Your points-of-origin establish your relationship with yourself. Your assemblage-points establish your relationship with the world around you. The term assemblage-points is borrowed from Carlos Castaneda’s writings about Don Juan Matus’ Yaqui Indian teachings in the forward of the book Journey to Ixtlan. Next-culture initiations do something different with your assemblage-points than modern culture’s initiations (which are essentially nonexistent because authentic adulthood initiations were banned over 6,000 years ago) and indigenous initiations (which anchor your assemblage-points into the village traditions). In Possibility Management both your points-of-origin and your assemblage-points are gradually repositioned so they are anchored into your own energetic-center. This is simultaneously an act of radical responsibility and makes you radically responsible. Possibility Trainers deliver five categories of initiation:

    1. Banishment, which sends away something that you added in order to survive your childhood that is no longer necessary when you have an adult relationship to the world, such as a block, a fantasy world, an old story, or a partnership with a demon.
    2. Retrieval, which reconnects you to something that you sent away in order to survive your childhood, such as your imagination, your energetic-center, your feelings, your sword of clarity, your ability to say “No!” or “Stop!,” or a chunk of your energetic body.
    3. Thoughtware Upgrades, which use the Bright Principle of Clarity to compare and contrast your current thoughtware structure (or lack thereof) with adult or radically responsible thoughtware, giving you the choice of which thoughtware you will use from here on out.
    4. Healing, which transforms your relationship to things of the past, such as through mind-machines, mental wiring, old decisions or old stories, or your relationship to external authority figures, such as voices in your mind, beliefs, expectations, etc., and puts you in your own pilot’s seat as an adult woman or man with your own voice and all 4 bodies in the present where spaces can be navigated and new choices made.
    5. Stellating, which hooks you into archetypal resources either inside of you or outside of you that modern culture knows nothing about, including your Bright and Shadow Principles, your Gremlin, your Pearl, and your Archetypal Lineage.

    Possibility Trainers are skilled in delivering all 5 Initiations because one never knows which might be needed as a next step for a client. (See: Path, Process, Transformation, Trainer, Training, initiations.org)


    INNER NAVIGATION – The term 'Inner Navigation' is what Possibility Management uses to refer to applying the set of skills needed to navigate the Feelings world of your Emotional Body. Learning Inner Navigation goes through two phases. Phase 1 of feelings work includes learning how to Consciously Feel:



    • Shifting from the Old Thoughtmap of Feelings to the New Thoughtmap of Feelings, including learning that feelings are not good or bad, positive or negative, but instead relating to feelings as neutral energy and information resources that you need as rocket fuel for delivering your Archetypal Lineage to the Village. 
    • Experientially distinguishing between your four primary feelings of anger, sadness, fear, and joy, both in yourself and in others. (NOTE: There are several approaches for giving names to feelings that claim there are five primary feelings. One system calls 'disgust' a feeling. In Possibility Management, disgust is a Physical Body sensation on the opposite end of the spectrum from delicious tastes, beautiful sounds, pleasant scents, etc. Another system claims that shame is a fifth feeling. In Possibility Management, shame is not a feeling but an emotion that comes from the past or from others, and is a mixed emotion combining into one sensation different proportions of sadness, fear, and anger, similar to guilt, greed, jealousy, blame, resentment, revenge, etc.)
    • Experientially distinguishing between feelings and emotions.. Notice how the anger, sadness, fear, and joy of emotions feel the same as the anger, sadness, fear, and joy of feelings, the difference being that emotions last longer. If a feeling lasts longer than 3-5 minutes in your body it is not a feeling at all. It is an emotion, often being used by your Gremlin for creating Low Drama. 
    • Experientially discovering that emotions are useful for healing things, and feelings are useful for handling things. It is not a design error that we can feel feelings or feel emotions. 
    • Consciously starting and stopping each of your four feelings.
    • Consciously detecting the intensity of your four feelings through calibrating your Feelings Detector for each feeling from 0% intensity to 100% intensity. 
    • Consciously experiencing and expressing each of your four feelings one at a time up to 100% intensity for no reason, when you decide to, for as long as you want. This process is called Stellating your feelings. Stellating is an initiatory process that irreversibly changes your nervous system. Stellating is one of the gateways to Adulthood and being Radically Responsible for your feelings. Human beings are designed to consciously experience and express 100% intensity feelings. 

    (See: 4 Feelings, Emotions, Feelings Detector, Gremlin, Initiation, Low Drama, Numbness Bar, Phase 2, Stellating, Training)


    INNER PERMACULTURE – Inner Permaculture is the conscious design and maintenance of socially productive inner ecosystems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems. Planting seeds for new ways of thinking can be disruptive. What if the seeds actually sprout and produce new ways of seeing what is possible in your connections, your potentials, and problem situations which before seemed immovable? What if your Being is nurtured and expands? Who will you become? Who is the undiscovered 'you'? Each person who upgrades their thoughtware subtly but profoundly changes the shape of the morphogenetic field of the human race. It is a personal sacrifice, to be sure, becoming something new within the confines of your own life. However, this may be the most powerful way to transform the status quo. No one can do it for you... but, more interestingly, no one can stop you from doing it. (See: Inner Navigation, Thoughtware)


    INNER RESOURCES – (See: Resources)


    INNER VOID – You have an Inner Void and an Outer Void. Through Adult and Archetypal Initiations, both Inner and Outer Voids become incredibly useful. If you are uninitiated about the Void, then the Inner Void feels like a bottomless, shadowy, lonely, cold emptiness inhabiting your whole insides. You may notice this, for example, when staring into the open refrigerator and nothing in there is able to fill you up. You know this feeling? Neither your partner nor your dog, your mom, not even a Superhero could give you enough loving attention to fill that Inner Void. It turns out that this Inner Void is not a design error from God. The only design error from God is the size of the seed in an avocado - it is far too big! You pay for this expensive fruit, cut it open, and "KCHUNK!" you immediately hit that gigantic seed in the middle... You know what I mean? But I digress... As an initiated woman or man you need that Inner Void as a cleaned out, empty space to welcome intuitive impulses. You can use it like a workbench to invent designs and strategies, or a sensitive ear to listen to Gaia, or as a video screen that allows imagination to upload visions and possibilities. If the Inner Void were ever filled you would have no inner creation space. There are 4 Possibility Management Initiations specifically designed for Possibility Coaches to help you clear out your Inner Void:

    1. ENTFALTUNGS INITIATION: Unleashing anger, sadness, fear, and joy safely but with enough insane chaos force to efficiently expand and clear out your Inner Void. ('Entfaltung' is the German word for 'unfolding'.)
    2. RELATIONSHIP SPACE CLEANOUT INITIATION: Most people have their inner relationship-space temple contaminated with leftover blobs of love/sex fantasy world energy from their 3rd-grade teacher, Brad Pitt / Scarlett Johansson pin-up posters, ex-partner, mom / dad, childhood neighbor girls / boys, etc. If your Relationship Space is already filled 60% with sexual love sludge, any current partner will only be able to commit to you 40%.
    3. DIAPHRAGM INITIATION: You automatically have stored huge amounts of unexpressed fear in your diaphragm, the muscle between your lungs and your liver. By energizing your hands in a specific way and applying your charged-up hands to your diaphragm you grease a lightening path for long-stored fear to release through your voice and nervous system.
    4. CALLING THE BEING THROUGH: Modern birth only welcomes your Physical Body and your Intellectual Body. Your Energetic Body (your Being) is neither acknowledged nor welcomed so remains largely unborn. Instead of having your Inner Void enjoyed by the Creative Presence of your Being, you are inhabited by beliefs, assumptions, expectations, resentments, unfulfilled longings, possessions, cravings, etc. During Calling the Being Through you blow away the collection of detritus that has accumulated for years and give your Being breathing space.
    (See: Box, Gap, Initiation, Outer Void, Process)
    INSPIRATION – In Possibility Management it is said that "Clarity ignites unquenchable Inspiration." The technology goes like this: Distinctions create Clarity. Clarity creates Inspiration. The Sword of Clarity is the tool to apply when making Distinctions. (See: 13 Tools, Distinction, Vision)
    INSTINCT – Instinct is the nonverbal practical intelligence of your Physical Body coming to your Attention to be used as a Resource. If you try to force Instinct to come to your Attention in Verbal Reality before you can use it, you cut yourself off from a significant Inner Resource. Instinct is available to you in Experiential Reality and serves Expansive Learning. (See: 5 Bodies, Expansive Learning, Experiential Reality, Defensive Learning, Intuition, Resources, Verbal Reality)


    INTELLECTUAL BODY – One of your 5 Bodies. (See: 5 Bodies)


    INTELLIGENCE – Possibility Management uses a simple definition of Intelligence from Joseph Chilton Pearce, the author of Crack In The Cosmic Egg, and Magical Child: Intelligence is the ability to interact in 5 Bodies. This is why Possibility Management delivers so many tools, Initiations, Distinctions, Processes, and practices focused on developing skills of communication, listening, and Negotiating 5 Body Intimacies. (See: 2 Dramas, Negotiating 5 Body Intimacies)


    INTENTION – Intention is a Commitment in the Intellectual Body. You may have set an Intention but that does not guarantee the Result you Intend will occur. When the Commitment in your Intellectual Body is combined with a Commitment in your Energetic Body, then both your Box (your Mind) and your Being (your Energetic Body) are redesigned. The shift may be Transformational and involve Liquid States. Taking on a new Commitment changes who you are. You have become one who is Committed to causing the Result. Your Intentions can be Conscious or Unconscious. The point in Possibility Management is to make more and more of your Intentions Conscious. Then your Intentions can serve Conscious Purposes such as your Pearl, your Bright Principles, and your Archetypal Lineage. Conscious Intention is the application of will through your Energetic Body. The driving impulse of Intention is experienced at your Physical Center when you are Centered, not from your Mind. Inner Navigating this distinction about where the impulse of your Intention originates could make a tremendous difference in your ability to manifest what you intend to manifest. A suddenly applied Intention is a Declaration, one of your 3 Powers, which is augmented by using your Clicker. (See: 3 Powers, Archetypal Lineage, Bright Principles, Center, Centered, Clicker, Commitment, Energetic Body, Inner Navigating, Pearl, Purpose)


    INTERNAL RESOURCES - (See: 13 Tools, Initiation, Resources)


    INTIMACY – In Possibility Management the term 'Intimacy' is understood as a complex set of skills that become stepwise more elegant through Authentic Adulthood and Archetypal Initiatory Processes. If you Distinguish 5 Bodies then you can also Distinguish and Navigate 5 kinds of Intimacy: physical, intellectual, emotional, energetic, and archetypal. In common languaging, Intimacy is often longed for and simultaneously avoided. Why is that? Uninitiated women and men may secretly feel unfulfilled, disconnected, and alone due to fear of Intimacy. The Path of Possibility Management takes you through the healing and Transformational processes that heal the 5 Fears of Intimacy.


    1. The fear of physical Intimacy is largely the fear of not having your Center, your Authority, and your Voice, and therefore not being able to say, "No!" or "Stop!", or to ask for what you want so that you can Negotiate delightfully celebratory physical Intimacies. The cure for the fear of physical Intimacy is engaging the Stellating Processes for turning on your Inner Resources of the Feelings Archetypes: the Queen (Conscious joy), Warrioress (Conscious anger), Sourceress (Conscious fear), Communicator (Conscious sadness), and Goddess (Conscious service to your Archetypal Lineage), so that you have the energy and information to make Boundaries and Distinctions for Negotiating physical Intimacies. Simultaneously it is crucial to engage the Emotional Healing Processes to escape the Child Ego State and Parent Ego State and stabilize in the Adult Ego State. This gives you your Voice back, your energy back, your intuition and imagination back. It is also important to learn how to withdraw and avoid making Assumptions, Expectations, and Resentments, because one Resentment is enough to destroy the possibility of physical Intimacy. 
    2. The fear of intellectual Intimacy is largely the fear of being intellectually abused, either criticized, judged, ridiculed, and graded, or being psychologically abused, such as when a when you fall down and your parents say, "Nothing happened. It doesn't hurt". One father used to tell his friends to watch while he put glue on his 3-year-old daughter's fingers, then give her a feather and tell her to put it down. That is psychological abuse. Revealing your thinking or speaking powers come from familial or school year scars and thinking that the past might repeat itself. When being intellectually attacked you probably made decisions to try to avoid experiencing such horrors again. Those old Decisions are still influencing your life today, even if you forgot that you made them. Again, Emotional Healing Processes help you transform your intellectual wounds into Matrix while you make new Decisions that empower you to be creative in the Present.
    3. The fear of emotional Intimacy is similar to the fear of intellectual Intimacy in that your emotional scars try to avoid being restimulated. Emotional abuse occurs when, for example, the father is a rage-a-holic and is emotionally violent, or the mother tries to use her son as a husband substitute, or the mother sacrifices her daughter to her partner's rage to protect herself, and the child (you) have no safe person (fair witness) to express your Feelings and Emotions to.  The Old Thoughtmap of Feelings makes sharing your Feelings or Emotions impossible. Curing your fear of emotional Intimacy takes place through upgrading your Thoughtware to the New Thoughtmap of Feelings and learning to experience and express your Feelings and Emotions, both Phase 1 and Phase 2.
    4. The fear of energetic Intimacy is largely the fear of being seen as a Being, rather than the safer but deader experience of being seen as the Survival Strategy mask of your Box. This fear disappears through studying Box Technology, making the Experiential Reality Distinction between your Being and your Box, and learning to use the 13 Tools on your Possibility Manager Toolbelt. By gaining craftsmanship (and craftswomanship) with your Clicker, your Sword of Clarity, your Wand of Declaration, your Disk of Nothing, your Voice Blaster, your Center, your Grounding Cord, doing the Relationship Space Cleanout Process, creating Yellow Stuff, and making Black Holes, your fears of Being Intimately With another Being will transform into delightful joys and excitement to do the next Experiment.
    5. The fear of archetypal Intimacy comes from being locked into your Mind in Verbal Reality and not having a balanced experience of your physical, emotional, and energetic Bodies. When your four Bodies are more experientially balanced, the fifth body (your Archetypal Body) tends to come online all by itself, reflexively. As soon as you have some clarity about what it is to have and to serve an Archetypal Body, your fear and confusion about being and doing what you came here to be and do dissolves. By then you will have enough experience to talk about your Archetypal Body and your Archetypal Lineage with others, and then you can start doing Archetypal Body Experiments together, creating valuable outcomes that serve the Village by being your Archetypal Lineages together in action. Once you are at Intimately together at Work with someone else who is also at Work, life can't get much better than this.

    (See: 13 Tools, Assumptions, Box Technology, Bypassing Mind Machines, Decisions, Distinctions, Ego State, Emotional Healing Processes, Expectations, Experiential Reality, Mind Machines, Negotiating 5 Body Intimacy Journeys, Phase 1 and Phase 2, Resentment, Stellating, Work)


    INTUITION – Intuition is the nonverbal practical intelligence of your Intellectual Body coming to your Attention to be used as a Resource. If you try to force Instinct to come to your Attention in Verbal Reality before you can use it, you cut yourself off from a significant Inner Resource. Intuition is available to you in Experiential Reality and serves Expansive Learning. It may seem like a paradox that Intuition comes from your Intellectual Body but is nonverbal. There are several kinds of understanding that can occur in the mind. For example, there is logical verbal understanding, but if you sense into it you will realize that there is also logical but nonverbal understanding, as in solving puzzles such as separating two bent nails twisted together, or remembering multiple objects revealed to you in a flash. (See: 5 Bodies, Expansive Learning, Experiential Reality, Defensive Learning, Instinct, Resources, Verbal Reality)


    IRRESPONSIBILITY – Irresponsibility is pretending not to be at the source, acting as if you are at the effect, acting as if there is not enough, trying to disown, taking, playing the Victim role, or in any way being contracted from your inherent limitless potential. From the Archetypal perspective, irresponsibility is an illusion. Irresponsibility is unconsciousness in action. Irresponsibility is applied unconsciousness. (See: Consciousness, Responsibility)


    IS-GLUE – A tube of Is-Glue is one of the 13 Tools on a Possibility Manager's Toolbelt. The thing is that 'is' does not exist in nature. 'Is' is a Construct invented by the human Mind. (There are human languages that do not use the word 'is.') You ongoingly and perhaps, until this very moment, use Is-Glue to serve the Unconscious Purposes of your Box and your Gremlin by Declaring that two completely disassociated concepts are stuck together as a Story. Then you step into your Story World and act as if your Story is true, even though just a moment before you made it up out of nothing using Is-Glue. For example: “This job is impossible.” Or “My team loves doing impossible jobs.” (See: 13 Tools, Box, Declaring, Gremlin, Is-Glue Dissolver, Story, Thoughtmap of Possibility)


    IS-GLUE DISSOLVER – A spray-bottle of Is-Glue Dissolver is one of the 13 Tools on a Possibility Manager's Toolbelt. Is-Glue Dissolver has the power to disassemble Is-Glued stories through recognizing that the story is held together only with Is-Glue and is not, in fact, an objective truth. If you before now held onto the strange belief that a Story can be true or real even though you or someone else just made the Story up, then spraying Is-Glue Dissolver will feel like reinventing reality. Is-Glue Dissolver is powerful, so we suggest that you begin using it in very small doses. (See: 13 Tools, Declaring, Hacking Reality, Is-Glue, Story)


  • J - K

    JACK-IN – The term 'Jack-In' is used to imply that an External Resource already exists, and that you are designed to plug into its Information and Energy simply by making the connection. The suggestion is that this is not much different from plugging your earphones into your smartphone. Suddenly your earphones come alive, and before they were 'dead as a doornail' (to use an old English phrase...) The difference here is that it may not be so easy to unplug from the resource once you have Jacked-In. The reason is that the Jacking-In Process (including any Liquid States) changes the shape of your Being (Energetic Body) and perhaps also the shape of your Box. This is why, for example, it is a serious matter to truly consider before you Jack-In to your Bright Principles or your Archetypal Lineage. (See: Archetypal Lineage, Bright Principles)


    JOURNEY INTO THE EARTH (also known as JOURNEY INTO THE MOUNTAIN) – Hidden in plain sight in various parts of the landscape are energetic Gateways through which you can enter the mysterious energetic worlds of Gaia, hidden beneath the surface. Gateways are often unusual outcroppings, crevices, or natural springs, however, not every outcropping, crevice, or spring is a Gateway. Ancient shrines, temples, stone circles, and altars are often positioned on top of or in relation to Gateways. Locating a gateway involves developing a sensitivity in your Energetic Body to a place of invitation, a vacuum, where exchanges are possible, and through which Gaia makes Her multidimensional and multifaceted resources available to humans. Journey Into The Earth is a half-hour - or so - process that can only begin when you carry in your Being an authentic question of real Necessity. Bring your authentic question to the Guardian of the Gateway with this greeting: "Hello. My name is (tell your full real name). Would you please bring me to someone who could help me answer the question: (tell the Guardian your authentic question)." The Guardian will assess whether or not your question is authentic and has real Necessity. If your question is not authentic, you will be stuck at the Gateway with the Guardian, which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, if your question carries authentic Necessity the Guardian will whisk you away either by foot or some means of conveyance, animal, mechanical, or magical, and will bring you forthwith to one or more Beings who can provide linear and nonlinear resources for your Path. (See: 5 Bodies, Necessity, Process)


    JUSTIFICATION – Justification is a signal that a Low Drama Gremlin feeding frenzy is happening. Whether the justification is spoken out loud, or written, or just rehearsed over and over in your own mind like a broken record, Justification means you have given your Center away to an external authority figure. Other sure-fire indicators that Low Drama is happening and that your Gremlin is binge-feeding include: blame, resentment, complaining, trying to be right, trying to make someone else wrong, cynicism, making hurtful comments or bad jokes about other people, self-flagellation (beating yourself up), sneaking, lying, cheating, covering your tracks, hatred, self-hatred, listening to voices, superiority, and so on through a complete Underworld tour of side-show attractions. Remember, Gremlin is not bad or wrong. He is simply serving Unconscious Purposes and devouring your life energy and your opportunities to create Love Happening until you are in Phase 2 of the Gremlin Initiations. (See: Centering, Low Drama, Gremlin, Phase 2, Voice Blaster)




    KNOWING – Modern Culture emphasizes Knowing as one of its highest values, especially in its educational institutions which use a form of learning called Defensive Learning where you can only learn more about what you already know about and build one large knowledge continent, the same knowledge continent as everyone else. Modern culture style Knowing limits you to living in Verbal Reality by exclusively feeding the Intellectual Body. In Archearchy (next culture), Knowing is valued less than, for example, experiencing (Experiential Reality), or being able to create and navigate Nonlinear Spaces of Possibility. Archearchy reclaims the kind of learning you used before you went to school, namely, Expansive Learning, where you navigate and build on multiple disconnected Knowledge Continents simultaneously and feed all 5 Bodies. Knowing is not wrong or bad. It is simply far less rewarding than direct wordless experience and being able to create or transform. (See: Defensive Learning, Expansive Learning, Experiential Reality, I Know Torpedo, Not Knowing, Verbal Reality)


    KNOWLEDGE CONTINENT – Modern Schooling forces you to use Defensive Learning to assemble as much Linear knowledge as possible into one large conglomeration inside your head: your Knowledge Continent. If something does not fit somewhere into your current Knowledge Continent it becomes invisible and is regarded as meaningless, perhaps insane. One question you can ask is, which is bigger? The Universe or your vocabulary? Then you could consider more accurately in which domain you would rather live. (See: Defensive Learning, Expansive Learning, Experiential Reality, Verbal Reality)

  • L

    LABORATORY – Many Possibilitators find it extremely useful to relate to the gameworlds and interaction opportunities in their lives as spaces of experimentation, or Laboratories. You can Become An Experimenter. Experiments are for exploring and learning. It is guaranteed that not every Experiment you do will succeed. In a Laboratory, making mistakes is the way. This is formalized in the advanced Possibility Management trainings called Possibility Laboratories, or Possibility Labs. (See: Experiments, Learning Spiral, Possibility Labs)


    LEARNING SPIRAL – The Learning Spiral Thoughtmap has a long and colorful history. It is sometimes thought to have derived from the Johari Window, and clearly was improved by Thomas Gordon, originator of Parent Effectiveness Training. The Thoughtmap shows four quadrants, the lower left being Unconscious Incompetence, the period where ignorance is bliss. The upper left quadrant represents the time of Conscious Incompetence, which is triggered by uncomfortable Feedback that makes you aware that you are not aware of something and you become painfully conscious of your incompetence, in other words, "Beep!"). The upper right quadrant represents the period of Conscious Competence which is achieved through diligent practice, although the new talents cannot be enacted without paying full attention to your efforts and you mostly follow the standard forms. The lower right quadrant is Unconscious Competence, the time when the new distinctions and skills are bodily integrated and you behave in a new way without conscious efforts. You enter Conscious Competence only through letting your old self die and allowing a new self to be born. You are now a new person. Many traditions might allow you to rest on your laurels. In Possibility Management when you reach Conscious Competence we give you fifteen seconds of applause and then kick you in the butt to the next level of Conscious Incompetence, thus moving you along the spiral of learning. You may find yourself entering a territory of learning that you thought you have already been through, but don't worry. You are there to learn a new level of competence in the same territory. (See: Ability, Consciousness, Rapid Learning, Thoughtmap)


    LABYRINTH – (See: Great Labyrinth of Spaces, Navigating Space)


    LIFE – (See: Living)


    LINEAR – Linearity is the quality of being direct, straightforward, predictable and reasonable. Once regarded as the most efficient and effective method for solving problems, nowadays Linear solutions are frequently not efficient and effective enough. For any given problem there is usually one Linear solution, but often many Nonlinear solutions that turn out to be far more useful. Extraordinary Human Relationship as well as Archetypal Relationship both require that you have access to an unlimited resource of nonlinear possibilities. Your Initiated harnessed consciously-fed Gremlin can be an incredible ally for this. (See: Gremlin, Nonlinear, Orthogonal)


    LIVING – The term 'Living' in Possibility Management specifically refers to the creatively-collaborative, Winning-Happening, Bright Principle and Archetypal Lineage Serving, High Drama Life of Free-and-Natural Initiated Adults in Next Culture, which is Archearchy. Before then, what is happening is Box and Unconscious-Gremlin-dominated Survival. Living is very different from Surviving. Imagine trying to be in relationship or be a parent or creatively collaborate in projects while you remain as a human embryo still squeezed into - and being adaptive to - the perception and expression restrictions of your Box. Life is waiting for you on the other side of Initiations. (See: Adult, Archearchy, Being Adaptive, Healing, High Drama, Initiation, Next Culture, Survival)


    LIQUID STATE – The term 'Liquid State' refers to the time during which the Box (either individual Box or organizational Box) disassembles due to the vacuum of Possibility Listening or the pressure of Dangerous Questions and reorganizes itself into a more conscious status. Each of the 5 Bodies (physical, intellectual, emotional, energetic, or archetypal) has its own kind of Liquid States. A Liquid State does not assure an authentic change, but if there is no Liquid State there can be no change because the Liquid State can be the time in which the Box reorders itself. A Liquid State is more likely to lead to evolutionary change if it occurs within a Consciously Held and Navigated Space called into existence in the name of Bright Principles, such as during Possibility Coaching or a Training. Upon inspection, it becomes obvious that for a Box to shift from one solid shape into another solid shape it must at least for a short while pass through a Liquid State. During the Liquid State rigid structures become fluid in relationship to each other and internal reordering can take place. (See: the Theory of Dissipative Structures by Ilya Prigogine, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1977.) Ordinarily when your Box expands you are more interested in the newly expanded position than you are in the frighteningly groundless Liquid State. Nonetheless, as Possibility Managers continue to develop, they may notice that each new Box shape becomes more and more unstable, and that the distance between one known position and the next becomes greater and greater. Archetypal Men and Women slowly grow more comfortable in the wild fluidity of the expansion process than in the known structures of being on a position. It may then be discovered that the Liquid State is the true nature of being, and that human beings are designed to fly. (See: 5 Bodies, Box, Creating Possibility, Expand The Box, Feelings Practitioner, Morphogenetic Field, Navigating To The Liquid State, Possibility Coaching, Trainer)


    LISTENING AS A SPACE – (See: Possibility Listening)


    LOCAL FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS – As the General-field-of-consciousness intersects with matter, it generates a Local Field of Consciousness in accordance with the structure of the material. The Local Field of Consciousness of planet Earth is Gaia. Human beings are influenced by both the General-field-of-consciousness (unity) and the Local Field of Consciousness, or Gaia (diversity). This explains the validity of both traditional forms of religion, the one god and the multiple gods or nature deities. (See: General-field-of-consciousness)


    LOVE – Possibility Management distinguishes three kinds of love. 1) Ordinary Human Love where “I love you” means, “I need you, I own you, I want to control you.” Ordinary love comes and goes, so people go around being Victims looking for someone to love them. There is a scarcity of love. 2) Extraordinary Human Love where “I love you” means, “I am responsible for love, I source love, if I am there love is there,” with an abundance of love, Responsible Adult dignity and respect. 3) Archetypal Love where Love is a sourceless radiant Principle, the most abundant thing in the universe, and “I love you” means, “the Bright Principle of Archetypal Love is happening right now in this Space.” In the great Labyrinth of Spaces the Space of Archetypal Love happening is also known as 'the heart of the labyrinth'. (See: Labyrinth, Low Drama, Navigating Space, Principle, Relationship, Responsibility)


    LOVE HAPPENING – Love Happening is a Bright Principle. Whether by lucky accident or lucky Intention, if the Bright Principle of Love Happening enters your Workspace, you and everyone else in Experiential Reality will experience it in your cells. The sensations are warm vibrations, pleasant humming, a sense of High Level Fun collaborative teamwork and brotherly love, and a sense that the Space is filled with Yellow Stuff. Love Happening often shows up in Spaces where people are playing Winning Happening games, such as Possibility Team, Expand The Box trainings, Possibility Labs. (See: 3 Games, Bright Principles, Countenance, Experiential Reality, Holding Space, Winning Happening, Yellow Stuff)


    LOW DRAMA – Low Drama is any Action designed to avoid Responsibility. Low Drama is an energetic exchange between Human Beings that serves Shadow Principles. Low Drama is certainly exciting but it is not life; it is only Low Drama. No matter how right you are, how resentful, how justified in your position, no matter how good the excuses are or how strongly you blame another person, the only thing that happens as a result of Low Drama is that you get older. Nothing changes. Low Drama cannot be transformed into High Drama. Attention placed on Low Drama is Low Drama. The only way out of Low Drama is Responsibility. Possibility Managers will in general avoid entering Low Drama for any reason. Low Drama is the main characteristic of Ordinary Human Relationship and the main food of the Gremlin. (The Thoughtmap of Low Drama is modeled after the original Drama Triangle thoughtmap developed in 1968 by Dr. Stephen Karpman. Dr. Karpman was a student of Dr. Eric Berne, the originator of Transactional Analysis. It was Dr. Karpman who named the three positions of Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer the Drama Triangle.) (See: Gremlin, High Drama, Responsibility, Map of Possibility)


    LOW DRAMA DETECTOR – Possibility Managers can establish an energetic tool of a red flashing warning light mounted on their right shoulder as a Reminding Factor to guard against the Box’s habit of creating or participating in Low Drama. The Low Drama Detector detects a Low Drama coming from a distance of 100 meters and immediately flashes its red light and emits a sharp persistent warning beep. The Detector displays which of the three roles is being played out, Victim, Persecutor, or Rescuer, and which of the three roles you are being invited to play. (See: 13 Tools, Hooked, Unhookable, Reminding Factor, Low Drama)

  • M

    MAKING CONTACT – Making Contact means establishing sensation between two beings. Making Contact begins with a “Hello.” Maintaining Contact uses Attention and provides you with the experiential information required to Navigate Space into New Territory with your partner, your family, or a group of people in such a way that the people trust you and stay as One Team. Rather than making the others come to you, you go to them and Make Contact. Contact allows you to know how another person is, not through communication but through direct experience. If you Make Contact and you know where your Attention is, then you know where their Attention is. If you Make Contact and you know where your Center is, then you know where their Center is. If you Make Contact and you know what you are Feeling, then you know what they are Feeling. Making Contact is one of the seven Core Skills of Possibility Management. (See: 7 Core Skills, Attention, Being With, Energetic Body, Feelings, Intention, Presence)


    MAKING POSSIBILITY – (See: 7 Core Skills, Creating Possibility, Feelings Practitioner, Possibility Coaching, Trainer)


    MAKING TIME – Being Responsible at the level of time. Responsibility for making time can be understood from responsibly answering the following question: “Where did you get the time to read this sentence?” After you understand about Making Time you can figure out how to move faster than the speed of time. (See: Responsibility, Creator)



    MAP OF POSSIBILITY – (See: Thoughtmap of Possibility)


    MATRIX – (Not to be confused with the 'matrix' concept from the popular films of the same title.) In Possibility Management, Matrix is the energetic structure upon which consciousness or 'Being' can grow. Matrix is generated over time and as a result of certain efforts and influences. Matrix can be built through exposing yourself to beneficial stresses (such as travel in a foreign culture, doing Responsible Edgework Experiments, or trying to understand this book), certain radiations (such as being in the company of saints, empowered temples, objective art, or sacred artifacts), certain substances (such as early morning sunshine or using a true alchemical elixir such as Tonic Gold™), the efforts to stay awake (such as by paying attention to your attention and staying aware of what you are aware of), and your efforts to Practice (such as avoiding Low Drama, or flossing your teeth every night before you go to bed no matter how late it is or how tired you are). No one can Build Matrix for you. Matrix is like soil. There are more than enough seeds. What is needed is good soil. As soon as the soil is prepared the seeds grow. As soon as the Box expands, new Possibility is available. As soon as Matrix is built, consciousness grows. Matrix is similar to the trellis upon which a climbing rose is supported. (See: Building Matrix, Consciousness, Edgework, Practice, Responsibility, School, Tonic Gold™)


    MATRIX POINT – The term 'Matrix Point' was invented for use in the free-to-play massively-multiplayer online-and-offline personal-transformation matrix-building thoughtware-upgrade adventure-game called startover.xyz now being developed by the Team at General Memetics. Each of the hundreds of websites that are linked into the StartOver Bubble Map offer Distinctions and Experiments. Merely understanding a Distinction in your intellect does not change much. What changes things is when you do the Experiments. By doing Experiments you are at risk of evolution due to your commitment to practice the Distinctions in everyday life. This is when you 'get' the Distinctions and they change the shape of your Energetic Body. When your Energetic Body changes shape, you force the Universe to interact with you differently so you create new results by reflex. In Possibility Management they say, "If you want new results and you cannot change the circumstances, then change what is possible." Changing your shape by integrating new Distinctions into your Energetic Body changes what is possible. It also earns you Matrix Points. Each new Distinction you integrate into your Energetic Body earns you 1 Matrix Point. After doing an Experiment in the StartOver game you record the proof in your StartOver Profile. The game report shows you how many Matrix Points you have built, and the total Matrix Points accumulated by StartOver players around the world. There is Consciousness everywhere. It is like light shining in a room. In a room you do not see the light until it reflects off of an object. The quality of light you see reflected depends on the structure of the object reflecting the light. The same with Consciousness. There is Consciousness everywhere but you will not notice the Consciousness until it reflects off of an object. The quality of Consciousness reflected depends on the matrix structure of the object that the Consciousness hits. The more complex the matrix structure of the object, the more Consciousness it can catch and hold. Each Distinction woven into your Being makes your Being more complex and automatically catches and holds more Consciousness. It is estimated that by the time we together build one-million new Matrix Points in the StartOver game we will detect an evolution of Consciousness in the human Morphogenetic Field. Go Start over! (See: Consciousness, Gameworld, Morphogenetic Field, StartOver)


    MEETING TECHNOLOGIES – People come together for numerous purposes. When the purpose of meeting is to solve problems and make decisions, we Consciously or Unconsciously choose to use a Meeting Technology. The form in which people meet in Archearchy is typically circular, toroidal, spiralic, or as a cloud, rather than the familiar hierarchical meeting and organizational structures common in the capitalist patriarchal empire. Unbeknownst to most there are many new Nonlinear Meeting Technologies to explore and apply, including: The Frying Pan, The Wok, Weapons On The Table, Poop On The Table, The Purple Card, Resistance Decision Making, Holistic Decision Making, M.E.S.S. Process, Open Space Technology, Possibility Team, The Problem Is The Solution, Sociocracy 3.0, Torus Technology, Wisdom Council, and so on. These new Meeting Technologies are designed to more optimally make use of group Intelligence resources. (See: Holding Space, Navigating Space, Nonlinear, Purpose)


    MEMES – The word 'meme' was invented in 1976 by Clinton Richard Dawkins, a British biologist. Memes are comparable to genes. Whereas genes are the fundamental instructions for the design of your physical interface with the world (your body), memes are the fundamental instructions for the design of your intellectual interface with the world, your mind – what in Possibility Management is referred to as your Box. (See: Box, Memetic Engineering)


    MEMETIC VIRUS – Memetic Viruses are a compact set of Memes usually stored in written form that are so clear, so useful, and so interesting that their new thinking patterns automatically replace and upgrade your current thinking patterns. Over 200 Transformational Memetic Viruses are available online at http://sparks-english.mystrikingly.com. (If you want an additional source of Memetic Viruses get a hold of the book Wild Thinking (Abenteuer Denken) by Clinton Callahan.) (See: Thoughtware)


    MEMETIC ENGINEERING – Memetic Engineering is the set of practical techniques for making changes in thoughtware. Possibility Management is concerned with Memetic Engineering because Boxes are constructed out of Memes. A Box’s form determines its functionality, in other words, function follows form. By reinventing the form of the Box even slightly through Memetic Engineering, vast new possibilities can be tapped. (See: Box Technology, Liquid State, Memes, Thoughtware, Possibility Trainer)


    META-CONVERSATION – A Meta-Conversation is a conversation about the conversation. The way to create the possibility of possibility is to have a conversation about the conversation. Then instead of remaining stuck in the limits of the present conversation content you go Nonlinear into a broader perspective and consider changing the context of your conversation so that the conversation can have a different content. This has the same effect as putting away the chessboard and getting out the cookbook – you get to play together in a completely different kind of Gameworld. (See: Gameworlds, Navigating Space, Nonlinear)


    MIDDLEWORLD – The Middleworld is one of the three worlds distinguished in Possibility Management as an aid to Navigating Space. The Middleworld encompasses ordinary life, practical details, money, food, and sex. The Middleworld is completely neutral, that is, it exists with no stories attached until a human being comes along and attaches stories to serve conscious or unconscious Purposes. (See: 3 Worlds, Navigating Space, Purpose, Story)


    MIND – The Mind is the form and Actions of your intellectual body. You have been trained in Western civilization to Identify yourself as your Mind. Science operates under the assumption that the universe can be systematized and explained so that Mind can understand it. In Extraordinary Human Relationship and Archetypal Relationship the Mind is too slow, too impoverished, and too Linear for what you need to accomplish. To source an ongoing act of Nonlinear creation you require greater resources than Mind offers. Your physical body, emotional body and energetic body directly access such resources and you can use their energy and information even if your Mind cannot figure out how you do it. (See: Box, Four Bodies, Identification, verbal-reality, Imagination)


    MIND MACHINE – (See: Bypassing Mind Machines)


    MINIMIZED NOW – Different Archetypal Lineages need to make use of different Thoughtmaps, Tools, Distinctions, and Processes to deliver their services to the Village. Every Authentically useful service of modern culture needs to be transformed and reinvented - all the way from its Context to its marketing and delivery - to serve the inhabitants of regenerative interdepending next cultures. That said, one set of Distinctions useful in numerous Archetypal Lineages is the size of NOW. Who decides how big your NOW is? If you are Unconscious about this Choice then the size of your NOW will be determined by your Survival Strategy, your Box, your Gremlin, your Hidden Purpose, your Hidden Competing Commitments, television advertisements, and your Mother. A large NOW might extend into and include the past so that you might still be applying a decision you made long ago in different circumstances to a current situation. Your past then determines your present, bringing you the fear that the worst things that ever happened to you will happen again. A large NOW might also extend into the future. For example, a man bends down on one knee and says to a woman, "Will you marry me?" She says, "Not now." A year later the man proposes again, "Will you marry me?" She says, "I told you! Not now!" The woman has a big NOW. Some people live in Nows that include decisions made in a far distant past or expectations that project into a far distant future. From the perspective of a Minimized NOW, 'far distant' means anything longer than three seconds. Boxes defend themselves by creating big Nows to keep things the same. It is possible to use your Attention and Intention to shrink your NOW down to the size of one Moment. This gives you more freedom of movement for going Orthogonal. Within a single Moment you can change the direction of your Attention and Intention and take Actions in a Nonlinear direction with regards to the Assumptions that are active in the current Space. This is called 'making right-angle turns at light speed'. Furthermore, time is quantized into Moments. It is possible to shrink your NOW so that it is smaller than the Gaps between Moments. While time streams by like a freight train for everyone else, with a Minimized Now you can slip sideways through the Gaps between Moments into Spaces that are to most people inconceivable. This is a necessary skill for 5 Body Intimacy Journeys. A big NOW smears over the Gaps between Moments and makes reality appear to be one continuous scene. (See: 5 Body Intimacy Journeys, 5 Gaps, Moment, Nonlinear, NOW, Orthogonal, Space)


    MIXED EMOTIONS – Without clarity about Emotions you tend to experience and express your Emotions mixed together. Mixing Emotions blocks your access to the Archetypal energy and intelligence of the pure Feelings. For example, mixing emotional Anger with emotional Sadness produces the experience of depression. In Possibility Laboratories you can learn inner navigation and physically separate the Feelings clearly one from the other. After unmixing the Anger from the Sadness the depression vanishes. Instead you feel Angry about one thing and Sad about either the same thing or another thing, and you can use your clarified Emotions in an Emotional Healing Process. This clarity gives you the power to create different Results. Mixing Sadness with Fear creates the experience of isolation or desperation. Mixing Anger with Fear creates the experience of hysteria. Mixing Joy with Sadness creates the experience of sentimentality or nostalgia. Mixing Joy with Fear creates the experience of careless risks, curiosity, or excitement. And mixing Joy with Anger creates the experience of feeling glad when someone else feels pain, "I win you lose," or "Ha-ha! I got you!" Mixing emotions is not bad or wrong; it just produces certain Results. (Possibility Trainer Marion Krause developed the Thoughtmap of Mixed Emotions in her Abenteuer Gefühle workshops in the fall of 2005.) (See: Archetype, Emotions, Feelings, Possibility Laboratory, Low Drama, Possibility Trainer, Results)


    MOMENT – If you start to Minimize your NOW you will soon come to experience that time is quantized into Moments. Between each Moment is a Gap. A standard Moment in Possibility Moment is approximately 3 seconds long. This is the actual time it takes to make a new Decision: 1 second to make the new Decision, and 2 additional seconds for the new Decision to reorder the Distinctions in the Matrix of your Energetic Body after which you are a new person because your Being is changed. Moments can be different lengths of time in different circumstances. As Albert Einstein noticed, a moment with your hand on a hot stove is far too long, whereas a moment looking into the eyes of a beautiful Being is far too short. Learning the magical-seeming skills of Navigating Space leaps to new ecstasies when you shrink your NOW until it is smaller than the Gaps between Moments, allowing you to slip sideways through into Spaces that are not available otherwise. The value of accessing extraordinary Spaces is that the Space determines what is Possible, so by entering and exploring extraordinary Spaces you simultaneously get extraordinary new Possibilities. This is useful for a Possibility Manager. (See: 5 Gaps, Decision, Minimize NOW)


    MODERN CULTURE – Possibility Management uses the term 'Modern Culture' to refer to the capitalist patriarchal empire that began emerging some 6000 years ago after the last ice age retreated. Capitalism, patriarchy, and empire are three suicidal paradigms. However, there are two central factors that cause the failure of Modern Culture. 1. Forbidding Authentic Adulthood and Archetypal Initiations as the highest value of the culture. Authentic Initiations identify Psychopaths and forbid them from holding positions of power. 2. Allowing hierarchical Organizational structures. In a hierarchy, those who will do whatever it takes to take power positions climb up the hierarchy. Those who are best at doing whatever it takes to get power are Psychopaths. The result is that Modern Culture governments, businesses, religions, and militaries have been hijacked by Psychopaths. (See: Archearchy, Initiations, Next Culture, Psychopath)


    MORPHOGENIC FIELD – The term 'Morphogenic Field' means 'shape making field'. The term originates with Rupert Sheldrake and his Theory of Morphogenic Fields. When you Declare and Hold a Space in the name of Bright Principles and someone in that Space enters the Liquid State, the Bright Principles of the Space create a Morphogenic Field that offers more Initiated Adult and Archetypal shapes as the Box resolidifies with its Upgraded Thoughtware. By making the sacrifice of comfort to Upgrade your own Thoughtware you simultaneous change the global Ethnosphere and the Morphogenetic Field of the human race. This may be the most efficient and effective way to change the Status Quo so that human beings have a future on planet Earth. (See: Bright Principles, Declaring, Liquid State, Spaceholding, StartOver.xyz, Upgrading Thoughtware, Specific Field of Consciousness)


    MOTHER GRADUATION PARTY – The Archearchal initiatory ritual of a woman taking back her personal name and stepping out of her role of mother in relation to a child who has reached at least 18 years of age. (See: Archearchy, Initiation, Radical Responsibility)


    MUSE – The term 'Muse' refers here to your personal archetypal Muse. The suggestion here is that each person (you included...) have direct access to a delicious and delightfully personal source of creative impulses. Further, the suggestion is that the Muse is waiting for you to put your attention on Her (or Him, or It, as the case may be, although most reported Muses are extraordinarily feminine...) with Authentic Necessity, Vacuum Learning, and Possibility Listening which brings the Muse to life as an endless personal source of creativity, as suggested by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) in her inspiring (15 million views...) and highly recommended 20 minute TED Talk: Your Elusive Creative Genius, and also suggested by the tendency for ancient Egyptian royalty to choose to have a winged Isis engraved on the inside lid of their sarcophagus to gaze upon the Doorway to such archetypal beauty for all eternity. (See: Archetypal, Doorway, Nonlinearity, Unlimited Resources)

  • N

    NANONATION – The term 'nano' means 'one billionth.' There are approximately 7 billion people alive on Earth today. If you divide Earth's human population by one billion, then you would define the average size of a Nanonation to be approximately 7 people. The minimum population for a Nanonation is officially 3 persons, the maximum is 1000 persons. In ecology, it is understood that diversity leads to stability. By creating and moving into a Nanonation you reverse Modern Culture's current lethal trend towards cultural monoculture, e.g. Starbucks on every corner. Diversely cultured Nanonations create stability in the Global Ethnosphere. The unimaginative idea that an official nation must be associated with a piece of land, and since there are no unclaimed plots of land left, you cannot create any new nations, is a construct marketed by Modern Culture that is easy to understand but without basis in reality. If the land you stood on determined what nation you belonged to, then the moment you set foot into a different country officials would issue you a local passport. It is the passport you carry that determines the Gameworld you play in. By agreeing to a common Context, issuing their own passports, raising their own flags, and abiding by their own Bill of Wrongs, any group of 3 or more mutually committed Adults can Declare the existence of a new Nanonation as a Permanent Autonomous Zone (PAZ). There already exist numerous geographically defined United Nanonation organizations, for example the Fellowship for Intentional Communities (FIC), and the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN). Don't be left behind playing in a stupid Gameworld. (See: Adult, Context, Distinctions, Gameworlds, Modern Culture, Radical Responsibility, Rules of Engagement)


    NAVIGATING SPACE – An infinite Labyrinth of Spaces ranges the full spectrum from Shadow-worlds to Bright-worlds and everything in between. Every Space is connected to every other Space. Every Space represents a different set of possibilities. Possibility Managers use the powers of Choosing, Declaring and Asking to tell Stories for moving from Space to Space. This set of skills is called Navigating Space. While Navigating Space you recognize each member of your team as a crew-member of the 'Spaceship.' Every crew-member is responsible for informing the Navigator the instant anything is detected on the instrument panel of their 5-Bodies. Extraordinary Human Relationship and Archetypal Relationship only occur in certain rarified Extraordinary Spaces. Only you can Navigate the Space of your relationship there, even it it is Unfair. (See: 1 True Thing, Great Labyrinth of Spaces, Laboratory, Painting Doorways, Possibility Trainer, Space)


    NAVIGATING TO THE LIQUID STATE – Creating Possibility is one of the 7 Core Skills of a Possibility Manager. In addition to using the Golden Keys that are clandestinely given to the Possibility Coach by the Client, which the Possibility Coach uses to bring the background conversation into the foreground and put it on the table for Transformation, the Possibility Coach (or Feelings Practitioner or Trainer) Navigates the Client into Liquid States. In particular, the Emotional Body Liquid States are valuable to indicate that a shift Process is occurring. It is these shift Processes that give the Client direct experiential access to greater Possibility. Each of the 5 Bodies manifest their own styles of Liquid States while the Client's Box or Being changes shape indicating that the Universe can interact with them in new ways which gives them greater Possibility in their Life. (See: 7 Core Skills, Creating Possibility, Evolution, Feelings Practitioner, Golden Keys, Liquid State, Possibility Coaching, Trainer, Transformation, Upgrading Thoughtware)


    NECESSITY – Authentic Necessity is different from the kinds of Dramatic Necessity created by Gremlins in Low Drama, or the usual psychological or emotional 'survival' urgency situations. Authentic Necessity is the real need of your Being when it is hungry for Clarity or Possibility, hungry for the kind of direct contact with a force of Transformation, hungry for energetic food and for Distinctions that Build Matrix to hold more Consciousness. Authentic Necessity is the motivational force that drives Discovery Speaking, Dangerous Questions, Dragon Speaking, and is required for making Journeys Into The Earth. When your Authentic Necessity is greater than Fear, your Fear no longer stops you. (See: 6 Kinds of Speaking, Being, Building Matrix, Clarity, Consciousness, Dangerous Questions, Gremlin, Journey Into The Earth, Low Drama, Possibility)


    NEGOTIATING 5 BODY INTIMACY JOURNEYS – Each of your 5 Bodies (physical, intellectual, emotional, energetic, and archetypal) needs food, and the food derives from interaction. For example, relationships don't usually die from a lack of love, they die from a lack of intimacy. This implies that interactions thrive on Negotiating Intimacies in all 5-Bodies simultaneously. Navigating Spaces of love, bringing your partner to life, and playing full out all depend on ongoingly negotiating the kinds of intimacies that feed and inspire you and the other. New sets of experiential Distinctions and skills are required. These are explored and practiced in Intimacy Journeyer Labs. (See: 5 Bodies, Intelligence, Space)


    NEW TERRITORY – Each new Thoughtmap is an invitation to Expand Your Box into New Territory. You explore New Territories by doing Edgework Experiments. Possibility Management is not theoretical or verbal; it is experiential. So in Possibility Management trainings, first you see a Map of a New Territory and then you actually go there. New Territory is new because things are possible in the New Territory that are not possible elsewhere. As soon as you acquire enough familiarity with a New Territory your own learning continues by bringing others along with you so that they too can make use of the possibilities in the New Territory. The expanse of New Territories is endless. This means that in Box Expansion there is no top end. Trainers who go first into New Territories have the Responsibility to make new Thoughtmaps and bring them home to their people. (See: Edgework Experiments, Expand The Box, Laboratory, Map)


    NEXT CULTURE – Originally and for nearly 200,000 years, matriarchal cultures walked the Earth as if through a gigantic self-serve salad-bar open 24/7/365, worshiping the generosity of the Great Mother. As weather patterns shifted some six thousand years ago after the last ice age and food became more scarce, a new cultural form emerged, Patriarchy, characterized by hierarchical armies, domesticated animals, agriculture, technology, and concepts of land ownership, government, and money. Since modern technologies extract Earth’s resources from depths and places unreachable without those technologies, the modern patriarchal empire may be the last human empire on Earth. As the oil runs out you won’t have the resources to develop the machinery to extract further resources. When civilization began Earth contained enough mineral wealth to feed, clothe, and house 2 billion human beings forever, plus enough mineral resources to establish a sustainable human presence in space so that if Earth were ever destroyed by an asteroid human beings would not be exterminated. By now modern corporations have nearly exhausted that possibility, relegating future generations to low tech cultures. The patriarchal empire has failed to create a bright future for humanity. However, while the empire crumbles, new cultures are emerging simultaneously around the Earth functioning in Archearchy, the Next Culture that naturally evolves after matriarchy and patriarchy. The term Next Culture is not a brand name any more than matriarchy, patriarchy, or Archearchy are brand names. The whole idea that Modern Culture is not the greatest thing human beings ever invented is such a blasphemous and shocking idea to players in the Modern Culture Gameworld, that simply saying the words Next Culture is a wake-up call, and directs people’s attention to the abundance of new cultures now developing around the world that regeneratively collaborate masculine and feminine forces. To amplify your culture-shift strategies it can help to know that creating critical connections (where real value is exchanged) between communities of Next Culture Practice creates a field of influence for the emergence of Next Culture. (See: Gameworld, Initiation, Thoughtware)


    NONLINEARITY – Nonlinearity is the quality of moving at right angles to the assumptions and expectations of the current Space. Western culture teaches you to be Linear. If you find a Linear solution to a problem, such as the shortest distance between two points, then you conclude that you have found the best solution and you stop thinking. With Nonlinearity you do not stop thinking because you know from experience that just over the Edge of your Box there are unlimited numbers and forms of other Nonlinear solutions waiting exactly where the last one was before you found it. When Navigating Space at higher speeds, going Nonlinear necessitates that a Box have little or no Mass. Trying to turn a Box made massive with assumptions, expectations, preferences, prejudices, positions, beliefs, rules, or opinions is like trying to turn the Titanic. This is why Possibility Managers learn to eliminate Mass by Minimizing Now and Minimizing Here. With little or no Mass you gain the ability to make right-angle turns at light speed. (See: Jakobs Ladder, Linear, Navigating Space, Orthogonal, Skyhook)


    NOT KNOWING – Since one of the highest values in the Thoughtware of the Capitalist Patriarchal Empire is Knowing, valuing Not Knowing seems insane. However, if it is not okay to Not Know then you limit yourself to inhabiting and exploring domains of what is known or what can be known. When you compare the size of the domains of what is known with what is unknown, which is bigger? It may be like comparing the size of planet Earth to the size of the Universe. To access greater resources and Possibilities it can help you to change your Mind and get okay with Not Knowing. (See: 5 Gaps, S.H.I.T.)


    NOTHINGNESS – (See: 5 Gaps, Great Labyrinth of Spaces, Vacuum, Void)


    NOTICING – Noticing is the ability to consciously apply fear for making experiential 5-Body distinctions. (See: Conscious Feelings, Distinctions)


    NOW – Archetypal Man and Woman discover that their power is available only in the present. You cannot change something that happened even an instant ago, or which is about to happen an instant in the future. The only place where you have power is right Now. Creating happens Now. Distinctions are made Now. Decisions are made Now. Possibility Managers are really only interested in what is possible right Now. How big is Now? You could define Now as one moment. How big is a moment? Moments change depending on what is happening. As Albert Einstein described it, time is relative. A moment holding hands with your girlfriend is way too short. A moment sitting on a hot stove is way too long. In general you could define a moment as the length of time it takes to make a decision: One second to make the decision, and two seconds for the Box to reorder. (See: Gaps, Minimize Now)


    NUMBNESS BAR – As soon as Modern Culture downloaded its Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware into your Energetic Body you learned that there are 3 bad negative feelings (anger, sadness, and fear) and only 1 good positive feeling (joy), so you rapidly installed and raised your Numbness Bar to about 80% high. Your Numbness Bar prevents you from experiencing or expressing any feeling that is less intense than it is set for. As a result, you cannot use the energy or intelligence of any feeling that is less than 80% of Archetypal intensity. You are effectively numb. Since feelings are your rocket fuel and wisdom for enacting your Free-and-Natural Adult life serving your Village through your Archetypal Lineage, you cannot take back your own Authority and start Living. Instead you become a consuming Zombie slave in Modern Culture. Through Authentic Adulthood and Archetypal Initiatory Processes you can Upgrade your Thoughtware about Feelings and then safely and effectively lower your Numbness Bar to retrieve an untold immensity of lost Inner Resources for your Life. (See: 4 Feelings, Adulthood, Expand The Box, Initiations, Modern Culture, S.H.I.T., Upgrading Your Thoughtware)

  • O

    OPEN CODE THOUGHTWARE – (See: Copyleft)


    ORDINARY / EXTRAORDINARY – Differentiating Ordinary Space from Extraordinary Space allows you to avoid the former and call forth the latter when that is what is wanted and needed. After you can make this Distinction then it is possible to relocate your Point Of Origin to the Extraordinary for your daily life. This is a form of Self Surgery. (See: Archetypal, Navigate Space, Self Surgery, Space)


    ORGANIZATION – An Organization is two or more people with a common Purpose working together in a Gameworld. This definition includes a relationship or a family in the category of Organizations. Every Organization has a Box and is subject to the laws of Box Mechanics. The difference between the Organization Box and the individual Box is that the individual Box is the only Box that can take Responsibility. Organizations can be viewed as living organisms that need food, use energy, make waste, communicate, move, evolve, expel contaminants and parasites, replicate themselves, fight or align with other Organizations, and die. Organizations become rigid if they are conceived of as being hierarchical. Organizations are more fluid if they are conceived with a more organic flow of power and authority such as with Galaxical Organization Charts as in Torus Meetings. (See: Purpose, Gameworld, Box Mechanics)


    ORTHOGONAL – Orthogonal literally means perpendicular to, at right-angles to, or Going Nonlinear. The term ‘Orthogonal’ comes from mathematics. Possibility Management uses the word Orthogonal to mean ‘at right angles to the Possibility limits of the prevailing Space or Gameworld.’ Orthogonal is another word for Nonlinear. Orthogonal Actions lead to innovation and are crucial for Creating Possibility. Practice is typically Orthogonal to the current Space. (See: Nonlinearity, Practice)


    OUTER RESOURCES – (See: Resources)


    OUTER VOID – You have an Inner Void and an Outer Void. Through Adult and Archetypal Initiations both Inner and Outer Voids become incredibly useful. If you are uninitiated about the Void and the 5 Gaps, then the Outer Void is all space outside of your Box. If what is inside your Box is the known, then what is outside your Box is the unknown, the Void. (See: 5 Gaps, Box, Inner Void, Initiation)

  • P - Q

    PAINTING DOORWAYS – When you encounter an obstacle, whether it is physical or energetic, internal or external, you encounter the obstacle as an obstacle. This is almost too obvious to speak about. Encountering an obstacle as an 'obstacle' plucks it of all of its other possibilities. Painting Doorways is the Possibility Management tool of transforming obstacles into passageways to New Territories. The energetic tool for Painting Doorways is the Possibility Paintbrush. (See: 13 Tools, Doorway, Is-Glue, New Territory, Possibility Paintbrush)


    PASSION – Passion is Inspiration from your Emotional Body. (See: Imagination, Inspiration, Instinct, Intuition, Resources)


    PATH – Some of us carry the Thoughtware that we are afflicted with an assortment of internal issues which, if they could just be corrected, we would then be perfect and could live out happy and successful lives and relationships. This idea views yourself as mechanical, as if you have been somehow broken and can be fixed, and that the good Life happens for those people who have achieved the repaired state. If you carry this Thoughtware you might want to reconsider. Alternative Thoughtware exists, such as: You are not broken and you do not have issues. What you have are invitations to Consciously Evolve. The way to accept an invitation is to shift to the New Thoughtmap of Feelings and use whatever you are Feeling (whether it be a Feeling, an Emotion, or a Mixed Emotion) as a Gateway to a Rapid Learning Transformational healing Process. In other words, accept the invitations and takes steps along your Path. The next step along your Path waits for you Now and starts where you are. It could not be otherwise. Seeing the door over there is not enough. You can't go through a door until you are at the door. Doorways are three-dimensional reality. Thinking about going through the door does not equate to going through the door. It does not matter where you are on the Path compared to anyone else, because the Path has no top end! What matters is taking your next steps. Taking the next step starts you in the Gameworld of Conscious Evolution. How do you take the next step on your Path? I don't know. It is even okay if you don't know. No one can answer that question for you, and if you don't already know how to take your next step then you get to invent the way. You get to Choose, Declare, and Ask to find out. Since you are reading the Distinctionary, the Context of Radical Responsibility might be interesting for you. You might want to continue Upgrading your Thoughtware by engaging the Adulthood and Archetypal Initiations of Possibility Management. You might want to do S.P.A.R.K. Experiments. You might want to read Possibility Management books. You might want to start journeying through the BubbleMap of the StartOver.xyz game. You might want to team-up with others on their Paths at a Possibility Team. You might want to get your butt into a seat at Expand The Box training and then 10 Possibility Labs, plus the dozens of recommended extra-curricular Initiatory experiences listed at possibilityteam.org. These are just a few High Level Fun ideas from the Context of the Possibility Management Gameworld. There are millions of additional ways to escape the Capitalist Patriarchal Empire of Modern Culture and take real steps along your Path. No one can stop you from doing this. (See: 3 Powers, 4 Feelings, Conscious Evolution, High Level Fun, Life, Possibility Team, Thoughtware)


    PEARL – Your Pearl is a non-verbally encrypted message to yourself that you made prior to inhabiting a body. The Pearl resides at the center of your Being and awaits the Pearl Initiation to be found and opened. The Pearl Initiation is a guided energetic process during which you slide open the three layers of your Pearl slowly one at a time and receive three visual or graphic impressions which you copy onto paper. After the Pearl Initiation you work with the Trainer or other participants to decipher and interpret the message you delivered to yourself. The Pearl's message is usually a visual or energetic description of the Archetypal Lineage services you are to deliver to the Village this lifetime. (See: Archetypal Lineage, Initiation, Village)


    PERSECUTOR – A Shadow World character in a Low Drama who unconsciously uses the energy of anger. The Persecutor takes the position of “I am okay, you are not okay,” and uses that as justification for trying to get rid of you. (See: Low Drama)


    PHASE 1 – (See: Phase 2)


    PHASE 2 – In Possibility Management Initiations there is a Phase 1 and a Phase 2 of everything. This means a Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Feelings Work, Centering, harnessing your Gremlin, using the 3 Powers, using the 13 Tools, etc. In general, Phase 1 is the time of Conscious Incompetence, when you become aware that you are not aware of something, and Conscious Competence, when you have gained some skills but you cannot apply them without concentrated focus of Attention. Phase 1 may appear like fanatically following the rules, overzealousness, almost neurotically copying the form. Phase 2 is the shift to Unconscious Competence when the new Distinctions and skills integrate and change who you are. Phase 2 is learning and practicing the creative application of what before you have learned by rote. These Phases are no different from the Phases of learning to play the piano or learning carpentry. In this case you are learning to manage Possibility. (See: Inner Navigation, Learning Spiral, Possibility)


    PHOENIX PROCESS – The Phoenix Process is instructions and guidelines for Transformation. It is the Archetypal 'death and resurrection show', the greatest show on Earth, and you can be part of it. Actually, you can't not be part of it, because you are made out of spun Consciousness, and Consciousness evolves. Either you evolve at the ordinary speed of evolution, which means the biggest shifts usually occur for you between one lifetime and the next, learning on your deathbed as you anguish over your mistakes. Or you have adopted the strange hobby of Conscious Evolution, and you are engaged in activities that allow you to evolve faster than the speed of evolution. In Conscious evolution you may live several or many lives in one lifetime. This is when it helps to keep the Phoenix Process in mind as a Thoughtmap that helps indicate where you might be in the great process of diving evolution. The Phoenix Process has 3 steps and goes like this:



    1. Try something new.
    2. Go until you crash and burn.
    3. Let it burn. Learn from the fire about what worked and what did not work. When there is nothing left but ashes, go back to step 1.

    (See: Consciousness, Process)


    PHYSICAL BODY – One of your 5 Bodies. (See: 5 Bodies)


    PHYSICAL CENTER – Your Physical Center is the center of gravity in your body. Your Physical Center is located halfway between your hipbones, and halfway back through your abdomen. The Physical Center has various names in various martial arts traditions, such as dan-tien, hara, etc. Since Possibility Management is a form with some similarities to the martial arts, it is no surprise that the Physical Center and the skills of Being Centered play a role in the unfolding of a Possibility Manager. (See: Being Centered)


    PIRATE – Rules of thinking, speaking, being and acting stand between you and being fully present in your raw aliveness. Relationship is an ongoing act of Nonlinear Creating. To gain access to Nonlinear creation power the dominance of rules must somehow be circumvented. There is a character for whom rules hold no concern. This character is the Pirate. The term Pirate (short for Possibility Pirate) (motto: Give all you can and ask for what you want, Harbigarrr!) is spelled with a capital “P” so as to distinguish it from the small “p” pirate (motto: Take all you can and give nothing back!). Incorporating into your Identity-repertoire the option of being a Pirate helps you recognize that in order to get your Center back, your voice back, your Feelings back, your Authority back, your Attention back, your Choosing back, and so on, there is nothing left in modern culture but to take it back. Nobody is going to give it to you. Taking Radical Responsibility involves taking without asking. A Pirate grants themselves permission to grant themselves permission. In order to unleash the full power of your Voice Blaster, your Sword of Clarity, your Wand of Declaration, your Disk of Nothing, your Bag of Things, and so on, you need to break many spoken and unspoken rules. In order to tell your Gremlin to “Sit!” it is first required to own your own Underworld. Taking something back, breaking rules, standing in all 3 Worlds and going Nonlinear are Pirate capacities. From the Possibility Management perspective, these are designed-in human capacities to be claimed during Initiations along the path of becoming a free-and-natural Adult human being. If by some chance you notice a Possibility Manager seeming to follow the rules you can be sure this is mere coincidence. (See: Core Skills, Harbigarrr!, Initiation, Nonlinear, Pirate Agreement, Radical Responsibility)


    PIRATE AGREEMENT – When Possibility Managers commit to produce a result before they know how, they understand that they cannot do this alone. The kind of help they need is help that cannot be manipulated or thwarted by anything so mundane as circumstances. The commitment is to produce the result no matter what. So Possibility Managers calls on another Archetypal Men or Woman to make a Pirate Agreement. The agreement is to do everything possible to help produce the result no matter what. Everything… The agreeing Pirate says, “Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A Pirate’s life fer me!” (See: Pirate, Dangerous Questions, Harbigarrr!, High Drama, Unreasonable Request)


    POINT OF ORIGIN – Your Point of Origin is the place where your experience of your Identity comes from. It qualifies how you experience yourself. If you stay unaware of your Point of Origin then it can easily be located in your Underworld without your awareness forcing you to serve Gremlin's Unconscious Purposes. When you take Responsibility for where your Point of Origin is located then you have the option of moving it from one location to another. An Initiated Possibility Manager intends to keep their Point of Origin in the Present in order to have direct access to the most Power and the most Linear and Nonlinear Possibility. Through guided Self Surgery it is possible to relocate your Point Of Origin out of an Ordinary Context and into an Extraordinary Context. (See: Context, Gremlin, Identification, Nonlinear, Possibility, Power, Responsibility, Self Surgery, Underworld)


    POSITION – A Position is an arbitrary Belief taken to be true and subsequently defended against all feedback to the contrary. Beliefs have no relationship to reality. Positions based on the Belief that your ideas are right and another person’s ideas are wrong automatically and inevitably lead to war. Positionality is characteristic of Boxes still tied to using their adolescent Defensive orientation. (See: Belief, Box, Getting To Know You Better)


    POSSIBILITATOR – A Possibilitator is someone who takes Radical Responsibility for managing Possibility and who makes valuable things possible. 'Possibilitator' is an alternative name for a Possibility Manager. (See: Possibility, Possibility Manager, Radical Responsibility)


    POSSIBILITY – Possibility is a measurable quality of persons, places, or circumstances. The amount of Possibility a person has, for example, is equivalent to the measurable number of real options that an individual is aware of to choose from at any given moment for themselves or for their Gameworld. Scanning for Possibility is a learnable skill that applies to any person, conversation, relationship, Space, Organization or Gameworld. In general, ninety-nine percent of the Possibilities that are available right now are invisible to you. This is because the Box occludes Possibilities out of its habitual Defensive orientation. Possibility is a Bright Principle that a person can Choose to serve. Typically someone who consciously serves the Bright Principle of Possibility is a Possibility Manager. Possibility is one of the most valuable things in the universe. For example, any product or service that you buy you do not buy for the product or service itself but rather for the Possibility that this product or service provides for you. (See: Bright Principles, Holding Space, Navigating Space, Space, Creating Possibility, Possibility Management, Principle, Resources)


    POSSIBILITY COACHING – Possibility Coaching is when the radically responsible context of Possibility Management is formatted and delivered in single or couple coaching sessions, usually starting in the form of two chairs facing one another with the Possibility Coach shaking hands with the client and asking them, “What can I do for you?” Possibility Coaching uses the client’s Golden Keys to Navigate to the Liquid State during which authentic transformation happens, particularly because the Liquid State occurs in the Bright Principled Space being Held and Navigated by the Possibility Coach. The outcome of Possibility Coaching is often a reordered Energetic Body that has been changed by removing an Energetic Block, finding old Decisions and making new Decisions, completing incomplete communications, changing a self-image Story, retrieving a lost part of the Energetic Body, rewiring connections in the brain, Disassembling Resentments, Withdrawing Expectations, Bypassing a Mind Machine, going through an Emotional Healing Process or one of the 6 Big Floor Processes, for example. (See: Bright Principles, Disassembling Resentments, Feelings Practitioner, Golden Keys, Inner Navigation, Liquid State, Navigating Space)


    POSSIBILITY LAB – Possibility Labs are the core healing, transformation, and Adulthood and Archetypal Initiation Spaces from Possibility Management. These are formal training spaces for learning Possibility Management tools, Thoughtmaps, and skills. In addition to the traditional Possibility Labs, you can also find specialty Labs such as Women's Labs, Men's Labs, Outdoor Labs, Gaia Labs, Intimacy Journeyer Labs, Evolutionaries Labs, Adventure Labs, Gameworld Builders Labs, and so on, to enhance the distinctions and talents needed for fulfilling the work given to you by your Archetypal Lineage. Possibility Labs (PLabs) are three to five days long and include Experiential Distinctions, Thoughtmaps, Technopenuriaphobia healing processes, exercises with Feedback and Coaching to practice new skills, personal Emotional Healing Processes, Stellating Processes, one or more of the 51 Big Initiations, and many surprise elements. To have enough practical distinctions to participate in a Possibility Lab (PLab), you need to first participate in a 3-5 day Expand The Box training. (See: Archetypal Lineage, Distinctions, Edgework, Expand The Box, Initiation, Process, Technopenuriaphobia, Thoughtmap)


    POSSIBILITY LISTENING – Possibility Listening is one of the 5 Kinds of Listening distinguished in Possibility Management. In short Possibility Listening is listening as a Space. If you do not know what you are supposed to hear, then you can hear anything, you can listen to more than you can understand. If you are listening as the Space into which the other person can say anything, then you are not there. Possibility Listening is a Service that allows you to serve the speaker as a conscious workspace in which they can safely work things out in new ways and be heard without judgment or criticism. The speaker does not even have to cramp their speaking into a format that you can understand. (See: 5 Kinds of Listening, Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware)


    POSSIBILITY MAKING – (See: 7 Core Skills)


    POSSIBILITY MANAGEMENT – Possibility Management is the open code copyleft Gameworld created by applying the Distinctions, Thoughtware, and Processes that emerge from the context of Radical Responsibility. Its power comes from serving the Bright Principle of Possibility which brings with it the option of creating the possibility of Possibility. The Gameworld of Possibility Management was initialized in 1975 by Clinton Callahan and has been continuously developed, documented and delivered in various training environments since then. In 1995 Western civilization broke the evolution barrier and continues to exceed the naturally allowed speed of evolution. Present Organizations predominantly use last millennium hierarchical designs and are no longer fluid enough to function effectively in 21st Century conditions. Possibility Management proposes New Organizational forms and New Meeting Technologies. The job of Possibility Manager is already appearing on company Org Charts as a change agent with Radical Responsibility for liberating and applying a greater proportion of an Organization’s human intellectual capital. If it is your calling to provide new Thoughtmaps, tools and techniques through Possibility Coaching, consulting or Training, consider getting yourself certified as a Possibility Manager. (See: Gameworld, Meeting Technologies, Possibility, Radical Responsibility, Possibility Trainer)


    POSSIBILITY MANAGER – A Possibility Manager is an individual trained in the Thoughtmaps, tools and techniques of Possibility Management. Possibility Managers serve the Village - both its individuals and Organizations - by converting confusion, obstacles, conflicts, and diversity into opportunities, effective results, and success. On the Thoughtmap of Possibility, a Possibility Manager is the Archetypal Bright World King or Queen character serving responsible Principles to create High Drama. (See: Archetype, High Drama, Principles, Thoughtmap of Possibility)


    POSSIBILITY PAINTBRUSH – The Possibility Paintbrush is one of the 13 Tools on your Possibility Manager toolbelt. Of all your tools, this may be your most Powerful. That is why in the energetic illustration of Archearcha - the Adult Initiated Stellated Possibility Manager Woman - holds her Possibility Paintbrush high in her hand. The Possibility Paintbrush is a multidimensional Declaration tool. Since the Space determines what is Possible, the Possibility Paintbrush shifts Space. It is a Radically-Responsibly Conscious-Purpose Story Declaration. You do this while simultaneously Possibility Listening, Possibility Speaking, committing to what the other person is committed to, Radically Relying on - and being the Space through which - your Bright Principles and Archetyapal Lineage do their work in the world. This is ecstatic creation happening. (See: 13 Tools, Declaring, Purpose Radical Responsibility, Stories)


    POSSIBILITY PSYCHOLOGY – Possibility Psychology is founded on the assertion that humans are Beings who wear five different bodies (physical, intellectual, emotional, energetic, and archetypal). Through authentic adulthood initiatory processes beginning at eighteen years of age, the Being can distinguish between itself and its psychological survival strategy, and thereby build Matrix to hold more consciousness. A Being can take radical responsibility for its personality and learn to navigate the three worlds (upperworld, middleworld, and underworld), jack-in to its Archetypal Lineage, and consciously journey into archetypal domains as a service. There are many impediments blocking the evolution of consciousness. Possibility uses Inner Navigating clarity including Memetic Engineering to transform these impediments into pathways of evolution. (See: 5-Bodies, Archetypal Domain, Archetypal Lineage, Box, Initiation, Matrix, Radical Responsibility)


    POSSIBILITY SPEAKING (SPEAKING AS A SPACE) – If you do not know what you are supposed to say, then you can say anything. In Possibility Speaking, what speaks is the Destiny Principles that you serve and the Archetypes you have Stellated. When you are being the Space through which the Destiny Principles that you serve can do their work, the usual Box empowered 'you' is not there. If the Box is not there filling up the Space with its usual concerns and opinions, then what can be spoken serves something greater than your Box. The secret to Possibility Speaking is Holding Space with your Center, Grounding Cord, and personal Bubble of Space, Making Contact, then committing to serve the authentic necessity of the individual or group you are speaking to. Commit before you know how, click your Clicker and become a Space, jack-in to the Bright Principle of Possibility, then speak before you know what you are going to say. Let the authentic necessity call through an unending abundance of Possibilities for them to Choose from. Don't think. (See: 7 Kinds of Speaking, Archetypes, Destiny, Discovery Speaking, Making Contact, Responsible Principles, Space, Stellating)


    POSSIBILITY TEAM – A form of Meeting Technology from Possibility Management. Possibility Teams use Rapid Learning, Winning Happening and Possibility Speaking to liberate the intellectual capital of each team member for the Purpose of creating Possibility for the individual and their Projects. Possibility Team is NOT intended to try to teach the contents of Expand The Box trainings. NOR is the purpose of Possibility Team to try to deliver the healing or Initiatory processes from Possibility Labs. These are Trainer level challenges. You do not need to be a Trainer to Hold Space for a weekly Possibility Team. You only need to be you! More guidelines await you in the Possibility Team Handbook. Possibility Teams regard mistakes as valuable intellectual property, which is Copyleft, open code Thoughtware. Possibility Teams are extraordinary spaces for creating Pirate Agreements, asking Dangerous Questions, and making Unreasonable Requests of each other. The possibilityteam.org website lists films to watch, books to read, and supplementary Box-Expanding Matrix-Building experiences to engage together. One of the most joyous and inspiring experiences in Possibility Team is when you commit to each other's Evolution by earning or saving up the funds (e.g. each person adds €20 per week to a treasure box) and encourage each other to Experiment and to help each other take further steps along your Path (e.g. sending the next person to Expand The Box training or Possibility Labs, or any of the rich list of supplementary Initiations and experiences posted at the Possibility Team website. This is when Possibility Team really shines. (See: Holding Space, Meeting Technology, Path, Pirate Agreement, Possibility Speaking, Rapid Learning, Winning Happening)


    POSSIBILITY TRAINER – A Possibility Trainer is an individual trained and certified to be able to train others in the Thoughtmaps, tools, techniques, and Processes of Possibility Management. There is a big difference between Educators and Trainers. Educators provide explanations and information in classes where people learn how to do what is already known. Education provides new knowledge. Trainers provide possibilities in trainings where people gain abilities to innovate ways to do what is not yet known. Training provides new behavior. A Possibility Trainer’s job requires him or her to have an enhanced Creator (Sorcerer or Sorceress) Archetype connected directly into the source of Possibility. Through Practice, a Possibility Trainer learns to take reality apart and put it back together again with a new shape so that it provides the required new possibilities. A Possibility Trainer takes Radical Responsibility and Navigates Space to the Liquid State so that individuals or Organizations can learn in all 5 Bodies not just in the Mind. What a Possibility Trainer must learn is beyond what is provided by Western culture. If you are interested in being a Possibility Trainer we are interested in you. (See: 5 Bodies, Creator, High Drama, Liquid State, Navigating Space, Path, Possibility Manager, Practice, Responsibility, Starmaker, Trainer)


    POWER – Power is the ability to cause something to Be, to vanish, or to occur. This implies two kinds of Power: the Power of Being and the Power of Doing. Modern culture focuses on the Power of Doing which includes mostly external attentions and creating results in the external worlds. The Power of Being includes mostly internal attentions and creating results in the internal worlds. Developing your capacities in the Power of Being expands your abilities to relate. Your Energetic Body is fed by connecting with other Beings. Connecting from your Being to what someone possesses or what someone does is far less rewarding than connecting to what someone is. What amplifies both the Power of Being and the Power of Doing is Clarity. Clarity creates Power. Distinctions create Clarity. Possibility Management is dedicated to empowering people to create new results. This is why Possibility Management is so fascinated with Distinctions. (See: 5 Bodies, Being, Distinctions, Intelligence, Presence, Results, Sword of Clarity)


    PRACTICE – Practice is intentionally enacting behaviors producing a quality of stress that builds Matrix. Practice is often Orthogonal to what is happening in a Space and can therefore require the Conscious use of Gremlin to break free of the embarrassment of Practicing when others in the Space are not. Extraordinary Human Relationship and Archetypal Relationship only arise when supported by a certain level of Practice. Archetypal Man and Woman gradually build for themselves A Life of Practice. (See: Experiment, Gremlin, Matrix, Orthogonal)


    PRESENCE (THE EXPERIENCE AND FACT OF BEING PRESENT) – Presence is the experiential condition of being in a small NOW (meaning with your Point of Origin localized in a small point in time - not extending into the past or the future), a small HERE (meaning with your Point of Origin localized in a small point in space - without attentions in other places or fantasy worlds), and a small YOU (meaning with your Point of Origin - your identity - localized in an empty self-experience, meaning without many stories, assumptions, expectations, beliefs, projections, conclusions, etc.) The importance of learning Presencing skills is that your power is in the Present, meaning you are less Hookable in the Present, and you can most effectively Choose, Declare, Ask, and Create in the Present. Being Present with another person who is Present creates the Possibility of a Being-to-Being connection which bypasses all the defensive obstructions of your Boxes. Presence is also a prerequisite for the experience of Countenance. (See: 3 Powers, Countenance, Identification, Making Contact, Now, Unhookable)


    PRINCIPLE – A Principle is an energetic Force of Nature. A Bright Principles is a facet of Responsibility. A Shadow Principle is a facet of Irresponsibility. When you become the Space through which the Bright Principles that you serve can do their work then you are used by something greater than your Box and you become a force of nature as your Destiny in action. (See: Bright Principle, Destiny, Force of Nature, Shadow Principle, Thoughtmap of Possibility)


    PROBLEM – In Possibility Management there is actually no such thing as a Problem. A Problem only arises from a certain perspective that you maintain to serve Purposes of which you are usually unaware. For a Possibility Manager, a Problem signals the start of the next Gameworld and initiates a higher order of learning. This is the basis of the Possibility Management Meeting Technology named The Problem Is The Solution. (See: Meeting Technologies)


    PROCESS – In Possibility Management, the term 'Process' refers to a facilitated healing or transformational change experience that has a start, a middle, and an end. A typical Process will last from 30 to 120 minutes, and is delivered by Possibility Coaches, Possibility Trainers, or Feelings Practitioners. Further along the evolutionary path certain deep healing or transformation Processes may continue for a few weeks or a couple of months of Liquid States. Almost always a Process will involve the experience and expression of Feelings or Emotions because in Possibility Management it is understood that if there is no Liquid State (an any of the 5 Bodies) then there is no change. Why do a Process unless the outcome is change? Possibility Management Processes are not Cathartic. They are Cathectic. Nor are they for feeding Gremlins. From the first Possibility Lab onwards a participant experiences and is trained in how to discern Catharsis from Cathexis, and how to Hold Space for, and deliver, Possibility Making Processes (one of the 7 Core Skills of a Possibility Manager) and also the 51 Big Initiatory Processes. Since everything is always in flux, living can only be a Process. Lee Lozowick called it the great Process of divine evolution. (See: 7 Core Skills, Catharsis, Cathexis, Emotional Healing Process, Emotions, Feelings, Holding Space, Liquid State, Initiation)


    PROJECT – Your Project is the Gameworld that you build for serving other people and Gaia with your Pearl, your Bright Principles, and your Archetypal Lineage. You play at the Center of your Project until it is flying. At this point it may serve you and the others best is you replace yourself at the center as a way of embodying 'replacing yourself' in the Rules of Engagement of your Gameworld. In order to replace yourself you may need to - from the beginning on - train-up a close circle of 2-3 apprentices. The value of training others to replace themselves is that your Gameworld can live longer than you. (NOTE: For more about the value of replacing yourself in a Gameworld, please read the book Mount Analogue by Reneé Daumal, especially the afterwards.) (See: Archetypal Lineage, Being a Center, Bright Principles, Gameworld, Pearl, Practice)


    PROJECTION – An extremely effective Box defense strategy. The Box takes any part of itself that it does not like and transfers that quality to other people whom you can then outwardly ridicule. Projection is an effective Gremlin Food from either the Child Ego State, the Parent Ego State, or the Gremlin Ego State. The problem is that the people you are projecting your Emotional reactions on are not the correct targets so nothing will ever be healed or resolved no matter how hard you Project onto them. To resolve Emotional Projections, an Emotional healing Process is necessary, such as those provided by Possibility Coaches, Feelings Practitioners, or Trainers at Possibility Labs. (See: Box, Emotions Survival Strategy)


    PSYCHOLOGY – Another name for Box. All of Psychology is a virtual reality. (See: Box, Mind)


    PSYCHOPATH – A disconnection between the Mind and the Heart creates a ruthless, conscienceless, lack of compassion that can be measured on a CAT scan. It is a condition known to create Psychopathic and Sociopathic behaviors, made famous by those at the top of hierarchical structures such as in government, business, military, and the church. The inner split cuts off the possibility of experiencing mutual awareness. How do such damaged people end up running billion-dollar country-level or international organizations and making decisions? The answer is that we have implemented is an organizational design error. Hierarchical power structures naturally select for Psychopaths. The most powerful positions are given to whoever is best at doing whatever it takes to get the position. Think about it. Those who are best at doing whatever it takes to get power are the Psychopaths. Barack Obama is a particularly amazing Psychopath because although his mind and heart are disconnected he could still speak from his heart and convince people of his heartfelt sincerity, but then his actions betrayed the disconnect. Psychopaths stopped Authentic Adulthood Initiatory Processes in modern culture because Initiations identify Psychopaths. Next culture, Archearchy, puts Authentic Adulthood Initiatory Processes at the center of the culture as its highest value. They give power positions only to those who do not want them. To learn more about Psychopaths please read this article. (See: Box, Meeting Technologies, Survival Strategy)


    PURPOSE – (See: Conscious Purpose)




    QUESTIONING – (See: Asking)

  • R

    RADICAL HONESTY – Radical Honesty is the art and skill of saying what is so. A researcher on the front lines of Radical Honesty is Brad Blanton who makes many fine distinctions in his work that empowers individuals and organizations to communicate, relate, and co-create in extraordinarily productive ways. (See: What Is, www.radicalhonesty.com)


    RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY – Ordinary responsibility has been given a bad reputation in modern culture which teaches that responsibility is a burden. Responsibility makes you guilty. If you are responsible then you are the one to blame or to punish. To differentiate the Responsibility of Archetypal Woman or Man from ordinary responsibility you introduce the term Radical Responsibility. Radical Responsibility is the unreasonable Declaration of being the cause of everything, of being responsible for the level of responsibility being used in your gameworld. Radical Responsibility is uncompromising or unconditional responsibility. If you take Radical Responsibility then you are suddenly way beyond the influence of circumstances, excuses, reasons, logic or Psychology. Everything that happens is neutral, without Story, without meaning. There is no such thing as a problem. It is impossible to be a Victim of a situation because you created the situation exactly like it is. From the viewpoint of Radical Responsibility, Irresponsibility is an illusion. At first Radical Responsibility kills the Box and Gremlin’s victim positions which may seem unfair. To Possibility Managers Radical Responsibility is the practical manifestation of Archetypal Love. Responsibility is consciousness in action. (See: Archetype, Gameworld, Love)


    RAGE CLUB – Rage Club is a Rapid Learning environment for learning the distinctions, Thoughtware, and skills for Consciously using the energy and information of your anger. Rage Club is a one-time or ongoing workshop delivered in the Context of Possibility Management by a Spaceholder who has Stellated their anger and is to some degree Initiated into their Warrioress or Warrior Archetype. (See: Conscious Feelings, Context, Feelings Archetypes, Rapid Learning, Stellating)


    RAPID LEARNING – Rapid Learning is a four-step model of short-cycle-time evolution that avoids unproductive planning by starting with Go! The Feedback that you get from trying something tells you to keep Go!ing or to Shift your actions to course-correct towards your goal, and then to Go! again. Go! Feedback. Shift. Go! These are the four steps of Rapid Learning. Rapid Learning is a simple powerful tool used in Possibility Teams and other Meeting Technologies of Possibility Management. (See: Feedback, Vacuum Learning)


    REACTIVITY - The value of Noticing your Emotional Reactivity is gaining the chance to follow your Reactivity back to its source in Buttons, Hooks, Triggers, Traumas, Imbalances, or Demons so that you can take Radical Responsibility for what it really going on, and thereby gain Choice about what happens next, rather than automatically unleashing your robot-like Box Survival Strategies. (See: 4 Emotions, Ego State, Radical Responsibility, Survival Strategy)


    REALITY – Reality is what is seen through the agreed upon Story that establishes the rules of engagement in your Gameworld. Realities can have the quality of being more or less rigid, even when the true nature of the universe is fluid and without meaning. Realities become rigid when people take the Position (believe) that the Stories of their Gameworld are true and not just Stories. Rigid realities tend to generate excuses, conflict, and Low-drama instead of Results and High-drama. (See: Gameworld, Story, Belief, Reinventing Reality)


    REINVENTING REALITY – The Stories that produce a Reality can be rewritten, that is, restructured into new forms so as to contain different sets of Possibilities. With regards to Reality, function follows form, that is, when a Reality has a new form it can have new functionality. Archetypal Men and Women practice Reinventing Reality for serving their Destiny. (See: Declaring, Is-Glue, Is-Glue Dissolver, Liquid State)


    RELATIONSHIP – Three distinctions determine the experiential quality of your Relationship. In Ordinary Human Relationship you avoid Responsibility, there is a scarcity of love, and you use your partner to create Low-drama. In Extraordinary Human Relationship you take Adult Responsibility and create High-drama as a source of Extraordinary Human Love. In Archetypal Relationship there is no such thing as Relationship. What exists is a potential that can be spoken into and enlivened any way you want, a Space that can be Navigated, a Possibility that always does not yet exist so therefore cannot be already known. Relationship is then nothing until you produce what it is through ongoing acts of Nonlinear creation. Archetypal Relationship thrives when you commit to what the other person is committed to. Relationship thrives through immediate communication about what arises in relationship. Immediate communication creates intimacy. According to Joseph Chilton Pearce, your level of intelligence can be determined by your ability to interact. An easy gauge of what Space you are Navigating your Relationship into is to detect your Purpose. Either you are seeking to be right, or you are seeking to be in Relationship. (See: experiential-reality, Laboratory, Love, Navigating Space, Nonlinear)


    RELATIONSHIP SPACE CLEANOUT PROCESS – Relationship Space Cleanout Process is one of the 1 Big Possibility Coaching Floor Processes. The idea is that each person has a sacred energetic temple space in front of their abdomen in which the dance of intimate interactions with other people occurs. Over time, out of our awareness, this space gets filled with souvenirs, like closets and bookshelves. There are memories from your schooldays sweethearts, fantasies about Brad Pitt or Scarlet Johanssen films, ex-partners with whom you are still 'staying friends', energy from flirting with people at work parties, your dad or mom, your several current 'acquaintances'... by the time you are ready to meet with someone more significantly you may have already filled up your Relationship Space 60% with other energies. Then you can only offer them a meeting place that is 40% available. There is nothing wrong, bad, or stupid about this. But it does have consequences. If you decide that you would like to Clean Out Your Relationship Space it helps to already have your Center, to have your voice back, to already be on the New Thoughtmap of Feelings so that you can experience and express your Feelings and Emotions. These things happen during Expand The Box training. Relationship Space Cleanout is sometimes offered at Possibility Labs, and can also be arranged with a Possibility Coaching single session, or with a Feelings Practitioner. It is a loud, emotionally intense Initiation that takes about an hour. (See: 5 bodies, 6 Big Possibility Coaching Floor Processes, Center, Emotions, Expand The Box, Feelings, Process, Thoughtmap)


    REMINDING FACTOR – Without Reminding Factors the Box hypnotizes you into forgetting that something completely different from this is always possible right now. To keep one foot out the door, Possibility Managers develop the knack of arranging Reminding Factors for themselves. Then no matter what the circumstances are, Possibility is always a possibility. Reminding Factors must be somehow disturbing or uncomfortable in order to function, and they can vary wildly. For example, the Practice of behaving in some way contrary to any of the Box’s habits creates a Reminding Factor. You will find it necessary to persistently develop new Reminding Factors because the Box’s propensity for self-induced sleep can disempower the wake-up effect of a Reminding Factor in a remarkably short time. (See: Matrix, Practice, Responsibility)


    REQUEST– (See: Asking, Unreasonable Request)


    RESCUER – A Rescuer is the Shadow World Archetype in a Low Drama who Unconsciously uses the energy of fear to be arrogant and superior. You are a Rescuer when you provide help that is not wanted or asked for. Rescuing is when you take the position of “I am okay, you are not okay,” and you use that as justification for doing something for someone else because you are afraid that they cannot adequately do it for themselves. The Rescuer serves your Gremlin. (See: Archetype, Low Drama)


    RESENTMENT – Creating Resentment is the success of the Box and Gremlin blocking you from Intimacy. If you have even one Resentment with someone, then when they touch you, you do not feel their touch. Instead you feel your Resentment. Destroying Intimacy is important for the Box because if someone gets closer to your Being than your Box they can turn around and see that your Box is fake, a mask that you wear, a dead, mechanical Survival Strategy. If you stop Believing in your Box, how can it keep you in Survival anymore? The Box is afraid of losing its job, afraid that if it is not doing its job you might not Survive. Your Box does not know that if you depart from Surviving, you might start Living. The way to make a Resentment is to start by making an Assumption. If you Assume that your Assumption is true that changes your Assumption into an Expectation. If your Expectation is not fulfilled by someone then you create a Resentment in you towards them. Resentments are very difficult to disassemble. The Process for Disassembling A Resentment in you feels like dying. It requires you to destroy the part of your Box that is holding onto the Resentment. You need to take it apart in public. It is far easier to avoid making any Assumptions and to Withdraw Your Expectations one by one forever. (See: Assumptions, Box, Disassembling A Resentment, Intimacy, Expectations, Living, Survival Strategy, Withdrawing Your Expectations)


    RESOURCES – Possibility Management sees your 'Resources' as supplies of Context, Distinctions, Energy and Information for all 5 Bodies that are available for you to use to serve your Archetypal Lineage so it can serve the Village. There are treasures both inside of you, Internal Resources, and outside of you, External Resources. Internal Resources include, for example, your Intuition, Imagination, Instinct, Passion, Commitment, Vision, Feelings, Emotions, 13 Tools, Distinctions, Thoughtware, your Abilities, your Centeredness, and your Pearl. External Resources include Bright Principles (such as Possibility), Shadow Principles (such as conscious use of Irresponsibility), Gaia, the General Field of Consciousness, everyone else's Inner Resources (past and present), ways to call forth and bring to life other people's potential, Circles of people (through Nonlinear Meeting Technologies), Nothingness (the Void), Not Knowing, The Great Labyrinth of Spaces, and your Archetypal Lineage. Initiated Adult Women and Men become more Initiated and more Adult through Consciously Jacking-In to numerous Internal and External Resources that Modern Culture knows nothing about. A partial list of your untapped Resources is online at this link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RR0cE7RPYk (See: Ability, Adult, Consciousness, Initiation, Modern Culture, Pearl, Village)


    RESPONSIBILITY – Responsibility is Consciousness in Action. In other words, Responsibility is applied Consciousness. Your Ability to be Responsible increases as your Matrix grows in your Energetic Body. The more Conscious you are the more Responsible you can be. Awareness causes Responsibility. (See: 5 Bodies, Ability, Action, Consciousness, Matrix, Radical Responsibility)


    RESPONSIBLE PRINCIPLES – Responsible Principles is another name for Bright Principles. Responsible Principles are a force of nature. When you are the Space through which Responsible (or Bright) Principles can do their Work in the world, you are in Service of something greater than yourself and are your Destiny in Action. (See: Archetypes, Bright Principles, Thoughtmap of Possibility)


    RESPONSIBLE STORY – A Responsible Story is High Drama Consciously generated by Archetypal Woman or Man as an arena for serving Bright Principles. Responsible Stories give you more power than Victim Stories, and provide pathways for taking Responsibility and becoming more Conscious. (See: High Drama, Story)


    RESULTS – Results are the outcome of any Action. Your Actions may reflect higher or lower levels of Ability, and may occur Consciously or Unconsciously. You can tell by looking at the Results whether your Action served Responsible Purposes or Irresponsible Purposes. The Results never lie. (See: Action, Consciousness, Irresponsibility, Purpose, Responsibility)


    REVENGE – Revenge is Resentment in action, in other words, very strong Unconscious Gremlin food. To get Revenge is often the secret purpose behind Being Adaptive. (See: Being Adaptive, Gremlin, Resentment)


    RULES OF ENGAGEMENT – The Rules of Engagement are the instructions for how to play in a Gameworld. For example, the Rules of Engagement for how to play the piano are what you would learn in music lessons. The Rules of Engagement for how to play tennis are established by the International Tennis Federation founded in 1913. The Rules of Engagement for how to play in the Gameworld of the Nanonation of Possibilica include the Bill of Wrongs. When building Gameworlds, first agree on the Context. Out of the Context emerges a set of Distinctions. How to apply the Distinctions that emerge from your Context is explained in your Rules of Engagement. (See: Context, Distinctions, Gameworld, Nanonation)

  • S

    SCHOOL – Modern public culture school in western civilization was invented in the 1800s as a way to prepare citizens to serve as cannon-fodder-foot-soldiers in the corporate wars and as slave-laborers in the industrial corporations. Nothing has changed. The belief behind forcing your children to attend public school is that if you go to school and do whatever it takes to get good grades then you will get a good job and have a happy life. There is not much evidence to support the validity of this story. The rule of law of modern culture is systematically exterminating all life on planet Earth. Modern culture's rule of law has lost its legitimacy. Anyone following the rule of law of modern culture is criminally insane. Anyone enforcing the rule of law of modern culture has already forfeited their life. Children know this. Children know what is actually happening in the world. We are born directly connected to Gaia, the living spirit of the Earth. Each day that you force your child to stay in public school is one day less that they have to prepare themselves for what is coming. Is it any wonder there is so much anger in school? Is it any wonder there is Attention Deficit Syndrome? You want to force your children to give their center away to false authorities in a suicidal system for fourteen years? School has no intention at all of unfolding your child's true 5-body potential, or preparing them for adulthood Initiations, or Jacking them into their life mission, or teaching them the skills of Inner Navigation of their Emotional Body, Energetic Body, or Archetypal Body. School has no intention of Stellating Feelings, distinguishing Gremlin, building Matrix for holding more Consciousness, teaching intimacy and communication skills, or bringing a Woman to life. Take your kids out of school. Teach them how to build new Gameworlds that make the existing Gameworlds irrelevant. (See: Consciousness, Gameworld, Initiation, Inner Navigation, Matrix, Modern Culture, S.H.I.T, Stellating)


    SELF SURGERY – In traditional or indigenous Shamanism the great Shamans come into the Village and do the necessary Banishment or Retrieval processes on their clients with great fanfare, and between times battle against other Shamans for fame and power. In Possibility Management the Possibility Coaches, Feelings Practitioners, and Trainers collaborate with each other to empower their clients to do the surgeries on themselves, knowing that the more you can give the treasures of Possibility Management away so others can use them, the more the treasures grow in the world. There is an increasing number of Possibility Management Radically-Responsible Self Surgery Processes, including: Bypassing Mind Machines, Sewing Up Brain Splits, Rewiring Fear, Enfaltungs Process, Relationship Space Cleanout Process, Diaphragm Process, Retrieving Energetic Body Shards, Opening The Pearl, Distilling Bright Principles, Relocating your Point Of Origin, etc. (See: Bright Principles, Diaphragm Process, Enfaltungs Process, Initiation, Mind Machines, Pearl, Point Of Origin, Radical Responsibility, Relationship Space Cleanout Process, Retrieving Energetic Body Shards)


    SHADOW PRINCIPLE – Shadow Principles are facets of the overriding Shadow Principle of Irresponsibility. Shadow Principles include Revenge, Survival, Betrayal, Being Betrayed, Superiority, Manipulation, Chaos, Blame, Control, Deception, Exclusion, Disempowerment, Good / Bad, Arrogance, Disrespect, Scarcity, Competition, Being Right, Self Pity, Greed, Envy, Jealousy, Sneaking, Resentment, Making Wrong, Withholding, Domination, Contamination, Separation, Right / Wrong, and so on. Shadow Principles are referred to as unconscious or hidden because if you were conscious of the pain they caused to other people and yourself you could not enact them. Uninitiated Gremlin thrives in the service of Shadow Principles. (See: Bright Principle, Gremlin, Map of Possibility, Principle)


    SHADOW WORLD (UNDERWORLD) – The Shadow World is the set of spaces in the Great Labyrinth of Spaces that are dedicated to serving Shadow Principles. (See: Great Labyrinth of Spaces, Gremlin, Low Drama, Shadow Principle, Thoughtmap of Possibility, Unconscious)


    SHIFTING IDENTITY – Shifting Identity is the creative action of using Is-Glue to Declare who you are next. Shifting Identity can be Unconscious (as in, "I'm not good enough," or, "Nobody understands me.") or Conscious (as in, "This job may be impossible, so it is a good thing we are the Team that loves to do impossible jobs," or "My Box is trying to convince me that I cannot resolve this conflict, but luckily I have my Possibility Stone and as a Possibility Manager my Bright Principles can create new options for us.") Unconscious Identification equates you to enacting the Survival Strategy of your Box and Gremlin, limiting you to Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware. Conscious Identification equates you to being a vast and awesome potential, the Space through which the Bright Principles that you serve can do their work in the world. There are far more Possibilities available when you are Identified as a vast potential than when you are Identified as your Box. (See: Conscious, Identification, Is-Glue, S.H.I.T., Thoughtware, Unconscious)


    S.H.I.T. – S.H.I.T. is an abbreviation for Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware, which is the uninspected distinctions (or lack thereof) handed down to modern culture children before they are sent to school. Modern culture is a capitalist patriarchal empire with a rule of law that is methodically exterminating life on planet Earth. Calling modern culture's Thoughtware S.H.I.T. is not intended to be insulting, but rather to be clear. Since modern culture Thoughtware is uninspected it has been handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. It is very outdated Thoughtware. Upgraded Thoughtware is available and can be downloaded through Authentic Adulthood and Archetypal Initiatory Processes delivered in Trainings such as Expand The Box and Possibility Labs. (By the way, S.H.I.T. is also the German title of the Hollywood movie Accepted, which is highly recommended on the Possibility Management Movie List posted at possibilityteam.org) (See: Intelligence, Thoughtware, Upgrading Thoughtware)


    SKYHOOK – A Skyhook is an energetic tool used to help lift yourself Nonlinearly out of Spaces or situations. The most famous Skyhook of Possibility Management is from the Wand of Declaration: "Something completely different from this is possible right now." The Skyhook has been augmented or replaced by the Toolbelt mounted Jakobs Ladder. (See: 13 Tools, Declaration, Jakobs Ladder)


    SOCIAL MAGICIAN – It is understood that a social entrepreneur uses business techniques to bring their society into a better state of well-being. In comparison, a social magician uses Possibility Management techniques to bring their society into a better state of well-being. In other times and places such a person may have been referred to as an alchemist, sorceress, wizard, shaman, witch-doctor, medicine man, initiator, or rogue. Their calling is to facilitate the expansion of awareness so humans can grow up, live, learn, work, and play in authentic adulthood. A Social Magician enhances people’s personal and group Navigation skills in the current epochal culture shift to Next Culture. (See: Possibility Management)


    SPACE – There are two kinds of Space: Physical Space, which is defined by solid walls, ceilings and floors, and energetic Space, which comes into existence through Declaration and which can change size, location and Purpose. During one of the Initiations in Archearchy cultures while turning on the Archetypal Woman and Man inside of you is learning to use your Clicker to Declare energetic Space as a skill. Declared energetic Space is a volume of Attention in which the Man or Woman takes Responsibility for Responsibility. When a Space is Declared and owned, that Space can then be Navigated to serve Conscious Purposes. This is a Core Skill in Possibility Management because the Space determines what is possible. (See: 3 Powers, Archearchy, Conscious Purpose, Declaring, Holding Space, Initiation, Navigating Space, Possibility Trainer)


    SPACEHOLDER / SPACE HOLDING – (See: Holding Space)


    S.P.A.R.K. – The acronym S.P.A.R.K. (Specific Practical Applications of Radical Knowledge) was invented by my friend Rick Lewis for his unpublished novel that he let me read. He said I could steal the acronym for this Work which he knows and loves. S.P.A.R.K.s are open-code copyleft Thoughtware Upgrades from the Radical Responsibility Context of Possibility Management. Each S.P.A.R.K. starts with a DISTINCTION: which is unfolded in the NOTES: section, and then completed by offering you some EXPERIMENTS: to try in your daily life. The experiments make the Distinctions practical. If you are playing StartOver.xyz, reading a S.P.A.R.K. earns you 1 Matrix Point, and you earn 1 additional Matrix Point for each experiment you actually do. (There is a world of difference between thinking about doing an experiment, and actually doing the experiment. One is entertaining, the other changes your life... which can also be entertaining!) There are 189 SPARKs written in English (as of 11 December 2018). A Translation Team is translating S.P.A.R.K.s into13 additional languages. (If you would like to join the S.P.A.R.K. Translation Team please write to sparks@nextculture.org.) The main S.P.A.R.K.s Doorway is sparkexperiments.org through which anyone in the world can access all existing S.P.A.R.K.s for free. If you would like to receive a link to a random S.P.A.R.K. for free in English each week please go to http://sparks-english.mystrikingly.com/#subscribe-to-sparks. If you would like to receive the newest English S.P.A.R.K.s when they are written (about once per month attached to the Clinton Callahan Newsletter) you can subscribe here: www.clintoncallahan.org/newsletter-1. Doing the S.P.A.R.K. experiments over time Upgrades your Thoughtware sustainably and the effect is remarkably swift. If you like Upgrading your Thoughtware then S.P.A.R.K.s are High Level Fun! (See: Distinction, Liquid State, Radical Responsibility, Thoughtware, Transformation, Upgrading Thoughtware)


    SPEAKING AS A SPACE – (See: 7 Speakings, Possibility Speaking)




    SPINNING YOUR ENERGETIC BODY – One way to stay Unhookable is to keep your Center, your Grounding Cord, and your Bubble while you slowly spin your Energetic Body. The instructions are clear. The result of Spinning Your Energetic Body is that emotional triggers, barbs, hooks, insults, insinuations, stories, jealousies, projections, and Gremlin Low Drama invitations are much less able to land in you and grab hold of you. This is a precious result, almost beyond measure. The way to learn it is to follow the instructions and notice the results. You can check your skill with any of the Possibility Trainers. (See: Bubble, Center, Energetic Body, Gremlin, Grounding Cord, Unhookable)


    SPLITTING ATTENTION – Your Attention is what you have to navigate your life, because where your Attention goes, your energy flows. Sadly most of us have never taken a class in paying Attention to our Attention, so where it goes and what it does is, for the most part, Unconscious. It is, however, common Unconscious behavior for us to Split our Attention, putting various percentages of our Attention on more than one thing at the same time. For example, you might be 1. riding your bicycle in town, 2. listening to your music, 3. chewing gum, 4. reviewing your shopping list, and 5. checking out the guys on the street, all at the same time. You already have the possibility of Splitting Attention. Can you make that skill Conscious? Once you can Consciously Split your Attention you can stay Centered, Grounded, Bubbled, shift your identity to Possibility Manager, create an Energetic Work Space, keep your 13 Tools ready for use, use your 7 Core Skills, and create Possibility. (See: 7 Core Skills, 13 Tools, Attention, Bubble, Centering, Grounding Cord, Intention, Possibility, Possibility Manager)


    SPRINGSCREEN – A Springscreen is a Possibility Management tool that allows you to avoid being Hooked. Whenever you are presented with a scene that would upset you, offend you, frighten you, take your center, knock you off balance, overstimulate you (for example with rich food, easy money, or casual sex), or in some way Hook you into Low-drama, you notice that the scene appears on a white screen. This screen has a rubber loop hanging from its bottom. If you simply unhook the rubber band from the floor the entire screen rolls up like a movie projection screen and instantly vanishes. It is a Springscreen! All that remains is the next perfectly blank white Springscreen. If the scene starts to replay itself on the next Screen, simply unhook that one and it zips away too. You have an unlimited number of Springscreens! (Possibility Manager Professor Johann Göbel invented the Springscreen in 2003.) (See: 13 Tools, Disk of Nothing, Hooked, Unhookable)


    STAR – A Star is at the Center of a solar system. A Star is at the Center of a Gameworld. You may think that a Star has all the glory and sits in the most important position, but this is not true. Stars need planets. A Star without planets is just a lone wolf. It is equally true that planets need Stars. A planet without a Star is just interstellar debris. Coming together, planets and stars form something greater than each of them – a planetary system – equivalent to an Organization, a Gameworld. You do not join an Organization to solve the problem of loneliness. In fact, coming together in an Organization is not intended to solve any problems at all. Coming together into an Organization creates a Gameworld that is the Possibility that Bright Principles can do their work in the world. (See: Center, Organization, Stellate)


    STARMAKER – Certain individuals who Stellate their Archetypes serve Destiny Principles such as Integrity, Clarity, Possibility, Transformation and Love. Such a set of Principles manifests in certain activities, namely doing for others what has been done for them. This means that certain Stars dedicate themselves to making other Stars. A person who loves to liberate the vast and awesome potential of others is making Stars. In Possibility Management you refer to such a job as Starmaker. Starmaker professions may include teacher, trainer, coach, consultant, healer, mediator, guide, manager, leader, doctor, nurse, or therapist. But where do Starmakers come from? Think about it. If you are to somehow renew your public education system to provide the tools and techniques needed to live well in a rapidly evolving closed ecology environment you cannot start by teaching students because where would you get the teachers? You have to create possibility for teachers first. What you need most are people capable of making new teachers. You need men and women capable of training trainers, healing healers, and teaching teachers. You need people who can make Starmakers. This is the aim of Possibility Management, to liberate the potential of Starmakers so they can make other Starmakers. (See: Destiny, Possibility Trainer, Star, Stellating Archetypes)


    STARTOVER.xyz – StartOver.xyz is a massively-multiplayer online-and-offline personal Transformation game. It is a Winning-Happening game played individually, or in groups of up to eight people in a Possibility Team. The purpose of StartOver.xyz is to give each individual who plays the game - and the human race as a whole - a chance to literally start over. Starting over means shifting the gameworld of being a human being on Earth. This is accomplished through individuals Upgrading their Thoughtware one Distinction at a time. Nobody can do this for you. Nobody can stop you from doing this. The radically cool thing to realize here is that every new Disinction you 'get' matters because every new Distinction you integrate into your Energetic Body changes the shape of Morphogenetic Field of the human race! It is the Morphogenetic Field of the human race that determines the Status Quo. Each Distinction you get earns you one Matrix Point in StartOver.xyz. The new Matrix you build increases the quality of the Consciousness you catch. By collectively building Matix we change the characteristics of the human Morphogenetic Field to be more conscious which transforms the Status Quo. Voila! You get to live in the world your heart knows is possible! (See: www.startover.xyz, www.possibilityteam.org, Consciousness, Distinction, Matrix, Possibility Team, Power, Status Quo, Upgrading Thoughtware, Winning Happening)


    STATUS QUO – The most difficult thing in the Universe to change is the Status Quo. It seems to be tough as leather and resilient as Hell. The Status Quo is the Box of the Gameworld of Culture. The Status Quo programs each new generation of children with the same old S.H.I.T. and miraculously repairs the delusion whenever there is an economic collapse. Where does the Status Quo come from? It comes from averaging the lowest common denominator of the Distinctions held in the Energetic Bodies of all the humans playing in that Gameworld. Modern Culture has become a Memetic Virus in the Global Ethnosphere and, due to the military and legal defense strategy of its Status Quo and its propensity to assume that nature has no value until it is monetized, may terminate the Conscious Evolution of humans on Earth. Any Edgeworker who upgrades their Thoughtware to higher quality Distinctions changes the Status Quo! This means you have Power to change the world by, for example, playing StartOver.xyz where you are offered hundreds and eventually thousands of Experiments for Building Matrix in your Energetic Body to hold more Consciousness. Each new Distinction you get immediately changes the Status Quo - in addition to giving you a Matrix Point in the StartOver.xyz game! (See: Box, Building Matrix, Consciousness, Distinction, Ethnosphere, Experimenting, Morphogenetic Field, Power, S.H.I.T., StartOver.xyz)


    STELLATE – To change from a planet into a star. A planet absorbs more energy than it radiates. A star radiates more energy than it absorbs. Human Beings are designed to live as Stars. Standard Issue Thoughtware has us living as planets, consuming, imitating, criticizing, giving your Center away, being adaptive, and feeding off of the Responsibility of authority figures. Archetypal Men and Women use upgraded Thoughtware to own their Center, to take Responsibility for Responsibility, and to be the source of resources. (See: Being Centered, Starmaker, Thoughtware)


    STELLATING ARCHETYPES – Stellating Archetypes means to activate the Archetypes. Each of the four Feelings is associated with a Bright-world Archetype and a Shadow-world Archetype. Shadow-world Archetypes are generally already activated through the use of Standard Issue Thoughtware. Bright-world Archetypes are mature and ready to be activated when you are about fifteen years old. The process of Stellating Bright-world Archetypes requires that you experience and express one hundred percent maximum of each of the four Feelings intentionally until you discover that although the energy of the Feelings is big, you are bigger. Then for the rest of your lives the resources of the Archetypes are available for us to use. (See: Archetype, Center, Stellate)


    STORIES – As described in the Thoughtmap of Possibility, everything that exists and everything that happens is without meaning and completely neutral. You do not leave things that way. You are always creating. You create by making Stories about what exists and what happens. Stories are the meanings you add, your interpretations, how you See: things, your assumptions, projections, judgments, criticisms, opinions, implications, conclusions, expectations, and so on. Your Stories make the world look acceptable to your Box. You package Stories in specific tones of voice, emotional moods, and timing (or non-timing) in order to slant things, twist things, add spin, hook people, and make things important or invisible, so that your position is justified and your Box is proved right. If you can create your Box’s usual Stories then your Box feels safe and tells you that you will survive. It is amazing that you can believe your own Stories even though you just make them up out of nothing using Is-Glue. The Mind has an uncanny ability to pop into a Gameworld created by a Story and act as if the Gameworld were Reality. Much of your Story making is Unconscious and thus serves the Shadow Principles of your Gremlin. Archetypal Man and Woman learn to use Story making to create High Drama and serve Conscious Purposes. (See: Box, Is-Glue, Gameworld, Thoughtmap of Possibility)


    SURVIVAL – Survival is the assumption of scarcity... not enough Love, not enough acknowledgement, not enough money, not enough energy, not enough Intelligence, not enough of whatever it will take to Live. Survival is the basis of Low Drama. We human beings often assert that we are in a Survival situation when we are not. This is because we are Uninitiated. Authentic Adulthood and Archetypal Initiations connect human beings directly and irrefutably into vastly abundant inner and outer resources that modern culture knows nothing about. These resources radically contradict the assertion of Survival. One of the irrefutable inner resources is Radical Responsibility which allows you to Unreasonably take Responsibility for sourcing the resources. (See: Authentic Adulthood, Box, Gremlin, Initiation, Living, Low Drama, Radical Responsibility, Survival Strategy, Thoughtmap of Possibility)


    SURVIVAL STRATEGY – Your Survival Strategy is the set of ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors you use to interface with the world around you. In Possibility Management we have named your Survival Strategy the 'Box'. You probably experience your Survival Strategy as your self. This works until you are about 18 years old because before that age you do not have enough Matrix to hold the Consciousness of Radically Responsible Living. If your one and only Survival Strategy fails you assume you could die. So it makes sense to protect your Survival Strategy before you protect your Physical Body. But I once saw a cigarette-smoking middle-aged woman at the seashore get struck by a sleeper wave. She could not swim well, was wearing a heavy fur coat, and she was rapidly being dragged out to sea. Her main concern was to keep her cigarette dry. This also explains why someone who is being physically or sexually abused (for example, a child being molested by a Priest) stays in the situation feeling grateful that his or her Survival Strategy makes them strong enough to endure it rather than speak out, say "No!" or "Stop!", make boundaries, report it to the authorities, or simply leaving. Strangely enough the primary plan in a Survival Strategy is self-disempowerment. We create confusion, suppress our Feelings of rage or fear, install energetic blocks, cut off from our imagination, send away parts of our Energetic Body, believe self-created self-destructive Stories, etc. all to make us small and weak and nice to avoid being killed, not knowing that these exact elements are what we need to Live. Living is an entirely different Context from merely Surviving. If you have made the shift of Context from Surviving to Living you would certainly remember it. The thing that first protects you - your Survival Strategy - eventually becomes the thing that imprisons you. What gets you out of prison are the Initiations that induce you to grow up. (See: Adulthood, Box, Context, Initiation, Survival)


    SWAMP – The world is a giant Feedback generator. Receiving direct, honest, confrontive Feedback can challenge the Reality of your Box. Having your Box challenged is one of the most disturbing experiences you could possibly have. When you are more committed to defending your Box as it is than you are to expanding your Box, you must somehow avoid Feedback. One very clever way to distract yourself from “negative” Feedback is to enter the Swamp. If you receive a Beep in Rapid Learning then voices in your head start repeating Stories such as, “I’m not good enough, I’m a failure, I will never make it anyway, Nobody loves me, Nobody listens to me, I can’t do it, I’m too stupid, I’m too weak,” and so on. After a while you might even get turn your Story making towards the ones who gave you the Feedback, “What do they know about me anyway? Who are they to be giving me Feedback? Look at their life! They are stupid! They are a failure,” and so on. The energetic quagmire of having these voices in your mind is the Swamp. When you notice these kinds of voices in your head then you know that you are in the Swamp. This is then the 'X' on your Map. Clarity gives you power. Recognizing that you are in the Swamp gives you a choice. You can continue to fester and decay in the Swamp, or you can get out. To get out all you have to do is say to yourself, “Oh! I am in the Swamp! I must have received some Feedback that is freaking my Box out.” If you go to the person who gave you the Feedback and say, “Thanks for the Feedback,” this immediately takes you out of the Swamp and puts you back into Rapid Learning, where you can use the Feedback to guide your Action redesign about what to shift to get better results when you try again. (See: Beep!, Box, Feedback, Gremlin, Rapid Learning, Voice Blaster)


    SWORD OF CLARITY – The term sword in Possibility Management refers to the metaphorical tool of the Archetypal Doer (Warrior/Warrioress). It is the Doer who establishes and nurtures a relationship with archetypal Anger such that Anger informs his actions and enables him to act with precision and without hesitation. The Warrior or Warrioress learns to never put away their Sword, not even when they go to bed. This makes them potent, ever alert, attentive, hot to Ask Dangerous Questions, and therefore useful for the Archetypal Man / King and Woman / Queen. (See: Archetype, Boundaries, Dangerous Questions, Distinctions, Stellating Archetypes)

  • T - U - V

    TECHNOPENURIAPHOBIA (TPP) – In the 1960s we needed a term to describe the rising fear about so much new technology entering our daily lives. The term was technophobia. One generation later we have become so dependent on modern technology that we now experience technopenuriaphobia (TPP), the fear of being without technology (penuria being a Latin term that means penury, or scarcity). TPP is symptomatic of an insane patriarchal empire disregarding the fact that human Beings live on a closed-ecology planet. Children in modern culture are born halfway up a tall ladder of technology where water comes from a faucet. Light comes when you flick a switch. Heat comes from turning a knob. Food comes from the refrigerator or grocery store. Money comes from ATMs. Cars or trains take you anywhere you want to go in near total comfort. Under all of this oozes a subtle but pervasive fear that this technology could suddenly fail. Since you do not know how to live on the Earth without your technological interface, failure of your technology can mean sudden death. The cure for technopenuriaphobia is to put in the missing low-tech rungs in the ladder of technology by learning low-tech skills. Repeatedly exposing yourself to gradually decreased levels of technology helps you regain the ability to live directly on the Earth. (See: Feelings)


    THOUGHTMAP - A Thoughtmap is an energetic diagram showing the relationship and the flow of power between factors. You can understand the importance of Thoughtmaps when you consider that very real possibilities were created when people changed their Map representing the Earth from a disk to a ball. You acquired new possibilities not because the Earth itself changed, but only because your Mental Map of the Earth changed. You do not relate to the world as it is. You relate through your Thoughtmaps of the world. Get a new Map and you get a new world. For example, Possibility Management only exists to produce more effective results. There is a Map that shows the relationship between Thoughtmaps and how they relate to creating new Results. It is called the Map of Changed Results where you can see that new results come from making new actions. It would be a form of insanity to think that you could get new results by continuing your same actions! New Actions are produced when you make new conscious or unconscious decisions to act. Making new decisions is based on having new options to choose from. New options come from new Thoughtmaps. And new Thoughtmaps come from new Context. From the Map of Changed Results you can see that instead of working on the level of trying to change your habitual actions you can go directly to the level of Thoughtmaps. Making a small change in your Thoughtmaps can produce a significant change in your Results. (See: Action, Distinction, Results)


    THOUGHTMAP OF POSSIBILITY – A case could be made for calling the Thoughtmap of Possibility the central Thoughtmap of Possibility Management. The Thoughtmap of Possibility starts with a single vertical line which acknowledges that whatever happens is completely neutral. This Thoughtmap is based on the assumption that Human Beings do not leave things neutral but instead are creating in every Moment. You create by making Stories about what happens, interpreting the evidence that you perceive and giving it meaning. The world is rich in evidence so there is evidence to support any Story you want to create. Every Story you make has a Purpose. Either you are Conscious of your Purpose or you are not. The dichotomy between Conscious and Unconscious Purpose creates two general types of Games: Responsible Games or Irresponsible Games. Which game you are playing is always discernable by the Results you create. Responsible Games serve Bright Principles. Irresponsible Games serve Shadow Principles. (See: 2 Dramas, Archetype, Gameworld, High Drama, Low Drama, Principles, Results, Stories)


    THOUGHTWARE – Thoughtware is what you use to think with. The way you think is not random. You think in repeated patterns shaped by how you perceive the relationships between things as described by your Thoughtmaps. Your set of Thoughtmaps is your Thoughtware. You could think before you went to school, so you derived your present Thoughtware largely from your parents before you went to school. Where did your parents get their Thoughtware? From their parents. You have received Western civilization’s Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware (S.H.I.T.) that has been passed down to you from generation to generation for thousands of years. You are using very old Thoughtware. Newer versions of Thoughtware exist. You have the option of upgrading your Thoughtware. As they say in Possibility Management, “Your mind is yours to play with and make into whatever you want. Upgraded thoughtware can be downloaded in 3-5 day transformational trainings such as Expand The Box training. (See: Beliefs, Expand The Box, Memetic Engineering, Thoughtmaps, Trainer)


    TONIC GOLD™ – Tonic Gold is a true alchemical elixir with similarly-contexted matrix-building properties as Expand The Box trainings. Tonic Gold has been called “liquid truth.” It builds your causal body which is the thing in you that when it grows allows you to take greater responsibility. Most people do not feel any different when using Tonic Gold, but soon notice beneficial coincidences occurring beyond all levels of probability. Tonic Gold acts as a catalyst that moves through your energetic blocks and harmonizes, coordinates and balances the 4 bodies. The spicy liquid is imbued with its own intelligence; it locates and transforms hindering tendencies redirecting them to strengthen your body’s own innate healing capacity. Tonic Gold is integrative and supports other healing and transformational processes. Tonic Gold is handcrafted exclusively in limited quantities in India, in the modern laboratory of a European man who is one of the world’s only living Master Alchemists. Tonic Gold is unequalled in quality and requires almost one year to prepare. It does not contain any molecular gold. It comes in 10-milliliter dark-purple glass dropper bottles. If you place one drop on the tongue each morning, one bottle typically lasts 2 to 3 months. (See: Expand The Box, Matrix)


    TORUS TECHNOLOGY – Torus Technology is a new meeting technology for groups, teams, clubs, organizations, businesses, and community Gameworlds. Using a Torus rather than a pyramid is a way for many to also experience being one. Whereas in a traditional community or company the Gameworld only works when you try to fit in (not being yourself), a Torus only works by you being yourself. The elation of being asked to be yourself by the Gameworld you play in is indescribably fulfilling and inspiring. (See: Gameworld, Meeting Technologies, Radical Responsibility)


    TRAINER – Trainers are different from Educators in that Educators upgrade what you think about (information) and Trainers upgrade what you think with (Thoughtware). Holding Space for the process of adding to the contents of your thinking (what Educators do) is very different from Holding Space for the processes of shifting the Context of your Box and your Gameworld (what Trainers do). Shifting Context equates to shifting the Gameworld you are playing in, for example, shifting from weaving homegrown-wool sweaters to writing and directing Next Culture transformational theater pieces. You are either producing works of wool or works of theater, and you cannot change knitting into directing plays. They are two different Gameworlds, as different as chess and football. They each have unique rules, use different tools, make use of different distinctions and talents, and produce different outcomes. Trainers are specifically trained to initiate and navigate context-shift Liquid-states, fulfilling cultural roles historically filled by people in the roles of alchemist, shaman, magician, witch, healer, herbalist, cultural midwives, initiator, sorcerer, who were systematically killed off in Europe during seven hundred years of inquisitions. This could be why it takes such courage to reclaim your Trainer talents and put them to work in the service of humanity. They might come and get you again. Participants of a Training can only go as far as the Trainer can go. This means that the Trainer needs to go first, although the Trainer does not need to know, they only need to hold open the Possibility of receiving ongoing Feedback and Coaching from the participants. There may be Educators calling themselves Trainers because they are not familiar with these distinctions, however, calling yourself a Trainer and performing as an Educator when what the client truly needs is a Trainer betrays the Training profession. Possibility Trainer Certification takes all this into account and brings Trainers back fully into action serving as context-shift bridges to Next Culture. (See: Box, Context, Gameworld, Liquid-state, Next Culture, Possibility Trainer)


    TRAINER PATH – The evolutionary Transformational steps one engages to become a Trainer in service of your Village. (See: Trainer, Village)


    TRAINING – A Training differs from a class, seminar, talk, conference, or workshop in that a Training is navigated by a Trainer serving as the Spaceholder for the 4 Body Liquid States involved in Authentic Initiatory Processes and Context shift. (See: Context, Four Bodies, Liquid-state, Spaceholder, Trainer, Transformation)


    TRANSFORMATION – In Possibility Management the term 'Transformation' is the name for an Evolutionary shift of Context that changes who you are and simultaneously changes the Universe. Context is shifted during Authentic Adulthood Initiations by Upgrading your Thoughtware to change your core Distinctions. Changing your core Distinctions changes the shape of your Being. Changing the shape of your Being forces the Universe to conform to your new shape and to interact with you differently. When the Universe interacts with you differently you get new Possibilities. That is why Possibility Managers say, "If you want new results but you cannot change the circumstances, then change what is Possible." Creating or experiencing Transformation changes what is Possible. This is why Possibility Management is regarded as a Transformational Gameworld. (See: Context, Initiation, Gameworld, Trainer, Training)


    TRANSFORMATIONAL MEETING – (See: Uniform Meeting)


    TRIALITY – (See: Consciousness)


    TRUE PURPOSE – (See: Destiny, Hidden Purpose)




    UNCONSCIOUS PURPOSE – (See: Hidden Purpose)


    UNDERWORLD (SHADOW WORLD) – The Underworld is the domain of Gameworlds dedicated to serving Shadow Principles. (See: 3 Worlds, Gremlin, Low Drama, Thoughtmap of Possibility, Shadow Principles)


    UNHOOKABLE – The first and most crucial of the seven core skills is staying Unhookable. Staying Unhookable is an art form. Humanity is so easily Hooked that if you become Unhookable you almost seem inhuman. The art is to remain Unhookable and still be human. Unhookable does not mean unfeeling, isolated, shut down or numb. On the contrary, Unhookable means that you perceive the hooks with great sensitivity and precision, and while still being compassionate you shift slightly out of context before the hooks have a chance to set into your psychological flesh. The problem is, you will always have a Box. And if you have a Box, then there will always be something there to Hook into. Many of the tools and techniques from Possibility Management aim at keeping you Unhookable, because if you get Hooked you forget what is Extraordinarily and Archetypally possible for you and how to access it. (See: Center, Core Skills, Disk of Nothing, Spinning Your Energetic Body, Springscreen)


    UNIFORM MEETING and TRANSFORMATIONAL MEETING – A Uniform Meeting requires everyone to do the same thing at the same time, such as a class. A Transformational Meeting allows subgroups as small as one individual to do whatever feeds them through receiving or giving. In a Torus Technology meeting, the period of Convergence is a Uniform Meeting, and the period of Divergence is a Transformational Meeting. As the Torus Meeting 'breathes' in and out in Convergence and Divergence, it is a meeting technology that allows the many to also be one. (See: Navigate Space, Torus Technology)


    UNREASONABLE – The Box justifies its viewpoints through welding every choice that it makes to Reasons. You have been trained by modern culture to be reasonable. Without a good reason (meaning, a reason that is understood and accepted as reasonable) you can stand behind no choice. If you have a good reason, you can get away with (almost) any Irresponsibility. In order to go Nonlinear, Possibility Managers need more freedom than is allowed by limiting decisions to reasons. It is possible to do the surgery of separating choices from reasons. (See: Nonlinear)




    UPGRADING THOUGHTWARE – Thoughtware is what you use to think with. You had most of your Thoughtware before you went to School - they don't let you in School unless you can already think. School does not investigate the Context of what you use to think with. Instead, School focuses on adding more and more content to what you can think about in the Knowledge Continents of your Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware. Upgrading your Thoughtware is Evolutionary because it changes the Distinctions in all your 5 Bodies and therefore changes who you are. Upgrading Thoughtware is the central Process in Expansive Learning. (See: Conscious Evolution, Context, Distinction, Expansive Learning, Matrix, School, S.H.I.T., Thoughtware, Transformation)


    UPPERWORLD (BRIGHT WORLD) – The domain of Gameworlds dedicated to serving Bright Principles. (See: Bright Principles, High Drama, Thoughtmap of Possibility)




    VACUUM LEARNING – Offering Possibility to an individual or an organization may not be successful because possibility is often experienced as pressure. For example, if you present a new gateway, offer to go Nonlinear, shift Context, use Feelings energies, amplify their vision, commit to their commitments, land new Distinctions in the Space to create new Clarity, asking Dangerous Questions, making Unreasonable Requests, etc., they may think you are pressuring them and they may reject your Possibility offer. The Box is very skilled at defending itself against pressure from the outside by applying counter-pressure from the inside, such as reasons, laws, rules, traditions, or stories, for example, "We already tried that last year and it didn't work." "That is not possible." "We do not have the financial or manpower resources." "This scares us." etc. However, if you have been applying pressure your work becomes almost irresistible if you suddenly shift to applying a Vacuum. The Vacuum causes the Box to blow itself apart from its own inside pressure, which gives the individual or group the vulnerability it needs to consider new options. Vacuum can be generated through listening from absolute Nothingness (Possibility Listening), starting a Meta-Conversation (a conversation about the conversation), agreeing with their disagreements, turning to face their enemies from their point of view and asking, "What can I do for you?", pulling the rug out, going orthogonal from the current Space, or using Gaps in Time, Space, Identity, Noise, or Knowing. (See: 5 Gaps, Box, Possibility)


    VAMPIRE ENTITY – The rather dramatic term 'Vampire Entity' is used in Possibility Management during several specific Healing and Initiatory Processes. It refers to the experience of your Energy being drained to feed something else. One condition is when a Voice in your head seems to persist and either blocks you or coerces you to do - or not do - something. This Voice seems to come of its own volition with its own energy-devouring (disempowering) Purposes (that's why it can be described as 'vampire-like'), and it seems to hang together and persist almost as if it had a life of its own (these are its characteristics of being an entity). The other condition when the term 'Vampire Entity' seems appropriate is when you use a Trigger Phrase (a Trigger Phrase is a thought that you think, such as, "There is no room for me." Or, "Nothing interests me." etc.) and then you feel depressive, exhausted, or overwhelmed for a few days or a week. This pattern is how you can recognize that an energetic Vampire Entity has been called in by your Trigger Phrase, sinks its fangs into your jugular vein, and sucks your energy until it is so engorged it falls away sleeping. Nothing you try stops the depression, and then suddenly it is over and you don't know why it stopped. Do you know anybody with a pattern like this? Until you notice a verbal or a depressive/aggressive Vampire Entity regularly having a meal at your expense, you Unconsciously keep the Café 'open' and you - you tasty little thing - are the menu. Once you detect hungry Vampire Entities approaching you and hovering inside or outside of you, Action can be taken. Only you can decide what you want to do about taking your future back. No one can do it for you. As a side note, no one can stop you from taking your future back from Vampire Entities. Note: If you decide to remove yourself from their diet, don't worry. They won't starve to death if they can't eat you. There are plenty of sheeple out there who do not yet struggle with giving their life over to being Vampire Entity junk food. NOTE: In the second kind of Vampire Entity that gets called with a Trigger Phrase, S.P.A.R.K. 135 could be very useful, and also 4emotions.mystrikingly.com. (See: 4 Emotions, Bardo, Healing, Initiation, Processes, Voice Blaster)


    VAVOOM! – Sometimes Spaces become so confusing, chaotic, corrupted, cantankerous, and crashed that no linear or logical piece-by-piece method will work to put them back together again. Like Humpty Dumpty's great fall: "All the King's horses and all the King's men, couldn't put Humpty together again." Something different is needed. Something special... Something magical... It becomes necessary to Vavoom! the Space. Vavoom! is an energetic cleansing tool from Possibility Management. It is navigated with your breath, your Attention, and your intention. To Vavoom! a Space, place your attention on all the details of the current situation. Yes, you are right, the word 'all' is one of those fake words. It is a perfect word, in the same category of words as 'never', as in, "You never listen to me!", or 'always', as in "You always get to have things your way!" These fake words are easy for the Mind to comprehend... but have no connection to reality. Perfection does not exist in the material world. Still, I use the word 'all' on Purpose here to imply that you can energetically Declare that your Attention encompasses and includes 'all' of the multidimensional details of the current situation even though you are not consciously aware of the 'all' of the details of the current situation. You are making a Declaration. You Declare that it is so and then act as if it is true. This is not so-called 'magical thinking' where just because you think something is true it is true. Declaring does not come from the Mind. It comes from the Energetic Body. You Declare that something is so from your Energetic Body. Then keep going. Once you encompass 'all' the details of the current situation in your Attention you consciously and with full Attention make a maximum deep but slow inhalation of your breath. While you are inhaling you gather up all the multidimensional details of the current situation starting from immediately around you and by the end of your inhalation finally including 'everything' even from the farthest reaches of the Universe. Use your Intention to send the whole shebang into the center of the Bright Principles, raw Consciousness and Archetypal Love. Everything is being washed in the Bright Principles, including you and your 5 Bodies. Nothing is left out. In a flash, the Bright Principles do their healing, cleansing, uplifting, and transformation work and put things back into their original, pure, pristine order. As you exhale you bring all the newly reordered details back into the material world, starting with the farthest reaches of the Universe and ending finally with your Center. There! In one breath you have just Vavoomed! the Space. (NOTE: To be transparent, I stole the root word 'Voom!' from a Doctor Suess children's book called The Cat in the Hat, and I stole and reinvented the actual procedure after a conversation with Lee Lozowick who called the practice 'Heart Breath'.) (See: 13 Tools, Attention, Bright Principles, Intention)


    VERBAL REALITY – Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware excludes you from ninety percent of what is Possible by limiting what you perceive to what you can name, describe, or think about in words. This leaves you with no choice but to live in a word-bound, crystallized and well-defended Verbal Reality. Your conclusion must be that if you cannot say it in words, it does not exist. However, consider this question: What is bigger? The universe? Or your vocabulary? Because it is so simple to encounter experiences that are beyond words, you are hereby challenged to unbind your experience from your vocabulary, leave Verbal Reality behind like a butterfly leaves its chrysalis, and enter the worlds beyond words. (See: Experiential Reality, Mind, S.H.I.T.)


    VICTIM – Archetypal Shadow World character who irresponsibly uses the energy of Sadness to create Low Drama. The Victim takes the position of “I am not okay, you are okay,” and uses that as justification for supporting self-pity, being betrayed, being resentful, blaming Persecutors, and manipulating Rescuers. A skilled Victim can make a Persecutor or Rescuer out of anyone! (Do you know what I mean?) Once a Victim can prove they have been 'victimized,' they have perfect justification to get revenge! Revenge is a Shadow Principle. Low Drama is Gremlin Food. In the Archetypal perspective it is impossible to be a Victim. (See: Gremlin, Low Drama)


    VICTIM STORY – A Victim Story is the Low-drama generated by a Victim as a reason to justify Irresponsible Gremlin actions and for serving Shadow Principles. These Purposes are so convoluted and self-destructive that when Possibility Managers are presented with a Victim Story they take another perspective. They see a Victim Story as an invitation to get into deeper Relationship through Vacuum Learning. (See: Relationship, Vacuum Learning)


    VILLAGE – For more than 200 thousand years human beings have lived together in some form of Village. Whether it is nomadic or settled, a village of less than 60 adults is the social environment that has shaped our nature. Neither bonding together in 'nation state' Constructs nor living nameless in mega-cities suits our nature. There is nothing stopping anyone from exiting Modern Culture lifestyles except their Thoughtware. Through taking Radical Responsibility for Upgrading your own Thoughtware you can build 21st Century Gameworlds that are both regenerative (one step more appropriate than merely sustainable) and Village-like. The Village can Declare itself to be a Nanonation, can choose its own highest values and Bright Principles, and can be the social fabric to which the Initiated Adult members can dedicate themselves to delivering the services of their Archetypal Lineage. Human beings can establish themselves as a global meshwork of 100 million local-authority interdepending Nanonation Villages. (See: Gameworld, Modern Culture, Nanonation, Radical Responsibility)


    VISION – It's a weird thing to talk about Vision. Vision is something you see with your mind's eye. The implication is that it is a visual experience. You 'see' it. But you don't. Where does Vision come from? Why do some people seem to have Vision and some do not? When someone has Vision, they seem Inspired, they move through obstacles like they were stepping stones. Vision can be blurred and waylaid by distracting or interfering elements, whereas Inspiration is less so. Inspiration can still move things forward even if there is no Vision about exactly how it should go or should look. In Possibility Management it is recognized that "Clarity ignites unquenchable Inspiration." The mechanism of becoming Inspired is revealed: first get Clarity. Distinctions create Clarity. Clarity creates Inspiration. Being able to deliver a clear and powerful Vision can provide the Clarity that ignites unquenchable Inspiration. Landing Vision requires skillful Story telling. (See: Clarity, Distinction, Stories)


    VOID – (See: 5 Gaps, Inner Void, Nothingness, Outer Void)


    VOICE – The term 'Voice' in Possibility Management has two main uses. One use refers to your Authentic Adult Voice (your Real Voice...) that comes out your mouth for making Boundaries, saying what you want and don't want, sharing your inner world with others, landing Distinctions in a Space, and using your Possibility Paintbrush to create and Navigate Spaces during Training Processes, Discovery Speaking, or 5 Body Intimacy Journeys. Your Authentic Adult Voice does not come to life except through Authentic Adulthood and Archetypal Initiatory Processes such as Rewiring the Brain, Sewing Up Brain Splits, Upgrading Thoughtware, Bypassing Mind Machines, Banishing Energetic Blocks, Retrieving Energetic Body Splinters, Stellating Feelings, letting your Heart Speak, Entfaltungs Process, Discovery Speaking, Dragon Speaking, Going Sane, and Singing Until the Song Sings You. These Processes are provided during the recommended 10 Possibility Labs, and also sometimes during Possibility Coaching, or Feelings Practitioner sessions. The other use for the term 'Voice' in Possibility Management refers to the Voices that you converse with in your head. In general these are not your Voice. They are Voices that you adopted from others and incorporated into your Box's (and Gremlin's) Survival Strategy. Hearing a Voice in your head usually indicates that you are at the moment Identified with the Parent Ego State or contaminated with other people's energy in your Personal Bubble of Space. These Voices come from external Authority Figures such as parents, Culture, belief systems, or corporate marketing. The Parent Ego State Voices use demolishing criticism and superior praise to keep you in Survival (where your Box Technology works) to distract you from being yourself in the Present where you have power and there are almost no Voices in your head. In Possibility Management the recommended conversation to have with these Voices in your head is, "Blammo!" The best tool for that conversation is your Voice Blaster. (See: Box, Ego State, Identification, Process, Survival, Voice Blaster)


    VOICE BLASTER – The Voice Blaster is one of the 13 Tools on a Possibility Manager's Toolbelt. It is an energetic tool that allows you to obliterate mental voices speaking into your head. Voices come from someone else, from a belief system, or from out of your past. Your Box adjusted itself so you could survive by making hearing such voices normal. When the voices do not come from others your Box continues generating the voices itself from the inside. Voices can include both praise or blame, such as “I’m not good enough. I am the best. I am a failure. I am cool. I am stupid. I am smarter. I am faster. I am not okay,” etc. Neither praise nor blame are effective communication because both of them are forms of manipulative conditioning. The Voice Blaster has an infinite number of bullets, and never misses. Voices are known to flutter about outside of the head like vampire bats hungry to suck out your life energy. You can shoot them while they are flying around. The only useful conversation to have with a voice - whether positive or negative - is "BLAM!" (See: Low-drama, Rapid Learning, Swamp)


  • W - X - Y - Z

    WAKING STATE – A human being can experience sleeping and being awake, and yet... how awake is ordinary awakeness? Do you ever notice hours, or days, perhaps even weeks slipping by without really feeling present and fully awake? Can you think back in your past and remember incidents in clear detail from long ago? What if you remember those incidents because, even if they may have been unpleasant, in those moments you were truly awake? Why do people remember stories from when they were fighting in a war with such acuity? Some people even remember wartime as the best time of their life because they felt so alive. There are two simple ways to shift your general level of awareness into the Waking State which is a state of being aware of what you are aware of, a kind of meta-awareness. These procedures are explained in the StartOver.xyz Waking State website. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not do Waking State experiments while driving a car.) (See: wakingstate.mystrikingly.com, StartOver.xyz)


    THE WALL – The Wall is one of the 50 Big Initiations delivered in Possibility Labs. The Wall brings you immediately to whatever limits interfere with your Being’s freedom of movement from your Box. How quickly and thoroughly can you go nonlinear from the space that previously gave you all your best possible solutions to the problems in your life? Not being skilled at entering the gap between your Box and your Being leaves you trapped inside your Box’s worldviews and behavior limitations. The Wall lets you get out of your mind and into what is possible. (See: Box, Initiation, Possibility Labs, Gap)


    WARRIOR / WARRIORESS – (See: Archetype, Doer)


    WHAT IS – A Possibility Manager is interested in What Is without any Stories attached because being directly connected with What Is gives you certain Powers. There are two forms of What Is, a passive form and an active form. The passive form of What Is implies putting yourself in the position of accepting What Is. The active form of What Is implies putting yourself in the position of creating What Is. Both practices are useful for building Matrix. What Is is represented by the vertical line in the middle of the Map of Possibility. The vertical line is the only thing that could be considered to be true on the Map. What Is is neutral and without meaning. It is also meaningless that What Is is meaningless. As Lee Lozowick said, "What Is, is. Just this." (See: Experiential Reality, Map of Possibility, Radical Responsibility, Story)


    WHITE WIDOW - The term 'White Widow' is the name Possibility Management has adopted to distinguish the Box survival strategy which uses sexual energy to control and manipulate the environment to make it safe. This strategy is figured out when you as a child see that cuddling in your daddy's lap, batting your pretty little eyes and stroking him, or looking into your mom's eyes and being a 'good boy' and mixing your sexual energies together gets you more of what you want and less abusive attention. Both men and women can become White Widows, although a Capitalist Patriarchal Empire tends to force more women than men to take on the White Widow strategy. The White Widow strategy is neither bad nor wrong nor stupid. It works to survive. However, like any Box survival strategy, once you become 18 years old, what once protected you has now become your prison. After 18 years old your White Widow sexual energy enmeshment and exchange manipulation strategies are co-opted by your Gremlin to serve Shadow Principles and this blocks you from authentic intimacy. Getting bigger than your White Widow Box and Gremlin begins by identifying yourself to your friends as a White Widow and for a period of one to two years stopping all intimate interactions. This means not looking into people's eyes especially people of the opposite sex. This is difficult because in a short time you will notice your addiction to your automatic sexual energy enmeshment and control behaviors. It helps to write them down as precisely as you can, and admit them each week in your Possibility Team. After you have built and stabilized in a new identity and self-experience that does not have your clever sexual energy exchange behaviors at its center, you will find that authentic intimacy is possible again but in an entirely new Context, namely the Context of Radical Responsibility and Living rather than avoiding Responsibility and Survival. During this time you might notice that you still retain the subtle energy-awareness talents you developed to become a White Widow, and you can use them again now consciously for enjoyment and pleasures, and probably also as part of your skillset needed to deliver the healing and transformational services of your Archetypal Lineage to help other people heal and grow up. (See: Archetypal Lineage, Black Widow, Box, Gremlin, Living, Radical Responsibility, Survival)


    WHIZ BANG – Whiz Bang is the name of a chaordic group action Space where individuals agree on a set of tasks to do and anarchically self-organize to do it without further discussion. The objective of participants in Whiz Bang is to move before you speak. If it is no longer obvious what you could do next to accomplish the agreed upon tasks, then go to one of the Job Managers and ask, What can I do for you? If the Job Manager is serving the space, then what you do for the Job Manager serves the space. The formal ceremony for a group to enter Whiz Bang space is to stand in a circle, bend down to touch your toes, wiggle your fingers, all count out loud together: “One. Two. Three., and then all jump up into the air and before touching down shout, “WHIZ BANG!!!” It is also important to formally come together again after the tasks have been accomplished and have the Spaceholder say, “Please take a deep breath, and as you exhale, exit Whiz Bang Space.” (See: Space)


    WINNING HAPPENING – Winning Happening is one of the 3 Games it is possible to play. Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware (S. H. I. T.) has you committed to playing “I win, you lose” games in life with money, power, possessions, love, etc. In “I win, you lose” participants compete against each other for what appears to be limited resources. There are a couple of winners and many losers. The assumption is: “If I do not win, I die,” or “If you win, I die,” neither of which is generally true in reality. The “I win, you lose” game is a survival game. An upgrade was invented in the 1960’s called: “I win, you win.” This was a significant transformation, however one weak point of “I win, you win” game is the “I” and the “you” which often degenerates into “It is okay with me if you win as long as I win just a little bit more " sneakily returning you to “I win, you lose.” Another fault with “win-win” is that, through compromise, it can easily default into “lose-lose" which playing forces nobody to win and everyone to lose, insulting the Universe's immense offering of nearly endless Linear and Nonlinear Possibilities. It is like sitting in a circle of people and claiming you have no resources for reclaiming your Authority and changing the Gameworlds in which you live, work, play, and evolve. Winning Happening emerges from a different Gameworld Context and strategy than "win-lose" and "win-win" because there is no “I” and no “you.” Winning Happening is a Bright Principle, and Bright Principles are Archetypal forces of nature, far bigger than the “I” and the “you.” Winning Happening is the game where: “If you win, we all win,” or “If we can work together to arrange that anyone wins, the Universe wins.” A strong sense of bonded teamwork arises when you experience Winning Happening in a space. Winning Happening is the backbone of Possibility Management trainings, Processes, and Meeting Technologies such as Torus Technology with the Frying Pan, Wok, The Purple Card, Resistance Decision Making, Wisdom Counsel, etc. (See: 3 Games, Bright Principles, High Drama, Meeting Technologies)


    WORK – In Possibility Management the term 'Work' with a capital 'W' refers to Conscious efforts made in the service of Conscious Evolution for yourself or others, or perhaps even for something greater than yourself. These efforts could be any number of things, ranging from Building Matrix by cleaning the toilet, to writing this Distinctionary, to Upgrading your own Thoughtware and Practicing Possibility Listening with your children or your relatives over the holidays, or Appreciating them, or Being Unhookable, to doing experiments that build Matrix Points in the startover.xyz game, to delivering talks or workshops or Possibility Coaching sessions, etc. There is a lot of Work to do to Upgrade the Thoughtware of the human race to change the human Morphogenetic Field enough that we can make it across the bridge to Next Culture. I thank you sincerely for all the Work that have done and are still doing today, and will empower others to do tomorrow and beyond. (See: Building Matrix, Practice, Upgrading Thoughtware)


    WORK SPACE – As a Possibility Manager your Work Space is the Consciously Declared Energetic Space in which you provide your High Drama Transformational and Healing services to the Village. (See: Declaring, High Drama, Holding Space, Navigating Space, Space)


    X - Y - Z


    YELLOW STUFF – The term 'Yellow Stuff' is an informal name for - and a possible description of - the direct experience of Archetypal Love and Bright Principles (such as Winning Happening or High Level Fun) as they intersect with the 5 Bodies of people being Co-Intelligent together in an Energetic Work Space. Nothing actually looks more yellow colored in the physical level when Archetypal Love hits the Space, but yellow colored things such as a brilliant yellow rose, or the glowing flame of a candle, seem to resonate with the freqencies of Archetypal Love to the degree that the term 'Yellow Stuff' fits perfectly. It is possible for Initiated Adult human beings to be the Space through which Archetypal Love can do its work in the world. It is often described as 5 Body ecstasy, pretty amazing. I hope you get to enjoy an abundance of Yellow Stuff in your life! (See: Archetypal Domains, Co-Intelligence, High Level Fun, Holding Space, Winning Happening)


    ZOMBIE – Although rarely used in Possibility Management, the term Zombie is a useful reference to anyone serving values they are not aware of. In modern culture this could be the sleep-walking drone-slaves serving unconscious purposes in the corporate, political, educational, religious, and military hierarchies. Try not to put a negative spin on the term Zombie in your mind because as Buckaroo Banzai says, “Wherever you go, there you are.” A Zombie is as awake as it can be, and does, of course, what Zombies do. Perhaps you too were once a Zombie. Exposure to Possibility Management has brought some non-psychopathic Zombies back to life, through the shift to consciously Choosing and taking Radical Responsibility for the values of the Gameworlds they are playing in. The point of using the term Zombie is that in certain Zombie films (which are recommended watching, notably World War Z, Zombieland, and Warm Bodies – in that order!) it is evident that there is no basis for despising a Zombie. Zombies do what Zombies do. Nonetheless, there are things to watch out for and to be attentive to when Zombies are around. Murmuring “Zombie!” to your Team is a wake-up reminder to help each other shift into high-level alertness and reconnect to Nonlinear human possibilities. (See: Choosing, Gameworld, Radical Responsibility)